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187 Come Out if You Dare! His Cosmos is Burning Up!

 Due to the fact that the first exhibition match was not counted as an official match, the tournament had officially started their third round.

In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth.

"Let's first take a look at the flight path for this round. The plane is moving in from the top-left corner of the map where Zharki was, passing by the upper half of Georgopol, Ruins, and Pochinki, before finally ending up at the Sosnovka Military Base! It seems like this time; the flight path has a more even spread of resources."

"That's right, but from the looks of it, we already have one team that dropped. Oh! It's the chicken dinner winner last round, IG! They chose to drop right into Zharki at the furthest corner of the map. Looks like IG aren't taking any chances this round!"

"That's right, now that the plane has reached the upper half of Georgopol, surely there would be more teams choosing this spot as their drop point. Currently, we can already see F$ and VTA's squads making their way down to upper Georgopol."

"Wait! 4AM has also started to make their move! And so is SJ, DUG, and YL's squads. Looks like these four squads are planning to head over to lower Georgopol. However, this is too many people, I'm willing to bet that there'd be a few squads that would start gliding down towards Hospital right about now."


They dove with their head down and feet up as the sound of the wind at high altitudes gushed into their ears, obstructing their hearing.

Liu Zilang instantly muted the game.

"I've placed a marker on the drop point, we'll be jumping at the 'middle six buildings' first. Once we finish moving we'll make our way through."

"No problem, I'll scout out the situation in the air, you guys drop and loot,"


After settling on their plan of action, Liu Zilang, GodV, and Cpt all dropped straight down the "middle six buildings". Once they landed, they tossed away their parachutes and entered the buildings.

On the other hand, Aluka glided in the air, using his free-view to scout out the surroundings.

"As we can see, YL has headed over to Georgopol Port, whereas DUG chose to head South towards the Hospital. However, SJ and 4AM have both landed in the lower Georgopol city area."

"That's right, and it seems like the two teams' drop points are quite close to each other. Now we have to see if any team wavers and moves towards another area. Otherwise, I feel like these two squads will have their first battle right after dropping."

"Oh! Both 4AM and SJ are persistent in wanting to land there. They've both landed in the same cluster of buildings, one landing in middle six whilst the other landed in 'sea six'. There's only a single row of buildings blocking them from each other."

In the game, when Aluka saw that their enemies had dropped so close to their drop point, he chose not to drop on top of the two-story building in 'middle six', rather he chose to drop in one of the other buildings behind it. He started to loot immediately after he landed.

The reason for that was because the buildings over here in lower Georgopol all had a rooftop.

Once Aluka finished looting the building from the first floor all the way up to the roof, he could have a nice high ground to observe their opponents' movements.

However, what Aluka did not know was that SJ had the same idea.

From the Observer's free-view camera, the livestream viewers could clearly see that one member of SJ's squad who had dropped at 'sea six' swiftly broke away from their squad and entered the building right next to the one Aluka was occupying.


Once Liu Zilang landed, he entered the first door he saw.

GodV and Cpt also started looting nearby.

After all, 'middle six' had more bountiful resources, the three of them had two buildings each. By quickly clearing out the buildings, they could easily snag themselves some decent early-game gear.

As soon as he entered the building, Liu Zilang found an S1897 shotgun lying over at the kitchen door.

After deliberating briefly, he felt that having a gun is better than nothing.

He was not picky, he just swiftly picked up the S1897 as he prayed that he would at least get an SMG.

As he checked through the first floor of the building, he did not find anything other than a Level-one Helmet, Level-one Armor and a single Frag Grenade.

"It's fine."

"There's still the second floor."

Pumping himself up, Liu ZIlang quickly headed up to the second floor.

After searching through the entire second floor, Liu Zilang's motivation dropped.

"Aren't there any guns on the second floor?"

Of course, there was.

However, this entire floor had two shotguns and a single revolver! What the hell?

Adding in the one from below, Liu Zilang had found a total of three shotguns in this building.

What was worse was that it was a three-of-a-kind S1897!

What the f*ck...

Liu Zilang picked up the painkillers on the ground as he consoled himself before swiftly rotating to the next building.

He prayed that he would find something that can soothe his soul in that next building.


At the same time, Aluka who landed in front of the two-story buildings noticed something was fishy.

Since these buildings in lower Georgopol were built much closer to each other, he could vaguely hear some footsteps near him...

At first, Aluka thought he was mishearing things, but when he looted his way to the corner of the second floor, he once again heard the footsteps.

At this point, from the Observer's free-view camera, it showed Aluka and that SJ player looting on the far-left corner of the building and the far-right corner of the building respectively.

In other words, the two were in the shortest possible displacement whilst still being in these two separate buildings.

They both could hear each other's footsteps on the wooden planks as both parties instantly stopped in their tracks.

Immediately, Aluka shift-walked over to the window and looked over to the other side.

He was utterly stunned by what he just saw.

That was because there was another person looking straight back at him.

Although they were technically 'neighbors' right now, this was certainly no time to be bantering about the weather.

The two instantly pulled out their guns as they started firing through the windows!





As soon as the windows shattered, a flurry of gunfire broke the silence of this city briefly.

