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189 The Theory of Marksmanship And Cooperation!

 Meanwhile, YL's sniper had a 98K equipped with an 8x Scope too.

He had already gotten up to the Duga when he heard gunshots coming from Downtown. Naturally, he had already noticed Liu Zilang at the balcony.

He had reasons to not open fire.

One, he knew very well that he would require an incredible amount of luck to be able to snipe him at such a distance.

However, what was more important was that Liu Zilang was like a kid on sugar rush as he kept moving around randomly on the balcony. This made it much harder for him to aim properly.

If he were to miss his shot, he would without a doubt reveal his location to everyone else.

This was the reason why YL's sniper did not fire.

He was waiting for the right opportunity.

This was what he was doing right now.

Liu Zilang would stop moving the moment he started aiming...


The clear gunshot could be heard from Georgopol's Duga!

It was too late by the time Liu Zilang heard the gunshot!

However, there was nothing that was too late if he were to realize it.

At the balcony, Liu Zilang stood still as the sniper rifle's bullet whizzed towards him!

However, a black mark appeared on the surface of the ground that was just a few inches away from him...

"Oh no! That's really a good opportunity but unfortunately, YL's sniper's aim is just a little bit too low."

Sicca who was on the commentary platform felt sorry for him as he watched.

Xiao Xiao shook her head instead upon hearing Sicca's words. "Hehe. I think it's pretty normal to miss at such a distance since the arc of the bullet is way too curvy and a slight error will result in a huge discrepancy."

Something that was worth noting was that players were able to make adjustments to their scopes. However, many professional snipers rarely used this feature.

The majority of them would follow their instinct and it was unavoidable that there were some discrepancies.

Inside the game, Liu Zilang raised his eyebrows as he realized the enemy had missed him!

It would be rude for him to not return the favor!

He raised his rifle up without any hesitation and fired back!

Instead of closing the scope after returning fire, Liu Zilang held on the left click as he observed the bullet's trajectory and where it landed.

The person crawling at the Duga was not able to react in time.

However, Liu Zilang missed his shot.


The two of them zigzagged left and right as they each took turns to fire at each other at a distance of six hundred meters apart. They kept readjusting their aim as they had a sniper standoff.

They both shot at each other for ten times.

However, none of them had hit the mark...

"Uhm... After seeing Vic's landing so many headshots for the past two matches, it's quite a refresher to see him not landing a shot yet after so many rounds."

"Hehe. Looks like these two have found their equals. They've turned an FPS game into a turn-based game. Oh! There goes another shot! Sigh... It's another miss. It's naturally hard for them to land a shot since both of them are moving around."

"That's right, Vic has missed his shot earlier. Perhaps his implanted hack has expired and he didn't pay to renew it."

"Don't scare me like that. That thing should be permanent. It's not a TX's product, how could it have a renewal fee?"


The three casters started fooling around as they watched the two kept missing their shots.

Then, there was a loud bang!

The caster's perspective had been shifted towards Liu Zilang's side.

All they saw was Liu Zilang reloading his rifle and returned fire without even opening up his scope. He had returned fire based on his muscle memory alone!

It was a manual operated, bolt action sniper rifle!

Through the caster's perspective, the bullet whizzed through the air as it whistled its way towards the Duga!

If everything went as usual, Liu Zilang's shot should be a miss.

However, the man at the Duga had jumped to the right the moment he had landed from jumping to the left.

It was his secret move, the repetitive horizontal jump!

Then, all they could hear was a thud!

The bullet had pierced through the helmet!

The grey Level Two Military Helmet that the man was wearing had shattered in an instant as a cloud of blood spread out of his head!

Then, he fell to his knees as he covered his abdomen with his hand...

The viewers from the live stream were completely astonished as they saw everything. What came next was an explosion in the bullet screen!

"Holy sh*t! He hit him!"

"666, I can't f*cking believe it! I'm f*cking impressed!"

System: "Implanted hack has been renewed. Aimbot has been enabled!"

"What do you mean aimbot. Vic has definitely missed him, ok? Why did this player from YL have spring back into action?"

"Cause of death: Secret move, horizontal jump!"

"He's finally killed him! We've been seeing these two noobs fighting for a long time and the idiot casters refuse to change the scene."

"Idiots fighting against each other? GG, have you just started?"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang seemed to not realize that he was actually annoyed and casually shot someone with a fully manual, bolt actioned sniper rifle without scoping at all.

That was seriously way too unrealistic!

GodV was surprised as well as he stared at the prompt appearing at the bottom left of the screen.

They heard Liu Zilang was having a snipe off with someone at Georgopol's Duga while they were scouring the place.

Both of them were at it for a long time.

They did not even fall down. Heck, not a single drop of blood had been shed.

GodV and the other two gradually lost hope.

They just took Liu Zilang and the person and Georgopol shooting out warning shots against each other with their 98K.

Who would have thought that Liu Zilang would have landed a headshot at that man out of the blue...

It was literally out of their expectations.

"What do you say of this? He managed to kill one!" Aluka questioned.

"What's there to say." GodV swung his hand as he said. "There's a three-wheeled motorcycle by the door. We'll rush in and camp by the corpse while Vic holds them off!"

As GodV spoke, he and the other two rushed towards the three-wheeled motorcycle as they rode it towards the cliffs by the beach between Geogorpol and Downtown.


At the Duga.

As the Duga's sea level was higher, all the person who was knocked out by Liu Zilang had to do was to crawl a little bit further back and he would be temporarily safe since he would be out of Liu Zilang's line of fire.

He was shouting above the Duga for his teammates downstairs to help him.

Then, the sound of the motor buzzing came from afar.

"Da da da!"

What came next was rapid gunshots filling the entire space!

Their expression changed for the worse as they did not expect GodV and two other members had caught up to them so soon!

The player that was climbing up the Duga to help his teammate was caught in a bullet rain and his health dropped steadily!

One had to know that there was not much cover at the Duga.

The man panicked as he jumped down from the staircase.

He took a leap of faith!

Then, a prompt appeared...

"YL-Qin has died from falling!"

...TX is the short form for Tencent in Chinese