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191 Destroying The Squad With A Vehicle!

 The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter seeing the scene.

From the spectator's perspective, they were clearly in the loop that YL who had just departed from Georgopol seemed to have become a road rager.

They would stop the moment they found vehicles along the road and fired at them with their weapons!

The two YL players were the one responsible for destroying the three-wheeled motorcycle parked in the garage.

The casters were even shocked by their actions!

Were they that f*cking angry!

However, the casters felt that YL's actions were justifiable as they recalled how 4AM treated YL's teammates in Georgopol.

Karma was indeed a b*tch.

Had God ever forgiven anyone in the past?


Liu Zilang felt rather helpless as he received the news from GodV.

In that instant, he felt rather frustrated as he had a strong hunch who was the culprit responsible for the tire-flattening incident.

GodV and the other two had no choice but to take a detour to search for vehicles.

They would never be able to find a single vehicle without flattened tires if they were to travel along the shortest route.

Liu Zilang who had been left behind could no longer sprint freely in the wilderness. He consumed another painkiller to replenish his health as he started searching around a narrow road.


When one had a will, there was a way.

Liu Zilang was able to find a Soft Top UAZ beside a small hill faster than GodV and company.

Liu Zilang gave off a sigh of relief as he saw the vehicle.

He informed GodV and the other two via voice chat. As he arrived beside the vehicle, he drank an energy drink to restore his health before driving off swiftly to the Safe Zone.

Meanwhile, the first blue circle was about to finish shrinking and the next Safe Zone would spawn when the blue circle had merged with the Safe Zone.

GodV and the rest who were searching for vehicles changed their directions immediately towards the Safe Zone as soon as they received the news.

The trio soon arrived at the first Safe Zone but the second Safe Zone had spawned right after they had gotten down the vehicle to replenish their health.

The Safe Zone had covered the Northeast region of Yasnaya Polyana and the southern region of Stabler.

The three of them came to a tacit agreement to decide their next step after entering the latest Safe Zone.

Since the match's flight route was situated around the bottom left corner of the map and the Safe Zone had spawned at the top right of the map, their likelihood of staying alive would increase greatly if they were to enter the Safe Zone. They had to be more cautious of their surrounding if they were to enter the Safe Zone later as more and more people would gather there by then.

On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"Alright, the second Safe Zone has spawned and it's covered both the city and wilderness equally."

"That's right. In my opinion, I think the current situation is still alright. However, the players in the city would have to be cautious when the last few Safe Zones are still covering the area in a similar fashion as the last Safe Zone would often be in the wilderness."

"Eh! I think you're right. There's a saying that goes entering the city is easy but exiting it isn't. The squads that are coming from the Shelter will have to decide for themselves if they want to enter the city."

"Oh! Looks like 4AM's Vic who had been left behind had found himself a vehicle. That's very lucky of him because if I recalled correctly, the spectator's perspective had shown YL flattening out other vehicles' tires five times as they traveled towards the Safe Zone."

"Hehe. It looks like YL has fully transformed into the tire-flattening demon in this match. However, Vic seems to be quite lucky as well since he's able to find a UAZ and is on the verge of leaving the blue circle."

"Oh! It looks like GodV and the other two have gone into the car again. Are they trying to enter the Safe Zone as soon as possible to occupy a spot?"

"Wait! There are players right in front of them! Oh! It's Squad DUG that had changed their destination to the Hospital the moment they landed at Downtown. It looks like they've crashed earlier and are currently healing themselves behind the two trees.

"Oh my! They've heard the sound of the car from behind! They're in trouble!"

The spectator's perspective shifted as the casters gasped in shock.

As GodV and the other two passed by the tree via the three-wheeled motorcycle, they were greeted by four enemies and their pitch-black muzzle out of the blue!

GodV and the other two realized they had made the wrong decision the moment they noticed them.

They were going to die!

"Da da da!"

"Da da da!"

In the next instant, fire started spitting out of the muzzles as the intense and rapid gunshot filled up the entire area!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was planning to consume an energy drink the moment he entered the Safe Zone.

He immediately pressed the pedal down as soon as he heard gunshots coming from the front.

However, it was too late for GodV and company!

Despite so, Aluka who was seated in the "King's" seat took out his Scar-L and knocked out one of the DUG players before his death.

The three-wheeled motorcycle flashed and the three of them turned into crates as the vehicle went boom...

The three of them had been sacrificed!


It was too late for Liu Zilang who was catching up from behind to retreat as he noticed that he had lost three of his teammates.

This was because the others had noticed him due to the noise his car was generating.

The three DUG players did not go and help out his teammate immediately.

Instead, they turned around and fired at Liu Zilang the moment they were done reloading their weapons!

In a life or death situation, Liu Zilang decided to commit to the very end. He rushed towards the hill by pressing the shift button as if he was an arrow that had left the arrow!

One had to realize that the distance between both parties was extremely close.

The three DUG players thought that Liu Zilang would run for his life in fear as long as they fired at him.

However, never in their dreams that they would dream of encountering a muscle-for-brains player!

Two of them did not manage to evade in time as the UAZ came crashing in and they were sent flying out just like a kite losing its thread!

Since the other player was at some distance away, he managed to move to the side and hid behind a tree.

Without any hesitation, he reloaded his weapon and started firing at the UAZ that was heading towards the hill!

However, what happened next was out of everyone's imagination!

As he was focusing his fire at the UAZ, a player had managed to approach him from behind and fired a round of Ammo at his head!

"Da da da!"

The M16's muzzle spat out the flashing fire as three bullets whizzed out from it at lightning speed!

The player did not even have the time to react at all as he fell to the ground.

'What the f*ck.'

'What the hell just happened?'

'Was he not in the vehicle?'

'Did someone manage to sneak behind me?'

'How is that possible!'

The player that had been knocked out was extremely confused!

The three casters and countless viewers from the live stream were even more flabbergasted!

This was because they had seen everything Liu Zilang had done through the spectator's perspective!

He jumped out of the fast-moving UAZ as his body was sent crashing to a tree nearby.

Theoretically speaking, he should have been killed on the spot by leaving a vehicle at such a high speed.

However, Liu Zilang had managed to survive with just a little bit of health left despite not having full health to begin with.

He then swiftly moved behind the tree and took care of the player that was firing at the UAZ as he successfully took out three players in an instant!

The viewers from the live stream rubbed their eyes and looked at Liu Zilang who was an inch away from death.

'What the hell...'

It was like all of them had just seen a ghost!