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195 Blessed by the Heavenly Circle!

 However, the viewers soon realized that their hypothesis was absolutely wrong.

On the in-game screen, the IG players entered the circle and found a small cluster of buildings where they parked their car and started to set up camp there.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had been slowly crawling his way over to a bush nearby that same cluster of buildings. He blended instantly into his surroundings and began observing silently without not moving an inch.

During this period of time, plenty of other squads tried to enter IG's territory, but bullets would rain down on them when they were still a distance away from the buildings. It was IG's way of announcing their ownership of the area.

Seeing that this was only the second circle, no one felt that any location in the game was worth trading their lives for.

Other squads saw that this place had been clearly occupied by a full squad, but they were quite accepting of the fact and headed to other places.

With that, the IG-occupied cluster of buildings fell into a time of peace.

Seeing this sight, the casters in the commentary booth all started to react to these developments.

"This... Vic seems to be using IG as his personal shield, and IG seems to be suffering from a case of tunnel vision. They had been too focused on defending against the vehicles coming in from afar to even notice that Vic's hiding right under their noses."

"I'm guessing that must be the case. Vic is now a lone wolf despite there being so many players left alive in this match. It would be fine if he went on playing unnoticed, but it would be extremely dangerous for him once he accidentally exposes himself. However, now that he's in IG's territory, he has a squad like IG to act as his meatshield. This definitely isn't a luxury that an average player could ever experience."

"Hehe, as the old saying goes, 'The most dangerous place is always the safest.' Perhaps even IG wouldn't have expected Vic, who literally had just KS'd two of their kills, to have the guts to voluntarily come near them at this point."

"That's true. If it was any other player who had KS'd two kills from another squad, they would've run to the other side of the map to hide. However, this Vic has never played by the book. This routine is definitely an unorthodox one for sure."

"Yep, but now that the circle is closing in. Would Vic still follow IG when the next safe zone is revealed?"

In the game, the next safe zone was revealed when the borders of the blue circle and the safe zone overlapped.

However, the area Liu Zilang and IG were in was still inside the next safe zone unexpectedly.

The livestream viewers could not help but point out how lucky Liu Zilang was when they saw this

No one could have predicted that this was only the beginning.

The following fourth, fifth, sixth circles, and so on...

The area Liu Zilang and IG were in was in every single safe zone. It was almost as if they had been blessed by the Heavenly Circle itself!

IG had been going through their fair share of battles for terrorizing that cluster of buildings all the while. Almost every single member of their squad had already been knocked out once. At this point, two out of the four players had already lost their helmets.

They managed to kill and knock out quite a number of players since they were guarding this cluster of buildings, but as the circle became smaller and smaller, the population density inside the buildings grew higher and higher. They were soon being surrounded by enemy sightlines.

With that in mind, they naturally would not have the luxury of looting boxes to recover lost resources.

At this point, they were down on both ammo and meds. Only Shen Zeyan managed to have a lower resource consumption rate due to his role as a sniper. Nevertheless, he still decided to split out some of the resources to his squadmates.

In direct contrast to them, there was Liu Zilang who was still camping in the bush barely a few meters away from them.

His equipment was still at max durability let alone his other resources.

If Liu Zilang knew of IG's current situation, he might even take a bunch of ammo and meds over to reward the IG crew. He would tell them, "Thanks for the hard work, comrade..."

Truly, thanks for the hard work!

They had been protecting such a beautiful spot in the safe zone filled with packs of hungry wolves. How could it be considered anything other than hard work?

If one were to say compare the current IG's situation with undergoing grueling military drills under a blazing hot sun, then the current Liu Zilang would be under the shade of a tree eating a cold watermelon while enjoying the breeze. It was pure bliss.

With this analogy in mind, the IG players would probably start vomiting blood from frustration if they were to find out about it.

Inside the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, the casters were speechless.

"Err... Looks like the match had progressed in a way that none of us could've ever imagined. IG seemed to have gotten themselves a Heavenly Circle."

"Yes. With only thirty players left alive in-game, we're half a minute away from the third and last circle being revealed! Will RNGesus continue to bless IG or Vic for the next circle?"

"Hehe, if you didn't mention it, I would've totally forgotten the fact that Vic was camping right next to IG."

"Forgotten? Are you for real? Admittedly, Vic did not fire a single shot in the later half of this match, but unlike other camping players who don't have much of a presence, Vic has been exuding an overwhelming presence this entire tournament!"

Hearing Sika's words, the livestream viewers could not help but nod in agreement.

After all of that, can his f*cking presence even be hidden at all?

To put it simply, the gunfire coming from IG's side had not stopped even once since the fourth circle.

Under these circumstances, the host would naturally give constant screentime to IG.

However, no matter how intense of a battle IG was in, the screen would every so often cut over to a singular silhouette well-hidden inside a small bush.

Liu Zilang was probably the most eye-catching presence in this match, second only to IG.

Some of the viewers watching the livestream had even started polls betting on whether this bugger had gone AFK or not...

Though at this point in-of the game, Liu Zilang was actually not AFK.

Clad in his Ghillie Suit and hiding in the bush, he was closely monitoring the increasingly small safe zone, praying to the Gods for there to be another Heavenly Circle.

Unfortunately, his luck in this match had finally come to an end.

The next safe zone was revealed as the circle finally closed in.

On the screen, the map showed that this new safe zone was all the way at the area near the reservoir northwest of Yasnaya Polyana. It covered half of the reservoir, so it was considered a half-land, half-water final circle.

Furthermore, the city area of Yasnaya Polyana was not in the circle anymore. It seemed that there were about four squads totaling up to nearly a dozen players hidden at the border of the city area.

Without a doubt, there would definitely be mass casualties over at Yasnaya Polyana when the players start to make a move.

That was the least of Liu Zilang's concerns at the moment though.

His main concern now was how was he going to enter the circle?

One had to know that when IG was engaged in intense battles and making their presence known to almost every player that dared to enter their vicinity, the other squads had no choice but to flee to other locations in the safe zone.

Now that the circle was no longer on their side, there was literally no squad in this area that did not know that IG's entire squad was in this cluster of buildings other than the players over at Yasnaya Polyana.

This fact had essentially pinned them down in this spot.

Liu Zilang would be suffering the same fate alongside with them.

The Liu Zilang who was still camped inside the bush started cursing the IG players for being so excessively flamboyant.

'Why the hell did you go piss off so many people?'

He had obviously forgotten the fact that if it was not for IG 'pissing off' so many people, he would not have been able to chill in the bush all this time...

Around 40 seconds before the next circle started to close in, IG started to make their move by throwing Smoke Grenades around.

This was definitely a smart choice on their part.

If they really waited until the circle was closing on them before making running, they would be sandwiched by the bullets in front of them and the circle closing in from behind them. That would have caused them to be in an extremely disadvantageous position.

Now that they had finished setting up their Smoke Grenades, IG, who was all the way at the edge of the blue circle, was absolutely confident that there would not be anyone behind them. They were completely focused on the enemies in front of them at the moment.

They had failed entirely to notice that a grass monster, who would run after them for a while and dashed into the bushes all of a sudden, was following closely behind them...

With that, an extremely rare scene of a "five-man rush" had been presented on the stage of this professional tournament.

...A Portmanteau of RNG, or Random Number Generator, and Jesus. It is a play on the fact that RNG algorithms were like the deities responsible for luck, chance, and random elements in video games.Away from the keyboard, could be the literal meaning of being physically away from the keyboard or just idling in a game