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184 Unexpected Troubles, and a Double Chicken Dinner?

 On the north side of the buildings, once GodV and company entered the circle and parked their cars, they used the cars and the boulder as cover as the three of them turned back and held their position at the edge of the circle.

Hearing the flurry of gunshots and explosions coming from the north, they saw Liu Zilang's health on the list of squadmates rapidly decrease.

As the three people who "abandoned" their squadmate, they all apologetically paid their respects to Liu Zilang.

However, what they did not expect was, as they held their position inside the circle, Liu Zilang continued to persevere and survive...

Not only did he survive, but his health also started to slowly recover!

What... What the hell happened?

With that in mind, the straightforward Aluka could not help but shout out in voice, "How are you still alive?"

As he said, that, he realized the inappropriate tone of the words. He immediately tried to take back his words, "I don't mean it that way, I mean how are you not dead yet?"


Liu Zilang's mouth twitched.

What f*cking difference was that supposed to make?

GodV and Cpt who were at his side could not hold back their laughter as they heard Aluka's queries.

However, the two were definitely also curious about the miraculous solo adventures of Liu Zilang. They also started interrogating him.

Hearing the three stooges' questions in voice, Liu Zilang sighed as he helplessly said, "I'm so charismatic, nobody wants to attack me. What am I supposed to do?"

Too much charisma?

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, GodV and company could not help but facepalm themselves.

Without even starting on how charisma played a role in all of that, they were racking their brains, 'Even if charisma does play a role, the words "high charisma" had no relation to Liu Zilang at all.'

At this point, if the people who were just gibbed earlier heard that Liu Zilang justified the situation with his "high charsima", in all honesty, they would have probably started spitting blood by now!


After answering the queries of the three people, Liu Zilang, who was prone on the beach behind a small boulder aimed down his AWM. However, he did not pull the trigger.

At this point, the thing that Liu Zilang was the most worried of were the three "caterpillars" crawling over there,

To be frank, even if he was alone on the shore, he still had an AWM. He could still easily pull off a "one shot one kill" feat.

However, their enemies were not solo players, even if he got the headshot, they would still only get knocked out.

Although his AWM had been modded with a silencer, it was still nowhere close to achieving the silent fire like that of the Crossbow.

Hence, if he fired now, all four of their positions would be exposed.

It was still fine over on his side since he had a boulder as cover, but the same could not be said about his prey.

Even if he can get the headshot down, there was still no guarantee he could get to finish off his target.


If only there was a teammate here!

Liu Zilang sighed in his head.

Actually, if the three targets were any closer, he would have attempted to toss a Frag Grenade over there.

With that in mind, Liu Zilang paused a bit before coming up with a brilliant scheme.

The next moment, he pulled out a Smoke Grenade from his inventory!

Still prone on the ground, he aimed towards the direction of his prey before pulling the pin to cook the grenade.

The next instance, he suddenly stood up and leaped up high, lobbing the Smoke Grenade high up into the air.

Immediately after, he instantly pulled a "tactical dive" as he went prone once more.

The entire motion was done so quickly that it had become one single fluid action.

In the Douyu official livestream, as the "director and producer" of the "Invasion of Normandy" just now, the observer's camera was still biased towards Liu Zilang.

The moment he lobbed the Smoke Grenade was captured perfectly for the three casters and the audience to see.

At first, they had thought that Liu Zilang was throwing a Frag Grenade, but they soon realized that it was merely a Smoke Grenade.

The three casters and the countless viewers were quite confused by that choice.

What stunt is he pulling now?

"Err... As we have just seen, the three crawling in the grass right now are the CQY squad. They are the only survivors left from sea just now."

"That's right, but maybe they did not pick their route wisely through the smoke. When they entered the circle, they had no cover at all. The only option left for them was proning down on the grassy plains. However, at this current point, they don't seem to have been noticed by anyone yet."

"Is Vic trying to help CQY by smoking them out? Tsk tsk! Is there some backdoor dealings going on here?"

"Hehe, but that smoke from Vic was certainly a bit fishy. Did he cook the grenade for too long? Why did the smoke end up right above them? Looks like this deal is off, hehe..."

As soon as Sika finished, he continued to laugh wryly. However, he suddenly frowned.

'Something wasn't right here!'

At this time, Xiao Xiao and Rita had also realized it as most of the viewers also saw that something was going on...

This was because, at that point in time, a flurry of gunshots rang out inside the game!

On the screen, right after Liu Zilang tossed out the Smoke Grenade, it created a huge mushroom cloud, like the ones created from a nuclear bomb, that enveloped the three players from the air.

