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190 The Safe Zone And The Future!

 The viewers from the live stream were speechless as they saw the player falling to his death.

'That's bad!'

'Incredibly bad.'

'Oh, I can't watch!'

Many viewers felt that 4AM was behaving differently than their usual selves tonight as they looked at GodV and the other two camping by the corpses excitedly at the cliff. It felt like they had become much more playful for some reason.

Perhaps, all of this was because of Vic?


Inside the game, GodV and the rest had no plan to take a leap of faith as well.

They fired a few rounds and killed him off without any hesitation.

After all, they only need one person at the top of Duga to camp by the corpse.

Then they hid and fired from behind the boulders at the cliff. Through a besieging and supporting manner, they had sealed the knocked out YL player at the top of Duga as they prevented anyone from getting close to him.

In this situation, it would be better for YL if everything was situated in a plain field as they could smoke up the area and take a gamble against them.

However, the problem lied at YL's sniper that was knocked out at the top of Duga.

No one would be able to smoke up the area perfectly if not for a unique technique...

Meanwhile, the man at the top of the Duga kneeled down as he watched his health point reducing speedily.

He was thrown into hopeless despair.

If he were to get a second chance, he would never snipe against Liu Zilang ever again!

Only two words could describe his feeling right now!

Extremely frustrated...

Both sides were in a stalemate on the field for some time as the blue circle around the island started shrinking slowly.

The first Safe Zone had spawned on the right side of the map where Yasyana Polyana was around the center of the Safe Zone. The Shelter was at the south of the Safe Zone whereas the Stabler was at the north.

"Hmm... It looks like the pace of this match is slightly faster than the previous one. I can see from the map that the other squads have lost a few men already. Sixteen players have died, which means there are around eighty-four players left in the game before the first Safe Zone has spawned."

"Yes. Perhaps it's because this is the third match and the squads that were ranked behind have started to go wild. Squads appearing at looting hot spots such as Pochinki and Sosnovka MIlitary Base have increased greatly as there were around three squads that had landed at the Sosnovka Military Base."

"That's right. In comparison to IG who had last match's chicken dinner, IG had chosen to progress steadily and it seems like the grand champion is very much already in their grasp!"

"IG does seem to have enough strength and skill based on the current score. Let's have a look at the potential champion competitor, Squad 4AM. It seems that they're currently in a stalemate against YG at Georgopol."

"That seems to be the case. YL's sniper had been knocked out at Duga and he seemed to have very little health left. YL has to move fast if they want to save their teammates."

"Oh! YL who has been hiding behind the containers have made their moves! They're going to rescue their teammate! Hold up! It's the other way round!"

The remaining two players from YL left the container as Xiao Xiao screamed.


They ran towards Georgopol's outskirts.

There was a small yellow Sedan just outside Georgopol.

The two got into the car swiftly as they drove into the horizon.

They looked at the field behind through the rear mirror as they bid goodbye to it...

The viewers from the live stream were flabbergasted as they burst into laughter.

Were they not being a little bit too cruel!

Inside the game, GodV and the other two waited for a long time for the other two enemies at Georgopol to react. However, it was in vain as nothing happened even after the prompt of Liu Ziling killing a player had appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Cpt was slightly surprised as he vaguely heard the sound of the car, "Have they fled?"

"Yep, probably." GodV nodded.

Aluka felt bitter. "Sigh. Why did they decide to leave..."

The three of them sighed.

GodV and company were still excited after the battle at Downtown. They were so hot-headed to the point where they wanted to find someone to forcefully diminish their anger.

Never in their dream they would have thought that the enemies at the Georgopol had escaped when they were about to get on with them...

It was truly hard to accept the situation!

As they watched the blue circling shrinking, Liu Zilang whistled at the balcony as he realized that the squad by the Hospital did not seem to have any hostile intention towards them since they had gone to the east after finding a car the moment they exited the hospital.

Hence, the four decided to group up to loot the crates and decide their next step after entering the Safe Zone.

Liu Zilang leaped down from the building the moment he noticed that his three teammates were heading towards the crates.

He injected a painkiller and drank an energy drink to restore his health fully before he sprinted towards Georgopol as quickly as possible!

It was fortunate that the building he was on was not too tall.

Liu Zilang might have become the second player to drop to his death in this match if it was not so...

The four of them distributed the loots among themselves as they finished looting everything.

Liu Zilang, as a sniper, had obtained a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and a Level Two Police Vest.

His secondary weapon had a major upgrade as well as he had gotten his hands on the M16 that he was more familiar with.

The good thing about this weapon was that it did not require many accessories as it was already fully upgraded the moment Liu Zilang had gotten his hands on it.

However, new problems had surfaced.

The problem was that they only had a three-wheeled motorcycle and there were four of them.

PUBG was not the kind of game where one could fit four people into a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Those who had the wild ideas of standing on top of the motorcycle were all basically dead by now.

Realizing the situation, Liu Zilang voluntarily stayed back so that GodV and the other two could search for another vehicle along the road.

GodV and company did not say anything else upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

After all, the first blue circle would not deal much damage to begin with. There was a high probability that they would find a vehicle along the way and all they needed to do then was to turn around and fetch him. The entire process should not take too much time as well.

Hence, the three of them had given Liu Zilang an energy drink each before they hopped into the three-wheeled motorcycle and departed from Georgopol to the east.

As Liu Zilang restored his health, he took a shortcut as he traveled in the wilderness, sprinting freely just beside the road as the blue circle shrunk.

The match had more than what it met the eyes as there were the Safe Zones and the future as well.

The mountain was quiet when one crossed it. The river was, too, quiet when one crossed it.

M16's Rat-a-tat-tat!

The 98K had traveled the world along with my side!


As the man who symbolized freedom was running from behind, GodV and companies who were in the three-wheeled motorcycle had found two vehicles at the side of the road.

However, they realized that the wheels were all flattened upon closer inspection!

How cruel could the players be!

GodV and the other two were extremely frustrated by it.

It was then they spotted a garage not far away from them.

GodV and the other two began feeling excited and made a turn towards the garage without any hesitation. They assumed that the player who flattened these tires would not be so cruel to the point where they would tamper with the vehicles inside the garage as well.

The three of them were beyond flabbergasted as they approached closer!

Sitting inside the garage was a three-wheeled motorcycle that was identical to theirs.

One had to know that the normal motorcycle and the three-wheeled motorcycle in this patch had invincible tires. They could not be flattened no matter what.

It was technically true that this motorcycle's tires were not flattened, but the entire motorcycle had been burnt into crisp!

'What the actual f*ck!'

'Who did this!'

'This is fucking cruel!'

GodV and the other two started venting through the voice chat the moment they found it.

...This is basically the author's render of a Chinese poem