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193 Sniper That Didn’t Show Off!

 What happened next shocked the entire crowd.

Vic, who had been showing off all sorts of weird tricks for the past two matches was crawling lazily inside a bush on the grassy field.

Since Liu Zilang's hands were the only thing that was revealed through his video recorder in his stream, many viewers might have believed that he had switched with another player as he had not been moving in the bush for a long time.

It did not make any sense!

The change was so drastic as if a hot-blooded and blood-thirsty man had suddenly turned into a calm and quiet man.

Perhaps the caster was influenced by the two previous matches, it seemed like they had been highlighting Liu Zilang very often recently.

As the viewers from the official stream noticed that the casters were so focused on him, they kept persuading the casters to add chicken thighs for them. The casters felt the warmth from them as they read the bullet screen...

They kept giving Liu Zilang the spotlight multiple times but he remained still like a statue as he stayed down inside the bush.

The four casters were screaming in their minds as they watched him from the observer's perspective!


'Can you just move already!'

Then, it was as if Liu Zilang had heard their thoughts as he started moving.

From the spectator's perspective, they saw Liu Zilang raising his right leg.

Then, his right leg started to scratch his left leg.

'What the h*ll...'

The casters' eyes started twitching as they were completely speechless.

'This is way too comical.'

Fortunately, battles started brewing in other places of the map and the caster immediately shifted the spotlight to them.

"Oh! It's both IG and 7TS. IG has been growing steadily in Zharki at the top left of the map. As they departed late when they race against the blue circle, they encountered 7TS who had been camping by the edge of the blue circle the moment they entered the Safe Zone.

"That's correct. However, IG stopped their two cars on time and they were not in a stalemate at the edge of the blue circle. IG is healing themselves up behind the car at the moment. Oh! 7TS has decided to flatten their tires and IG's car is now completely punctured."

"7TS seems pretty cruel since they had punctured their tires the moment they decided that they were hostile. IG still has another car, I wonder if it's going to meet the same fate."

As soon as the casters had just finished speaking, one of the 7TS players peeked out from behind the boulder!



The player had managed to shoot out a bullet before the clear and crispy sound of a 98K rang without any warning!

From the caster's perspective, the 98K that was behind Shen Zeyan's back appeared in his hands instantaneously and the shot was fired out before one could even see him aiming!

A prompt then appeared!

"IG-Wolves knocked out 7TS-Yueyue by headshot with Kar98K!"

It was not just the crowds that were shocked by this as the few 7TS players camping at the edge of the blue circle felt the same as well!

Everything clicked in their heads and felt rather frustrated as they saw the enemy's ID from the prompt.

'Why have we messed with the great almighty?'

However, 7TS was not an ordinary squad as well.

In comparison to the rest of the squads that had participated in offline and online PUBG tournaments, 7TS was founded by a famous Douyu streamer and Douyu's second PUBG Golden Legends was their first tournament.

Although they barely made through from the qualifiers, the squad was still getting used to each other. However, they were able to hold onto their rankings for the past two matches tonight.

However, the results from strategies were not ideal after trying them out for the past two matches.

This was especially true for the second match as 7TS were eliminated by Liu Zilang alone when the latter exploded their jeep with a 98K...

Hence, 7TS who had been ranked at the back decided to change their strategy and camp by the blue circle.

They thought that those who were still outside of the blue circle were definitely the weaker ones since the second Safe Zone had already been spawned.

Not only they did not encounter someone strong, but it was the winner of the previous match, IG!

It was an awkward encounter!

"Oh my god! Master Ze's fire was extremely fast! It's so fast then he had pulled the trigger before I could grasp the situation. Looks like 7TS is really unfortunate today!"

"Yes. I just realized that 7TS didn't really get many highlights for the past two rounds. Perhaps they're still not used to the tournament's pacing. I think it's still manageable if they encounter other squads, but to encounter IG of such caliber and to be knocked out by their sniper puts Squad 7TS in a rather disadvantageous position!"

"Oh! Looks like IG has finished healing themselves. Master Ze is still oppressing the enemies and has yet to heal himself. However, XiaoJue and Cocoa seemed to be baiting them out as they are running towards the vehicle that has yet to be punctured!"

"What? Are they not afraid of 7TS seizing this opportunity the moment they got into the car?"

Inside the studio, Xiao Xiao started feeling suspicious as she continued spectating the game.

Instead of getting a reply from anyone else, Shen Zeyan's 98K responded to her!

Inside the game, the clear and crisp sound from the 98K rang again!

The ammo whizzed through the plain as it struck the head of one of the 7TS players who was hiding behind the boulder. Blood was drawn as he fell to the ground.

Shen Zeyan put away his rifle quietly as he waited for 7TS to make a move.

His personality was no different from his sniping style.

It was not fancy.

It had no additional movement.

It was quick, cold, and silent!

In comparison to other roles, a sniper's advantage was that they were able to kill off a player in an instant!

Shen Zeyan had a strong belief that a sniper should not focus on showing off but to kill!

The two shots he had just fired was a prime example of his belief!

On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends commentary platform.

Xiao Xiao who was skeptical of the entire situation cleared her throat as she swallowed her words back into her mouth.

"Hmm... Master Ze has sniped off another one!" Sicca exclaimed as he quickly analyzed the situation. "7TS has lost two members as they exchanged fires and they're now in a very critical situation."

"Yes. Both IG's riflers, XiaoJue and Cocoa have started driving the car to the side while Master Ze is oppressing them from the front. CuoJie, on the other hand, is pressing them hard. IG has initiated their attacks and their battle plan is extremely solid."

Inside the live stream, via the spectator's perspective.

The remaining two 7TS members did not return fire as they chose to pull two of their fallen members up behind the boulder.

However, the boulder was no longer an effective cover for them as XiaoJue and Cocoa had driven the car swiftly to their side.

The two players that had been shot by Shen Zeyan felt despair and tried hard to crawl away.

The rapid gunshots started filling up the surrounding as they had yet to crawl to their teammates.

Pew pew pew!

In an instant, the two players hiding behind the boulder were swarmed by bullets and were instantly transformed into crates.

IG's CuoJue was in awe. "Perfect! I'll keep heading towards them! How dare they ambush us! I'll kill you all."

A faint gunshot came from the Safe Zone far away as soon as he started speaking!


Then, a prompt appeared at the bottom left corner of their screens!

"4AM-Vic knocked out 7TS-Client by headshot with M24!"