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185 Winner of the Chicken Dinner, Decided in a Shot!

 Under the blazing sun in the sky and the gentle sea breeze, the light blue radioactive barrier had forced this teen who lost his way, in between two squads.

'F*ck my life!'

The instance Liu Zilang noticed something was wrong, he immediately pulled a "tactical dive" as he attempted to crawl over to the boulder ahead of him.

Unfortunately, it was all too late!


Seeing this unwanted pest that barging his way in, the two sides who were originally at a standstill instantly open fired at their guest, treating him to flaming lead bullets!

Instantly, bullets whizzed as they pierced through the air, all flying straight towards where Liu Zilang was prone!

At that instant, Liu Zilang's inhuman reaction speed was once again fully presented!

Now that his original plan of "sneaking past unnoticed" had failed, right before his body touched the ground he started rapidly using "prone-jumping".

Instantly, his body felt like an attacking snake, rapidly gliding ahead to safety!

Just as he started moving forward, the grass patch behind him was instantly covered by countless bullet holes!

Obviously, if Liu Zilang had continued to crawl earlier, he would have become swiss cheese by now!

The players on both sides were slightly stunned by this sight!

However, at the end of the day, they were still professional players. They still had decent spray control and tracking.

After Liu Zilang prone-jumped a few times ahead and stood up, the full-auto gunfire had already caught up with him.

Seeing this, there was no way Liu Zilang would dare to stay in that spot for a second longer!

He instantly started to serpentine his way forward, charging towards the rock right in front of him.

"Clank clank clank!"

At this time, Liu Zilang had already gotten hit by two bodyshots. However, sparks suddenly started to fly on the Frying Pan behind his butt, it had managed to block three shots for him!

"Wow! It's here! The legendary Level-four Armor!"

"Holy sh*t! This f*cker's one lucky bastard!"

"This Frying Pan is too damn OP! But seriously though, Vic's movement had a little too much serpentine, right!"

"However, that rock will only be able to block one side! Looks like Vic's about to sleep with the fishes!"

In Liu Zilang's livestream, his viewers were all stunned that he managed to survive after being sandwiched in like that!

On the other hand, GodV and the other two squadmates who were already seated comfortably in their "VIP spectator seats" could not help but wipe some cold sweat of their heads!

Now that Liu Zilang was the last surviving player on their squad, he was carrying everyone's hopes and dreams!

Under these sorts of circumstances, they did not hope for Liu Zilang to get the chicken dinner, but even one placing higher would be nice.

In the game, after Liu Zilang finally managed to get behind that rock, he took the opportunity as he was out of the solo players' sightlines to ready his AWM !

Aim down the scope and flick the crosshair!

An almost instant quickscope shot suddenly fired out!

On the left, one of the two players tilted their heads out to peek. As soon as he saw Liu Zilang stop, he instantly switched over his 4x weapon from full-auto to single-fire to increase his accuracy.

However, he suddenly heard a "Ptshh" in his ear as his Level-three Hemlet instantly shattered!

The next moment, he dropped to the ground kneeling with his hand on his abdomen, slowly crawling back behind the tree.

Liu Zilang ignored him as he instantly switched over to his 4x M16 and started spraying down at the person behind the other tree!


The gun started to spit out hot lead!

Unsatisfied, the person also opened fire at Liu Zilang, causing blood to spurt out of Liu Zilang's body as his health dropped down to critical levels.

However, Liu Zilang's rapid burst-fire managed to hit him in the head and shoulders, causing his health to drop to critical levels as well.

Seeing that, the person instantly retreated behind the tree, crouching as he started to heal.

Seeing that his opponent had retreated, Liu Zilang, who was not even at half health, once again switched back to the AWM.

After he fired just now, he still did not have the opportunity to reload.


After pulling on the bolt allowing for the next Magnum bullet to enter the chamber, Liu ZIlang suddenly swapped to a Frag Grenade that he had picked up earlier from one of the boxes when he was running from the circle earlier. No final circle was complete without nades after all.

At this point, he pulled the safety pin and cooked the grenade in his head. Then, he instantly peeked out from the rock as he jumped up high into the air, lobbing the Frag Grenade over towards that tree!