On the other hand, everyone around these three players was all stunned by this magical "mushroom cloud".

An aerial smoke?

What the hell was that?

As soon as they scoped in and looked down, they saw the three CQY members proning on the grassy field.

That was not a Smoke Grenade!

It was a bloody flare!

As CQY's three players saw the smoke above their heads, they were dumbstruck!

Then, gunfire rang out from their surroundings.

In an act of desperation, they instantly stood up as they cursed out in their heads!

'Which son of a b*tch did this!

'This is too f*cking scummy!'


Under the rain of bullets, the three tried to make their escape!

However, there were only empty plains surrounding them at the moment. If they wanted to hide, they would have already done so already. Where else was left for them to go?

Instantly, blood spurted out of one of the bodies as one of the players dropped to the ground.


'Don't bother about me!'

Just as the downed CQY player wanted to roar out his heroic sacrifice, he noticed that his squadmates had already long abandoned him.

The next moment, another two spurts of blood exploded out of his body.

When the surrounding teams saw that one of the players was down, they naturally wanted to finish him off.

'It's free points!'


However, at this moment, a silenced AWM gunshot could suddenly be heard coming from the shore!

The next moment, the head of the downed player instantly burst into a ball of blood as he turned into a box!

"4AM-Vic killed CQY-Xiaolei by headshot with AWM!"

At the same time as that player was being finished off, one more player had fallen to the concentrated fire on them, leaving the last remaining member desperately trying to serpentine their way out of this predicament.

However, as soon as the second player was knocked out, that familiar gunshot rang out once more from the seashore just as the surrounding players wanted to finish him off !

"4AM-Vic killed CQY-P14 by headshot with AWM!"

At this point, it clearly showed off the overwhelming prowess of the AWM as the strongest sniper rifle in PUBG!

Not only was it good at killing, but it was also perfect for kill-stealing!

With worry in everyone's heart, they instantly flicked their crosshairs over at the now-solo player who was furiously serpentining to safety!

However, before they could even pull the trigger, that familiar silenced AWM rang out once more!

On the grassy plains, a blood splatter sprayed out of that serpentining player's butt as he instantly kneeled down on the ground before turning into a box!

"4AM-Vic killed CQY-DCR with AWM!"

Seeing this scene on the screen, the countless viewers watching the livestream were completely shaken up!

"Holy sh*t! You can use Smoke Grenades like this?"

"Please stop showing off, my head hurts!"

"This Vic is so f*cking troll! I can't even not be impressed!"

"You can't not be impressed by this, it would still be acceptable if he was just a troll! But the key thing is that his aim is also so f*cking good! Those last few shots left me f*cking dazed!"

"Poor CQY, they must be thinking, 'Who the hell did we offend just by sitting there? Why the f*ck did you place a smoke right above our heads!'"

"Pfft... I'm actually gonna die laughing at this! I feel like the three CQY players must be dumbfounded!"

"The other squads were also so naive! They actually thought that Vic's smoke was supposed to be a quest marker for them. Who knew they would just be doing some free labor and getting nothing out of it."

"2333, I think they would always think of this free labour every time they work in the future, I feel like they won't be able to work for the rest of their lives."


In the game, when the other squads saw that all their kills got stolen by Liu Zilang who was by the seaside, they were utterly enraged!

This f*cker did not have any manners!

At that point, some of the unsatisfied people instantly started ADS-ing as they started taking potshots at Liu Zilang who was behind the boulder!

'You KS-ing son of a b*tch!

'Come out and KS some more you lil b*tch!'


At this time, the silhouette behind the boulder suddenly moved, as the familiar silenced AWM instantly rang out!

"4AM-Vic knocked out Snake-P14 by headshot with AWM!"

Instantly, it was as if the entire world fell silent...

The person who was furiously taking potshots at the small boulder scurried back behind cover with his arm on his abdomen...

Seeing this sight, the other squads who had the same idea instantly freaked out. They all obediently made their retreat.

In the heat of the moment earlier, they had forgotten what Liu Zilang had in his hand.

Now that that Snake player had given them a "kind reminder", naturally no one would dare to poke the bear.


On the south side of the buildings, after GodV and company, who were camped at the edge of the circle, saw Liu Zilang's Triple Kill and the bonus final headshot, they were stunned speechless.

They were originally worried for Liu Zilang given his current situation, but it looks like Liu Zilang was making bank just by staying there, his AWM was as smooth as it could be!

He even got quite a few frags out of it.

