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192 Using The Infrared Signal To Freeze His Health!

 Perhaps there were no people who were blessed with knowledge the moment they were born.

However, one must admit that there were indeed highly gifted individuals that could learn by analogy and figure out everything themselves.

Liu Zilang's extreme maneuver by using the tree as an emergency brake when he jumped off the car was a very good example.

In that critical situation, Liu Zilang recalled the time when he was in a two-man squad with Li Muqiu where they were going after the airdrop. The former had jumped out of the vehicle towards the airdrop, leaving Li Muqiu behind in the car and sent him into the sea...

He roughly recalled that he did not lose a lot of health when he landed onto the airdrop despite the vehicle moving at a quick speed.

When Liu Zilang was about to drive past the tree, he knew that he would be shot to death the moment he got out of the car if he were to stay in the car earlier.

Hence, he took a gamble and jumped out of the car without any hesitation so that he could give the DUG player hiding behind the tree a big surprise.

Countless viewers that were watching from Douyu's official stream stared blindly for a long time as they processed what had just happened.

As they confirmed that Liu Zilang was indeed alive and what had just happened was actually real, the bullet screens from the live stream stopped responding for a moment before it was bombarded with messages.

"What the f*ck! What the hell was that???"

"Mum! Why do I feel like I'm playing a different game from this guy!"

"Why did he not die? Why is he even alive? Why?"

"He definitely froze his health! Nothing about him is legit!"

"Ah I've heard of this. It's one of Vic's hack implant features. It's able to send out infrared signals through his eyes onto the monitor to freeze his health!"

"23333. That sounded logical. I almost believed you there!"


Inside the game, GodV and the other two were completely stunned by Liu Zilang's maneuver.

As their three-wheeled motorcycle exploded and turned them into crates instantaneously, they had been watching everything from Liu Zilang's perspective from the VIP seat.

They thought that Liu Zilang had admitted defeat and decided to avenge them without a care for his own life when they died.

Although they were touched by his actions, they were dejected as well.

There were still some eighty players alive in the game. They would be ranked in the twenties if their squad were to be eliminated now.

Although some four squads worth of players were already out of the game, this did not mean that four squads had been eliminated.

This was similar to situations at the end of the game during Squad Mode where there were less than 10 people left in the game. One would have thought that they were sure to be in the top five, but one was ranked sixth instead when one had died. This was completely a norm in a tournament.

Although many squads would be caught in a battle early in the game, that did not mean that the entire squad was completely annihilated. Often times there would be players surviving so that the squad could rank higher in the game.

However, there were only a total of four matches in tonight's grand championship, excluding the exhibition match. Since 4AM had a chicken dinner and was ranked number two in the second match. The only squad that could rival them was IG. It would be extremely difficult to close the gap if they were to be ranked in the twenties in this match.

Liu Zilang had managed to crash two players to death with a UAZ, jumped out of the car, slowed himself down with a tree and killed another player despite being in an disadvantageous situation.

GodV and company were in a roller coaster ride as they watched Liu Zilang's every action through the observer's perspective. Their moods were sent down the abyss before skyrocketing up into the sky.

They were extremely excited.

Life was truly exciting when there were ups and downs!

As professional players, they had without a doubt heard of the tricks of using a tree as an emergency brake. However, it was not a popular trick as the success rate was simply too low. One mistake and one would turn into a crate.

There would be a lot of viewers watching the tournament.

Hence, even if they had made a mistake and viewers had missed out their "spectacular" stunt, the caster would probably replay back the scene on purpose. Hence, no one was daring enough to pull off such a stunt that could potentially destroy their fame in a matter of seconds.

However, Liu Zilang dared to do so.

Not only he was daring enough, but he even showed it off!

The DUG player did not even have the time to react and this stunt had sent goosebumps down everybody's spine.

This was the reason why GodV and the other two were extremely impressed with Liu Zilang. Not only he was quick to adapt to the situation and had an unconventional solution to it, but he also had the courage to execute them as well!

On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends commentary platform.

Xiao Xiao, Sicca, and Rita immediately regained their senses from their shock.

While they were impressed with Liu Zilang's quick reaction, they were also impressed with how "realistic" PUBG's physics engine. The had even explained the mechanism of Liu Zilang's stunt to those who did not understand what had just happened.

"I have to admit that Vic from GodV's squad has been constantly surprising us tonight, so much so that I'm getting numb from it. I heard that he's one of our streamers in the Attractive Section. This will definitely put some pressure on our PUBG streamers."

"Hehe. Looks like PUBG is going to have another player as infamous as Guru Qiu or Master Ze. I can really feel the pressure from this."

"I need to break it to you, Sicca. You're neither a master nor an expert, why are you feeling pressured? Those who should feel pressured are those PUBG players, no?"

"Uhm... That's a little strong coming from you. Alright, let's have a look at the tournament. GodV's team is left with one person left and I believe Vic is going to feel pressured since he's currently carrying the entire Squad 4AM's hope!"

"That's right but Vic now has two squads worth of resources on him at the moment. He's definitely loaded. Let's have a look at what he has. He has a complete set of Level Three items. Oh! DUG seems to have looted an airdrop when they were on the way here from the Hopsital. Their sniper has a ghillie suit and an M24. Tsk tsk, looks like Vic has found a gold mine!"

"Exactly. I think this ghillie suit will make a difference. At the very least, Vic's option has widened when he enters the Safe Zone. He doesn't have the need to go to the housing areas where many people would gather since he's alone now. His presence is small and it would be hard for players to actually notice him if he were to crawl down and hide in the dense bushes."


When one was looting, the sky was watching.

In this case, when Liu Zilang was looting, the people watching from above were no other than the four DUG players.

The last DUG player who did not know how he died earlier had finally understood how Liu Zilang appeared behind the tree...

The two DUG players killed by Liu Zilang's driving were frustrated as well as they encountered Liu Zilang whose actions did not seem to be bound by logic.

Liu Zilang put on the ghillie suit and looked at the map when he was done looting.

There were less than two minutes before the next blue circle would start shrinking and there was more than enough time for him to run against it.

Liu Zilang discussed with the rest of his squad who were watching from the observer's perspective. They decided to give the car up, healed himself up to full health before he started running.

He wanted to enter the Safe Zone discreetly, which could not be done with a vehicle.