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188 Clutch 1v3, What ‘cha lookin’ at?

 In the Douyu commentary booth, the Observer in charge was stunned as they instantly cut over to a replay of Aluka's kills.

In the replay, Aluka was on the third-floor stairway of the building. He first used his SCAR-L to spray down the SJ player at the very front.

However, at that point, Aluka was already hit by two body shots, if nothing went wrong for SJ, he would have been killed off by the two other players charging up.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Aluka knocked out the first person, he flicked his SCAR-L crosshair over to the right.

That player on the right...

He did not have a helmet!


The instant the bullet was shot, blood splattered out of that player's head, as he dropped to his knees on the stairway.

However, at that point in time, Aluka's health was already at critical levels, so he ran back upstairs.

He had already finished all the bullets in his SCAR-L magazine and did not have the time to reload. He instantly swapped over to the S1897 he had on his back!

The last remaining SJ player was being body-blocked by his downed teammates on the stairway, so he could not make it to Aluka immediately.

However, that person saw that Aluka had already got hit by multiple body shots, he knew that Aluka must be at critically low health.

Hence, he decided to just skip past his teammates as he stormed into the room guns blazing.

However, no one would have expected that Aluka had been camping right at the side of the door. As soon as he walked in, he got greeted with shotgun pellets to the face!

That player was so focused on Aluka's SCAR-L, he had forgotten the possibility that Aluka would have other guns with him.

With a shotgun to the face, he was instantly knocked out!

Miraculously, Aluka managed to get a 1HP 1v3 clutch in this engagement!

Seeing this scene, the countless livestream viewers could not keep in their excitement...

"666, holy sh*t! Aluka's joining the show!"

"OPOPOP! This 1v3 was clutch!!!"

"3v1 and still get wiped, git gud noobs! Hah!"

"Poor SJ, they just got the reverse chicken dinner!"

"GG! I feel like after getting boosted by Vic this entire time, some of his influence rubbed off on 4AM!"

"Sob~ Yer the best Alukaaa, now you no longer have to be a feeder anymore!"


In the game, Cpt who rushed over to provide support was completely wide-eyed at this situation.

"I'm sorry!"

"I've interrupted you!"


"But first, let's loot some stuff."

Hence, he happily walked up the stairs to his friend.

GodV on the other side was stunned, he could not resist the urge to tease Aluka. "Not bad, King Ka. It seems like you ain't that useless after all!"

After that nerve-wreaking clutch, Aluka's heart rate still had not calmed down yet.

Hearing GodV's words, he instinctively replied plainly, "It's no big deal, these buggers just kept walking into my muzzle, I couldn't fail even if I tried."

"King Ka is as awesome as always!" Liu Zilang praised, before excitedly running over. "How's it, is there any gun I can use?"

He had charged over from the 'middle six' buildings before he even finished looting. At that point, he only had a shotty and an Uzi in his hands.

"What a coincidence!" Cpt who was looting the boxes chuckled. "There's a beautiful Kar98k and an 8x scope sitting right here! These bastards sure were stacked!"

"Good catch! Alu!"

Hearing that, Liu Zilang's eyes twinkled with joy as he quickly rotated over to that building.

In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, the casters were busy discussing Aluka's last play.

"Looks like Aluka's starting to get in the zone! To tell the truth, when I saw the three players on both sides both assaulting their opponent's scouts, I was expecting this to be a one-for-one trade."

"Yeah, that was a beautiful play by Aluka! However, I think we can all learn from Aluka's successful 1v3 clutch. There are two key parts to his success. The first was that he chose to camp at the stairway, unlike the other SJ player who was camping inside the room. Once an enemy squad that was outnumbering you manages to get into the room, it would almost always end in a tragedy, as we have seen just now."

"Hehe, that SJ player did get trolled by Vic quite a bit! To think he was flung out of the door by that nade. I'd gotta give it to Vic, he certainly is a bit... Well, I'll refrain from commenting any further, we all know what I was trying to say, right? So, what's the next point?"

"The second point was at the second SJ player who got knocked out. He did not have a helmet! This is very key. If he had a helmet, he would've gotten a couple more shots in. By then even if Aluka flicked over to him, with a few more shots at that distance, Aluka would be a dead man. Not to mention there was still that third player right behind them."

"Well, that's just RNG. Looks like when SJ was attacking the building, they seemed to have overlooked that, hehe. So here is a public service announcement for our dear livestream viewers, remember to have the people with helmets in the front the next time you decide to storm a building!"

"That's just how it is. Now that 4AM is in a much more comfortable position after devouring SJ's squad, they basically have the entire lower Georgopol to themselves! Wow, SJ seemed to have gotten an 8x scope and a Kar98k right after dropping! Tsk tsk! What amazing luck they have, unfortunately, it's now all in Vic's hands. Fate is such a fickle mistress!"


In the game, after Liu Zilang picked up the Kar98k and 8x scope, he picked a building that had not been searched, to loot some more.

After clearing out the building from the first floor all the way up to the roof, he did not come back down. Instead, he started scouting out his surroundings from the high ground.

After all, they knew that they had four other squads with them when they dropped earlier.

At this point, they did not have to worry much about Georgopol Port. There were plenty of resources over there, the squad over there were probably not even halfway done with their looting. It was highly unlikely that they would head over here right now.

What he was worried about was the other team that was originally planning to drop at lower Georgopol with them. That squad must have seen that there were too many squads dropping here and decided to head to Hospital last minute.

However, with a four-man squad, Hospital could be cleared out extremely quickly. It would be fine if they continued moving down South after they finished looting.

However, if they heard the gunshots and knew that there had been a fight going on at the North, they might have the urge to pull some sort of scheme...

With that reasoning in mind, 4AM naturally did not want to take any risks.

If they let that squad get in range, then there might be trouble.

Hence, at this time, Liu Zilang who was wielding an 8x Kar98k naturally became the optimal choice as a sentinel.

As for his resources, they would be procured for him by GodV and the gang who were busy sweeping through the buildings.

At this point, on the roof, Liu Zilang had originally thought that this would be a challenging task. He was slightly excited as he anticipated some action.

However, as time passed, both Hospital in the South and Georgopol Port in the East did not have any sign of movements.

Liu Zilang, who was bored out of his mind, could not help but scope in on his 8x scope as he aimed around everywhere.

Suddenly, he was absolutely stunned.

From the vision of his 8x scope, he saw a single person proned on the high ground at Georgopol Port near lower Georgopol. That person was looking right this way.

At that point, Liu Zilang was probably around 700 meters away from that person.

With this distance, an AWM or an M24 might be functional, but not for a Kar98k which can only shoot straight for 300 meters; the highest zeroing range it could achieve was 600 meters. The bullet drop-off was extremely obvious.

If he fired a shot at him right now, it would take nothing short of a miracle to have it land.

At this point in time, the player proned on the high ground in Georgopol port was YL's sniper.

After all, in a professional match, it would not be as stressful if there was only a sing squad in that area. However, when there were other squads in close proximity, having a person set up as a sentinel whilst other squadmates looted for resources was a common arrangement.

At this point in time, the player on the high ground had been staring at Liu Zilang for a long long time.