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196 That Chicken of the Final Circle Part One

 When the circle was about to close in thirty seconds, gunshots started to fill up the area all the way from the outskirts to the city area of Yasnaya Polyana.

A lot of the squads that were not inside the safe zone had chosen this time to outrun the blue circle.

On the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends livestream, the platform had split the screen up in three in order to provide the best viewing experience for the viewers. In this way, the viewers could view the battles from all corners of the map.

The four squads running from the circle in Yasnaya Polyana's city area had to face not only the enemies that were already inside the safe zone, but they also had to pay attention to the other squads who were running alongside them who were trying to sabotage one another...

By the time they got to the circle, the total number of players went from around a dozen down to a couple.

All the other players had died during their journey to the safe zone from the bullets coming from the front or their back.

Out of these couple of people, one of them was coincidentally Tyloo's very own Bai Shaobin.

To be frank, Bai Shaobin's position earlier was quite bad. He should have died alongside his squadmates, but he saw a small motorcycle parked right at the side of the road just as he was about to leave the city.

He knew very well then that if he hopped on any vehicle, he would very likely be forced to get off of it from the bullets that were bound to rain down on him. His health was currently lower than half though. It would be GG for him if he gets shot even twice since he had no opportunity to heal himself.

Hence, with the mindset that he would be dying either way, he decided to just run for the motorcycle and try to break through from the side amidst the chaos of the battle.

Due to the sheer intensity of the battle, the players in the area had actually failed to notice this "Abrasive Speedracer" that came out of nowhere in the beginning of the great escape.

Bai Shaobin had already made his way out of Yasnaya Polyana by the time they took notice of his presence and tried to shoot him.

This lucky bastard managed to break out of the blue circle with his health dwindling even after suffering a bullet in his body. He instantly dived into the reservoir at the west of Yasnaya Polyana.

His two other squadmates had died. Bai Shaobin became the last man standing on his team who was roaming around underwater at the moment...

In contrast, Liu Zilang who was also the last man standing on his team was much better off than him.

From the host's free-view camera, he could be seen crouching every three to five steps.

He just straight up crawl the rest of his way there when he came near the safe zone, transforming completely into a reptile...

In direct contrast to Liu Zilang's peaceful migration into the safe zone was the bloody battle that was going on amidst a thick screen of smoke at the very front with the four IG players being the stars of the show.

"As we can see here, there are currently two squads standing in IG's way up ahead. They are Douyu17 and wNv. Douyu17 only has Dajing and Maniuniu left. They were down to a duo. On the other hand, wNv seemed to have three players left."

"Yep, at this point, these two squads seem to have come to an unspoken understanding. They seem to have no interest in confronting one another yet while being tucked away behind their shelter. Instead, they're choosing to block off the IG squad who was still outside of the circle. It would still be extremely difficult for them to progress with the combined firepower from both sides and even after IG had smoked out the entire place. Is this the end of IG's journey in this round?"

"Oh! Cocoa seemed to have been trying to escape from the enemy sightlines from the left, but he was instantly shot as soon as he got out of the smoke! This is bad! There's not a single shelter in sight. It would be an automatic GG for him if he got shot!"

"That's right. Master Ze can use this as an opportunity to counterattack, but the two wNv players that knocked Cocoa out earlier were both wearing Level-three Helmets! Master Ze's Kar98k won't have enough power against them! The opponents could easily tank the sniper shots as they take down another target."

"Yeah, CuoJue also can't tank the hits from Douyu17 anymore. Does IG even have any Smoke Grenades left? To make it worse, the circle is already about to catch up to where they are. I feel like this ain't looking good for IG!"

In the commentary booth, the three casters had already started to pay their respects to IG after giving an analysis of IG's current situation.

After all, the game was unfolding right before their eyes. There were not many probable ways for IG to enter the circle. Their deaths were almost certain.

Right then, something unexpected happened!

A new notification popped up on the killfeed.

"4AM-Vic knocked out wNv-Jiaozi by headshot with Crossbow!"

Not only the livestream viewers but even the IG players, who were trying their hardest to make the best out of their current situation, were utterly shocked when they saw the unsuspecting notification.

This Vic again?

Why is suddenly he helping us this time?

Liu Zilang was not too close to them right now. The sound of the Crossbow being fired had long since disappeared.

Naturally, IG would not have been able to know that the person who just fired an arrow was literally lying on his stomach in a bush right behind them. They were imagining that Liu Zilang was doing the same thing as he did in their prior engagement. They thought he was ambushing people from inside the circle.

"Why does this bastard like to KS so much?" CuoJue said this, but his expression was brimming with joy and relief.

This was because Liu Zilang's KS this time was done just in time. It literally just saved their lives!

Hearing CuoJue's words, the icy corners of Shen Zeyan's mouth seemed to have smooth down just a little.

Cocoa who had been lying on the ground at the side also looked like he had seen the last ray of hope.

He shouted excitedly, "It looks like only a scumbag can take down another scumbag! This Vic is quite generous though, he's giving us another chance to let him kiss the chicken's *rse..."

The sound of something piercing through the air could be heard all of a sudden!

The next moment, an arrow pierced through Cocoa's skull who was already struggling to live on the ground. He was shot dead in an instant.

"4AM-Vic killed IG-Kitties by headshot with Crossbow!"

IG CuoJue and XiaoJue were startled by this development. Shen Zeyan's relaxed mouth tensed up once more.


This f*cker...

Whose side is he on?

Liu Zilang who was still lying on his stomach right behind IG once again loaded another arrow into the Crossbow.

Whose side?

Honestly, he had not really thought too much about it.

Liu Zilang's belief was simple: the enemy of his enemy was his friend.

The people attacking from inside the circle was now his enemy and IG had viewed them as their enemy as well. That was how IG had become his friend.

Of course, one must always help a friend in need!

However, his 'friend' had just been knocked out. In order to prevent his enemy from getting the kill, Liu Zilang had to snatch the kill by killing off his 'friend.'


There seems to be an appropriate gaming terminology for this act.

It was called 'Denying'

If Cocoa had learned that Liu Zilang was considering this play as a "Deny", he would have spit out blood!

'Deny my motherf*cking *ss!'

No matter what though, it was definitely easier for IG to enter the circle with Liu Zilang's help from behind.

To tell the truth, although Shen Zeyan's Kar98k did not have much persuasive influence in the final circle where most squads have Level-three Helmets, Liu Zilang's peculiar Crossbow skills had instilled the same level of fear as an AWM in the hearts of the other players!

When Liu Zilang found the opening to instantly headshot two players with his Crossbow, the two squads in the safe zone no longer dared to fire recklessly anymore.

Of course, IG made full use of this opportunity they were given!

The moment the gunfire died down a bit, they instantly tossed out their remaining two Smoke Grenades and ran rapidly in the direction of the reservoir.

When they had finally entered the safe zone, they found that the very limited shelter provided by the slopes and boulders had already all been taken up by Douyu15 and wNv.

Hence, they jumped into the water like ducks amid the raining bullets the moment they entered the circle.


They saw Bai Shaobin who was busy training his deep sea diving skills there.

...Author used the phrase "", which is a song called "Gun Smoke" by Joseeh Punmanlon, which has the literal meaning of "Abrasive Big Speeding Driver".