Comparing it to the grand total of zero kills the three have gotten over the course of this match, they could not help but feel a slight hint of bitterness in their hearts...

Just because of a single person like Liu Zilang, the three had all started to feel like leechers being boosted.


Seeing Liu Zilang's performance, the three casters in the commentary booth were all shell-shocked!

To be able to use a f*cking Smoke Grenade to this kind of level...

At this point, they were truly curious what was running through this guy's head, to be able to think of such a savage tactic.

"Vic snagged another three frags from the last engagement, adding that to the grenade kills earlier, that brings him up to a grand total of 17 kills! With so many points in his hands, if 4AM manage to get another chicken dinner, then they'd be a shoo-in as tonight's champions! Even if there were other teams who also get a double chicken dinner, surely they wouldn't be able to get as many points from frags as 4AM."

"That definitely seems like the case, all I can say tonight is that GodV struck gold. Although I may have never casted any PUBG competitions before this, but I did watch my fair share of games. Yet, this is the first time I've seen a tactical genius that was also as highly skilled as Vic."

"Yep, I feel like the only problem 4AM right now is that Vic had strayed a bit too far from the squad. Otherwise, if the next circle ends up where GodV and Aluka are at, it would most likely be an easy chicken dinner!"

"That's right, at this point, there were only fifteen players left alive. The only ones who still have a shot at the chicken dinner were IG's squad. Wow! Just like last round, they still remained as a full squad all the way up to this late in the game."

"That is definitely not an easy feat to accomplish. Other than that I think Douyu17's squad who currently have control over the buildings are the final contenders for the chicken dinner. Although their squad's down to three, they have control over the buildings. That's a very comfortable place to be in right now, if they get a divine circle for the next circle, then these buildings may very well be where they get their chicken dinner tonight."

"Yeah, the remaining squads are just a few stragglers and rogues. Two lone wolves and a duo to be specific. Though it should be worth mentioning that VK from Big Brother's squad is still alive. Maybe he can somehow accomplish Big Brother's dreams of getting the chicken dinner? I feel like if he manages to get a good opportunity, it would be unwise to take him out of the picture just yet."

"That's true, then now, it's all up to where the next circle is gonna end up. In this game, RNG is still an important factor. Oh! The circle is starting to close in!"

With the three caster's commentary from the commentary booth, the Observer's camera showed that the light blue radioactive zone was slowly expanding as the safe zone started to shrink once more.

With this being the third-last circle, the damage it dealt was absurdly high!

Even Liu Zilang would not dare to heal outside of the circle at this point. After smoking out the area, he started running straight towards the safe zone.

On the other hand, GodV and company who were originally camped at the edge of the circle also started to rapidly drive over towards the buildings.

4AM did not know that Douyu17's squad had already claimed the place as their turf.

Truth be told, even if 4AM did know about it, they most likely would not have given a crap.

Just as the casters had said, the buildings were a perfect strategic spot.

If they were down to one player, they might still try to avoid it, but now that they were a full squad, they must at least try to fight for their territory!

However, what GodV and company did not know was that...

Just as they were storming the buildings, IG's four-man squad from the West also had the same idea.

In the end, just as GodV and Douyu17 started to fight, IG's squad cut right in from the side like a sharp blade!

Instantly, the tides of the battle had completely changed!

After a furious round of battles, at the cost of their two riflers Xiao Jue and Cocoa, they successfully wiped 4AM's three-man cell and Douyu17's three-man squad, completely taking over the buildings!

On the other hand, Liu Zilang was actually somewhat thankful to GodV and the gang for their attack.

All thanks to GodV and company attracting the attention of that three-man and four-man squad, after entering the circle Liu Zilang faced no obstacles other than a single solo player.

Obviously, the other three players had also shifted their attention towards the gunshots.

As for the other solo player who was also running from the circle with Liu Zilang, he tried to attack Liu Zilang first. However, Liu Zilang who was still holding on to his AWM instantly turned around and quick-scoped his assailant, instantly killing him!

"18 Kills!"

The blood-red kill count appeared on his screen.

Liu Zilang's livestream viewers all scolded that lone wolf.

'If you're running from the circle, then just run from the circle.

'What the hell are you doing trying to provoke the beast who has an AWM?

'Is living really that bad?'

However, as soon as Liu Zilang entered the safe zone, his eyes twitched.

The location where he entered the safe zone from, seemed to be right between the iFTY sniper VK and Nw's duo.

'F*ck my life...'

Liu Zilang could not help but cringe at his luck.

At this point in time, there were only 6 people left alive!