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194 He Won’t Rest Till He’s Dead!

 A silenced M24!

Seeing the killfeed, the four IG members were absolutely stunned.

However, when they finally recognized the ID on the bottom-left of the screen, the three could not help but cringed in pain.

Why was it this bastard again?

Furthermore, they had just bellowed their battle cry and were prepared to finish up their work when with one single shot, their kill had been stolen...

How could they just stay still and took this direct provocation to their faces!

Instantly, the IG members aimed down their scopes and started to survey their surroundings.

However, since Liu Zilang's shot was fired with a silencer, it was extremely difficult to pinpoint the direction it came from, much less the coordinates of the actual person himself.

In reality, Liu Zilang, in his Ghillie Suit, was currently crouched in a bush, so even if they managed to pinpoint the direction the shot came from, they still might not have been able to see him.

"Wasn't 4AM down by three members? This Vic should be a solo player now, right?"

CuoJue tried to remember the killfeed earlier as he asked in an unsure tone.

After hearing CuoJue's words, XiaoJue immediately nodded, "GodV and Alu were definitely killed off by DUG's squad. Vic is definitely solo right now."

"Is he that arrogant? He's already down to the last player on his team and he still wants to come and steal our kills?" Cocoa could not believe his ears as he angrily shouted, "If only I knew where he was, then I'd go up and melee him to death!"

Right as Cocoa finished his sentence, another sniper bullet pierced through the air!

The next instant. The last 7TS member behind the corner of the rock let out a cry of agony before dropping dead!

RIP 7TS' full squad!

Instantly, two obituaries popped up on the bottom-left killfeed!

"4AM-Vic killed 7TS-Blue by headshot with M24!

"4AM-Vic killed 7TS-Client with M24!"

Seeing this, the IG players were absolutely stunned.

At this time, Shen Zeyan who was hiding behind the car suddenly scoped-in as he looked over at a certain direction in the safe zone.

Naturally, his judgment was not made on the basis of the direction the gunshot came from, but rather, Shen Zeyan noticed that he could not finish the last person off from his angle, neither could CuoJue in the front nor XiaoJue from the side.

The only angle that could hit that player...

It was from that player's back!

Hence, the source of that gunshot became as clear as day.

It was only natural!

In Shen Zeyan's vision through the 8x scope, a grass-covered figure suddenly stood up from a bush a long distance away inside the safe zone.

After getting two KS's, that player immediately stood up and started running, swiftly heading down the other side of the sloped ground.

That player was none other than Liu Zilang.

Shen Zeyan looked over at the direction Liu Zilang was running off to, as the crosshair of his 8x scope started to track the running Liu Zilang's head.

He narrowed his eyes, but at the end of the day, he did not pull the trigger.

At this point, after the livestream viewers saw Liu Zilang "stealing the lions' preys from their mouths", the chat once again went into a frenzy!

"A KS and run, this is f*cking intense!"

"Vic: You guys are in charge of rushing them down, I'll take the responsibility of finishing them off!"

"Holy sh*t! I told y'all so! There's no way this Vic would just camp idly in a bush."

"Oh yeah, in the last round, Vic only got to kiss the chicken's buttcheeks thanks to Master Ze's two shots. Is this considered him returning the favor?"

"Returning the favor and getting revenge is one thing, but I feel there's more to this. Master Ze was aimed straight at Vic just now but he didn't even fire! Do you guys think they might've had some sort of under-the-table deal going on there?"

"Deal my f*cking ass, you try hitting a shot with a Kar98k from that bloody distance!"

"Master Ze: It's only a matter of time, prey will always just be prey!"


In the game, although Liu Zilang, clad in his Ghillie Suit, had stolen two easy kills, he could not help but worry for his life.

He was originally thinking that he would not be found out if he had just camped over there, but he completely did not expect to see one of the IG players staring back at him when he looked over at the squad that he just stole kills from. It gave him the fright of a lifetime as he instinctively stood up and ran.

If he was just a moment slower, he would start getting sprayed down by the concentrated fire filled with the wrath of all four IG members. Even at this distance, he was not sure he would be able to serpentine his way out of the inevitable bullet rain that would come.

'Looks like the M24 still ain't good enough!'

Liu Zilang screamed in his head.

At this point, he had thought that the silenced M24 gunshot or the muzzle flash of his gun gave him away. Little did he know that his position got exposed purely due to Shen Zeyan's instinctive game sense alone.

At this time, Liu Zilang passed by an outhouse.

This was one of the common outhouses one could find by the road in Erangel. However, Liu Zilang focus was directed towards the Crossbow placed nicely on the table outside of the outhouse.

He deliberated briefly as he stared at the Crossbow before finally walking over...

Inside the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends Commentary Booth, the casters were discussing what had just happened earlier.

"Cough cough cough... IG has really gotten the shorter end of the stick this time around. After working their butts off to get the entire squad, half of their prey was just snatched away right under their noses. And it was even done by their biggest rival tonight."

"That's right, Vic's attempt in trying to steal some frags for some extra points was definitely a sound strategic decision, but to be honest, that was an extremely dangerous play. After all, Vic was camped inside a bush with technically zero cover at all. If he gets exposed, he would have to face the fury of the four IG players at once. If it was me, I wouldn't have dared to pull this off."

"However, luckily for Vic, he wasn't found out after this stunt. His decision to retreat was also just in time, he did not sit there idly praising RNGesus for not getting caught. Otherwise, it would've been an early GG for 4AM in this match."

"Yep... Oh! The Observer once again cut over to Vic's POV. Vic has now retreated to a very safe location... Huh? Why is he carrying a Crossbow on his back?!"

Hearing Rita's shocking exclamation, all the viewers watching on the official Douyu channel instantly glanced over at the in-game screen.

On the in-game screen, Liu Zilang's silenced M24 had suddenly disappeared.

In its place, a shiny new Cross bow appeared!

What the f*ck kind of troll is this!

Instantly, the livestream viewers all went crazy.

'An M24!'

'And it was even a SILENCED M24!'

'Between a silenced M24 and a Crossbow, which would you pick?'

The answer to that question would nearly always be the former, no matter who you asked.

In the eyes of most people, the only thing that was worthy enough to replace an M24 would be the big daddy of all snipers - the AWM!

'A Crossbow?'


'But what the hell is that!'

However, as it seemed, Liu Zilang who had a beautiful silenced M24 had somehow decided to drop it in favor of a Crossbow.

Seeing this, the three casters in the commentary booth were utterly speechless.

'Can't this bastard just be normal for once?'

'How the flying f*ck are we supposed to cast this?'

'Are we seriously going to have to somehow say that the Crossbow is better than a bloody M24?'

In the game, Liu Zilang completely had not expected that his decision to switch to a Crossbow would become such a huge deal in the eyes of all the viewers and the casters watching.

Suddenly, he started to hear the sounds of cars coming from behind him. It was most likely the IG players entering the circle.

After hesitating briefly, Liu Zilang suddenly let out a sly grin.

He instantly found a nice grassy area and once again went prone before slowly crawling towards IG's direction like a caterpillar.

Seeing this, the livestream viewers were dumbstruck. It seemed like Liu Zilang was trying to pull another ambush.

Instantly, all of them had the same thought in mind.

'This bastard is really just toying with death!'

'He won't rest till he's dead!'