The instant he lobbed the Frag Grenade, Liu Zilang suddenly switched to the AWM.

Whipping his body around in the air, by the time he landed he had already done a full 180!

As expected!

The solo player on the right had seen Liu Zilang come out of cover and tossing a grenade with his back turned against him.

He was ecstatic, he instantly tilted his body as he peeked out from behind cover. He wanted to get an ambush!

Who would have thought that as soon as he looked down his scope, all he could see was the pitch black muzzle of the dark green AWM aiming right at him!

In a bout of panic, the player instinctively pulled down on the trigger!



The SMG had only fired two shots, before it was completely engulfed by the silenced AWM gunshot!

On the screen, that player's Level-three Helmet instantly exploded!

His body had also been knocked back by the impact of the AWM bullet as hit lifelessly dropped to the ground.


Almost at the same time, the sound of the Frag Grenade exploding could be heard behind Liu Zilang's back as he had a sliver of health to spare!

From the Observer's free-view camera, viewers could see that the player healing behind the tree instantly reacted to the Frag Grenade flying his way.

However, just as he wanted to dodge, the Frag Grenade landed on the ground and burst into a ball of flames, as it suddenly exploded!

The shockwave of the explosion sent the person flying, causing his body to roll a bit before lying lifelessly on the ground. Behind the tree, only a single box remained...

Finally, three kill notifications appeared on the killfeed on the bottom-left!

"4AM-Vic killed EDG-Zhuzai by headshot with AWM!"

"4AM-Vic Killed Fire-Para with Frag Grenade!"

"4AM-Vic killed Fire-Wiza with AWM!"

"21 Kills!"

Looking back at this battle, Liu Zilang first knocked out a player, switched his gun, and then sprayed down on the first players' squadmate, forcing them to retreat.

Then, the instant he tossed a Frag Grenade over, without even looking, he managed to do a full 180 quickscope, instantly killing the solo player behind him!

In a blink of an eye, Liu Zilang who was originally in a disadvantageous position had managed to completely dominate his opponents!

He had made a comeback and got three kills!

Looking at this sight, the three casters in the commentary booth were all awestruck, they could not believe what they had just witnessed!

The Douyu official channel's chat was also instantly flooded with countless "666" messages, the livestream viewers were obviously utterly impressed by the technical skills Liu Zilang had shown in this battle!

GodV and company who were still watching from the "VIP spectator seat" also started shouting things like "OP!", "Godlike!", etc. in voice...

However, just as everyone was still completely shaken up by what they had just seen, without any warning, a loud gunshot rang out in the distance!

It was an M24!

In this life or death moment, Liu Zilang used his superhuman reaction to instantly tilt and crouch down!

The next moment, a bullet barely grazed through right above Liu ZIlang's head!


An ambush!

Liu Zilang could not help but curse in his head!

Just as he was about to once again pull out the "prone jumping" trick, the next moment when he was in the air, another gunshot ran gout!

A 7.62mm bullet pierced through the air!


Blood splattered out of Liu Zilang's waist!

Liu Zilang was already at his last sliver of health, as long as this shot landed, he would be dead!

On the screen, Liu Zilang's body still managed to glide behind the rock.

However, by the time he landed, it was already a GG...

"IG-Wolves killed 4AM-Vic with M24!"

"Winner winner, Chicken dinner!"

Seeing this sight, even the Observers were stunned briefly. After recovering, they instantly replayed the final kill on screen!

On the screen, a single person was stood right outside the buildings.

He was carrying a single black M24.

Instantly scoping in, a single shot was fired!


However, the person did not even flinch.

The instant he reloaded his gun, he suddenly fired out a second shot!

This time, the did not even scope in!

A noscope!

Seeing this, the countless viewers watching the livestream were utterly shocked speechless. This was too f*cking scary!

To put it simply, this was just a noscope!

However, how many people have ever seen a noscope in PUBG?

However, when they saw the name of the player, the countless livestream viewers all understood...

It was because his name was Shen Zeyan.

More commonly known as - The Sniper God!