"Someone on you?"

GodV who was still in 'middle six' was shocked as he immediately enquired in voice.

Aluka who was reloading his SCAR-L panted as he replied, "No! That bastard is next door! Seems like it's only him."

"F*ck! That was fast! Hold your position, we'll head over to support!"

Hearing this Liu ZIlang who was almost done looting his two 'middle six' buildings instantly headed downstairs, rotating over to Aluka's side to provide backup.

Remembering that Aluka had said there was only a single person, GodV decided to take the initiative.

The three stormed into the room like an assault team, charging in guns blazing!

From the Observer's free-view camera, just as Liu Zilang and company charged into the building, SJ's squad from the the 'sea six' buildings had also rotated over as they charged towards Aluka!

Coincidentally, this had turned into a two-way assault!

Once they entered the building, they charged up the stairs towards the location Aluka had given them.

However, the player on the second floor was camping behind the room door.

As soon as Cpt charged upstairs, he was already seen by that SJ player. His health was instantly reduced down to critical levels.

At this time, gunfire could be heard coming from Aluka's side.

The three knew that they had to settle this quickly, otherwise this would soon end up as a one-for-one trade!

As the low-health Cpt retreated back down the stairway, GodV and Liu Zilang also both charged it.

Seeing this, the player that was camping behind the door wanted to try what he did once again, as he peeked out and fired.

However, as soon as he peeked, he was already greeted by the combined firepower of GodV and Liu Zilang.

To prevent their line-of fire from being blocked, GodV and Liu Zilang had already positioned themselves appropriately on the stairway. This was a 1v2 scenario, if it was not for the guy retreating so quickly, it would have been an instant knock out.

Seeing that they had the advantage, Liu Zilang and GodV continued their pursuit as they charged up the second floor.

Just in case their opponent had a shotgun, the two did not just barge in together. They stood on two sides of the room, cautiously observing the movements inside.

At this point, the room was extremely quiet, that player had obviously gone somewhere to hide.

Seeing that Aluka on the other side was probably in trouble, Liu Zilang and GodV decided not to hesitate any longer. They instantly charged into the room.

"No one in the kitchen!"

"Side bedroom empty!"

"Holy sh*t! Over here!"

The instance he opened the toilet door, flaming hot lead spewed out of the room. The person crouching on top of the toilet furiously sprayed his gun as countless bullets flew out of the toilet!

Luckily, Liu Zilang's reaction was quite fast!

As soon as he opened the door, he immediately dodged to the side before shutting the door again.

The player in the toilet was also quite accepting of his free "cover." As soon as the door closed, he started to reload his bullets.

At that point, there was only one thing that the player had to do.


Stall long enough for his squadmates to kill off Aluka and come over to provide backup.

However, at this time, the kill feed on the bottom-left of the screen was updated!

As it turns out, Aluka had already managed to knock out one of the other players on the other side, though his health had dropped by half.

Seeing this, GodV instantly had Cpt who was using a First Aid Kit head over to the other side to help. They had enough people on this side.

Just as he pulled out his AK and wanted to break down the door, Liu Zilang suddenly stopped GodV.

"So, you don't wanna come out?"

Liu Zilang chuckled menacingly as he pulled out a Frag Grenade from his waist.

After cooking it in his hand briefly, he instantly opened the door and tossed it in.

Right after the grenade was tossed in, Liu Zilang once again closed the door.


The player on the other side of the door had already heard the sound of a Frag Grenade pin being pulled. His heart was thumping rapidly.

However, if he charged out now, with two guns aimed at him, it would just be feeding.

At this point, he suddenly saw the door open.

The player had no choice but to grit his teeth and fight for his life!

However, he did not expect that right after Liu Zilang tossed in the grenade, they would instantly shut the door on him!

"F*ck my life..."

That person was absolutely stunned, he desperately tried to open the door!

However, as he finally managed to open the door again, a loud boom rang out from behind him...

He was instantly sent flying out of the room...


He kneeled on the ground.

"Alright! Vic is back at trolling again!"

"GG! That was too evil! What a savage!"

"I'm betting that this SJ fellow must be stunned. Where the hell did this kind of savagery come from!"

"Throwing a nade just because you were angry? C'mon can't you at least give the guy a fighting chance?"

"Hehehe, I want to know how much hatred this SJ player has in his heart right now!"


At this point, the livestream viewers once again started to 'commentate' on Liu Zilang's last play.

However, unexpectedly, the downed player kneeling at Liu Zilang's feet suddenly dropped to the ground, as the corpse transformed into a box.

What the hell?

Did he die from the humiliation?

That was not possible!

As the livestream viewers were scratching their heads over what they just saw, three obituaries popped up on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

"4AM-ALuka killed SJ-Pround with SCAR-L!"

"4AM-Aluka killed SJ-Alber by headshot with SCAR-L!"

"4AM-Aluka killed SJ-Fire with S1897!"


Seeing this, the livestream viewers were dumbstruck!


"And a triple kill!"

"What the f*cking hell was that!"

"Reference to Saint Seiya.)Did King Ka burn his Cosmo?"'

...Reference to Saint Seiya.