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186 Good Luck Onii-chan!

 The same attack never works twice on a Saint.

In the last match, Liu Zilang "prone jumped" into a quickscope, allowing him to kill Shen Zeyan with a headshot and dodge his shot at the same time.

In this battle, Liu Zilang was using the same trick, but he did not expect Shen Zeyan to just make a flick and shoot him at low health without using a scope.

Although a large percent of the success could be attributed to the fact that it was an ambush, no one would underestimate these two shots.

As for Liu Zilang, he had already brought a lot of surprises to the table for both the countless viewers and the three casters.

Even when he dodged Shen Zeyan's first shot just now, it was already considered nothing short of a miracle by most.

However, in the end...

"How unfortunate."

In the commentary booth, Xiao Xiao shook his head.

Immediately after that, he still smiled and said, "However, let's give a round of applause to the winner of the second match, IG!"

"Congrats IG!"

"Congrats IG!" Sika and Rita also said with a smile.

Thinking back to that final scene, Sika sighed before saying, "To be fair, Vic has already shown off quite a lot this round, but IG's adaptability and combat prowess were extremely high, and they were much better opportunists when it counted."

Rita nodded in agreement. "That's right, if IG had waited for Vic to get behind cover and heal to full health, they would ultimately reach a stalemate. Then even if they had the numbers advantage, they would still be subject to the mercy of RNG. If the circle did not end up on their side, beating Vic might not be a guaranteed possibility."

Xiao Xiao laughed. "That's definitely the case. However, Master Ze's last two shots were truly magnificent. If Vic was killed by a random stray bullet, it would still be a little unfair or unlucky for Vic, but I feel that this last shot was a worthy death for Vic."

On Douyu, in Liu Zilang's livestream, looking at the black and white screen, Liu Zilang was stunned. He sat there motionless, not moving a muscle for a long time.

"Team Rank #2!"

Seeing that line on the screen, Liu Zilang could not help but feel some bitterness creep into his heart.

Truthfully, he had never felt like this, not even when he died immediately after dropping in the exhibition match.

However, this time, right when he was just one step away from victory, everything shattered in front of his eyes!

At this point, Liu Zilang narrowed his eyes.

For the first time in his life, he had a thirst of victory in this game!

Especially in front of that person, his hunger for victory only grew stronger.

As the livestream viewers looked at his handcam, they saw that Liu Zilang had not moved an inch since the match ended. They were honestly thinking that he had been feeling "triggered" by what had just gone down.

At this point, most of the viewers stopped joking around. They were all encouraging him, consoling him that there was nothing he could have done better in that situation.

However, all the haters from the official livestream who were lurking finally saw their opportunities.

Instantly, they flooded Liu ZIlang's livestream, spamming the chat with insults and mockery.

After Liu Zilang cooled down and saw the messages, he could not help but roll his eyes.

If this was any other day, he might have still gone back and retorted or played with these haters, but now he had put all his mental energy on how to win the next round. He had no time to bother with these trivial things.

However, just because he did not bother, it did not mean that other people would not bother.

After the match had ended, Zhang Xiaotong entered Liu Zilang's chat, and she immediately pouted when she saw all the haters.

With a swift movement of her pale white fingers and a flurry of keyboard clacking, she angrily typed into the chat. "All of you guys are the real trash! GTFO! Let's go Vic, let's go!"

At the same time, all of Zhang Xiaotong's livestream viewers and fans also flooded over to Vic's stream.

However, they were not as merciful.

"Xiaotong-chan Army paratroopers coming in, haters please take your family members and leave the area."

"These bastards are all retards, right? I've been seeing them popping out in the official stream just now, holy sh*t they're more annoying than flies."

"Retards +1. If you're so good then why don't you try it? If you f*cktards were up against Master Ze, I bet y'all wouldn't even stand a chance if Master Ze tied both his hands behind his back as a handicap!"

"Two hands is a bit much, he'd still at least need one hand to fire."

"2333. Oh, that's right, sorry, my IQ had dropped in the presence of these dumbf*ck haters."

"Let's go Vic! Even if you don't get the chicken dinner you must still look cool! Xiaotong-chan is watching over you after all!"


Seeing the flood of messages in his chat, Liu Zilang was utterly speechless.

However, seeing Xiaotong-chan stand up for himself, it felt like he was really being protected by his little sister. Liu Zilang was absolutely touched.

The only thing that could have been better was if the brat did not call him 'Vic'...

'Can't you just say, "Let's go, big bro!"?

'Or even Onii-chan would be fine!'

Liu Zilang shook his head, secretly thinking that he still had to train this little brat a little more.


Now that the match has finished, 4AM's squad in voice also started to analyze the mistakes they had made from the last match in order to learn from them.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that they were a bit too hasty when rushing into the circle and attacking the buildings in the end.

Since they had a car, they could have afforded to head over a bit later.

If the first two participants in the three-way battle in the buildings just now were IG and Douyu17, the outcome of this whole match would have been vastly different.

As for Liu Zilang, they had zero complaints about him.

To be frank, if it was not for Liu Zilang holding down Tyloo and Se7en singlehandedly back at the three-way junction over at the East bridge, then GodV and company would not even have been able to have the opportunity or the time to find that boat.

Whilst the boat had left without him and Liu Zilang had become an "abandoned child", they left him to fate.

However, they would have never expected that not only did Liu Zilang not die, but he also managed to fight his way all the way over to the final circle, and even getting three kills off of two squads in the end, allowing them to be at the second place.

In this entire match, he was a kill leader with a terrifying 21 frags, allowing 4AM to gain huge points just from the kills themselves.

To be honest, Liu Zilang's performance in the last round had long blown past their initial expectations.


In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth.

"Alright, we're now back from our short break, and this is the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends Season Two."

Xiao Xiao smiled at the camera and said, "We're now once again back in Spawn Island, so I hope you're ready for round three of tonight to begin!"

"That's right." Rita nodded as she smiled. "Currently, out of the teams present in tonight's tournament, we have $AM and IG both getting a chicken dinner respectively in the first two matches."

"However, at this point, maybe it's just their fate, both these two squads have coincidentally earned one chicken dinner and a second place each. So, in term of points from team ranking, 4AM and IG were on the same playing field."

"That's right, as for the points coming in from frags, although 4AM's new sniper Vic had given us a magnificent for us tonight with him getting more than 20 kills both rounds and being crowned the kill leader for tonight by a longshot, the two squads kill count was still quite close. The two teams' points were neck to neck, far ahead of the rest of the competition. At this point, we have no idea which one of these teams will be crowned champion of tonight, it all comes down to this next match."

"That is correct. Furthermore, since neither team had managed to get a double chicken dinner, this is great news for the other participants in this tournament. If they somehow manage to get a double chicken dinner in the next two games, they would still be a contender for tonight's tournament crown."

"Alright, without further ado, now that our participants have all readied up, let the third match begin!"

As the caster's finished their introductions for the round, the countdown on Spawn Island ended.

The scene changed as every player was teleported into the airplane flying in the sky.

With the loud roaring of the plane's engine in the background...

The third match had officially begun!

...A popular line from Saint Seiya