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183 The Ocean Reaper

 Accompanied by the increasing number of smoke grenades thrown, the ocean was instantly enveloped in smoke, which gave a feeling like when "mist sealed River Heng".

Upon seeing this, the three commentators in the live streaming channel were at a daze. Clearly, they forgot that something like this could happen.

"What a fellow. Vic is simply a tempo master. If I'm not mistaken, he was the first to throw a smoke grenade?"

"Mmm, it was indeed Vic who did that first. His intention is crystal clear, which is to blur out everyone's vision so that everyone won't be able to see anyone clearly when they get out of the water."

"Hehe, I think that the area around the ocean now is much more unclear than they've imagined it to be. Who wouldn't have at least two smoke grenades with them? The current visibility of the ocean is probably less than one meter."

"Oh! The blue circle is shrinking again, and the players are all dashing out of the ocean. They're thinking to get on shore as soon as possible before the smoke disperses!"

"That's right, but the population density is quite terrifying. Wait up! Isn't Vic going to get out? Why do I feel like he's just moving backward?"

In the game, when the smoke was filling the air, countless squads were running crazily to land as if it was "the landing of Normandy".

They were afraid to be killed by the squads in front of them if they were the last to enter the circle.

However, for Liu Zilang who was the first to throw the smoke grenade, he sneaked his way back into the water.

When the fourth circle was closing in, he was seen consuming boosts at the shoal, then he held in the pain suffered from the blue circle, and took out a frag grenade!

Next, Liu Zilang tossed that grenade out without hesitation.

He neither cooked the grenade not threw it at a specific point.

If one grenade did not work, he threw another one.

Right now, Liu Zilang who was half submerged underwater looked at the six frag grenades he had in his backpack, and chuckled to himself.

Quickly after, he threw the six remaining frag grenades in his backpack at different spots on the land.

Subsequently, he used a medkit in the blue circle while he observed the situation of the smoke on the land.

"Boom, boom, boom-!"

Presently, in the smoke near the ocean, from the first explosion, flames were seen through the smoke, and roaring sounds were heard without end!

"4AM-Vic knocked out XXX-XXXX with frag grenade!"

"4AM-Vic knocked out XXX-XXXX with frag grenade!"


The players who were running frantically on land would have never imagined that somebody would stay in the blue circle to throw frag grenades, instead of entering the safe zone.

Thus, when the explosions were heard, everyone was startled!

The team chats of all squads were in chaos!

"F*ck! Who threw the grenades?!"

"I don't know! It seems like it's Vic from GodV's squad."

"He's breaking the f*cking rules!"

"Where is he? Is he on land?"

"Impossible, the people on land are very close to us, how can they throw it at us?"

"He must have been running beside us. Since you're being a bastard, don't blame me for being unrighteous. You want to throw grenades? I'll let you!"


In actual fact, if everyone were to quietly run in the circle through the smoke, unless two squads accidentally went head-on in the smoke, perhaps nobody would shoot at one another as their priority was to enter the circle.

However, after realizing that somebody was throwing frag grenades to cause a scene, who could hold it in anymore?

In a trice, players who had frag grenades were also throwing them at the smoke near to them.

As for those without any frag grenades, they fired shots to their surrounding with their rifles!

Every hit counted.

Who was afraid of who?

All of a sudden, gunshots and explosions that were a hundred times more thundering than before were heard amidst the smoke on the land!

Along with that, the kill feeds on the bottom left corner of the screen basically never stopped appearing.

Honestly, at this point in time, it did not matter if you were a "shooting god", "killing god", or a "sniper god".

Faced with the large scale of explosions and gunfire, those who were meant to be knocked out would be knocked out!

Even Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin were bombed...

Moving positions?

That was a nonexistent concept!


At the shoal in the blue circle, when Liu Zilang who was healing himself witnessed the scene on the land, a smile was seen on his face.

As for Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita in Douyu's studio, they were so shocked that they widened their eyes, as if they were clueless as to how they could commentate on this situation.

"Emmmm... It seems like these squads are not being smart! Right now, it should be better for them to first enter the circle, no?"

"The thing is that if you don't do that, other players will do it too, whoever doesn't follow suit will suffer losses, am I right? I think that the one who threw the grenade is to be blamed, did he not outrun the circle?"

"Ahem...perhaps you didn't notice just now. The first person who threw the grenade didn't outrun the circle indeed, he was healing and boosting himself in the blue circle."

"Ah? It's Vic again! Wasn't he the first who threw a smoke grenade just now? Could it be that he never intended to outrun the circle from the start? Oh my god! This guy has really horrifying schemes!"

"I think that's most likely the case. Previously when the smoke grenades were thrown, I notice that everyone was dashing out of the water, whereas he was the only one who moved backward. That being said, since there were too many people who were outrunning the blue circle, the director showed the view in front so I didn't notice him after that. I can't believe that he actually did that!"

"Tsk tsk, he actually came up with such an immoral... Crafty idea. It looks like Vic from GodV's squad is truly a ghost full of tactics!"

"Let us take a look. After the round of explosions and gunfire, the players alive on land has significantly declined to less than ten players."

"That's right, oh! Finally, Vic can't take in the damage of the blue circle anymore! He threw another smoke at the shore, and it looks like he's ready to get out of the water!"


In the game, Liu Zilang had no choice but to get out of the water.

The damage of the blue circle was just too much to handle.

In the blink of an eye, he was only left with two medkits from the original six medkits that he had.

Seeing as the explosions and gunshots in the smoke were dying down, and that the smoke had not fully dispersed, Liu Zilang quickly took the opportunity to throw another smoke grenade to run out of the water.

Nonetheless, everywhere was empty now and Liu Zilang was the only one there, thus he ran quite leisurely.

When he ran past the scattered crates and corpse at the oceanside, he admitted to his sin quietly, and repented himself.

Apart from that, he also conveniently looted two medkits, some boosts, and a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet...

Subsequently, Liu Zilang used another medkit again halfway through, then ran out of the blue circle with an increased speed due to the boosts consumed. Afterward, he quickly healed himself again one a low slope.

At that time, the third last safe zone refreshed, which was at the housing area and the empty ground in front of him.

Besides that, the players alive on the battleground reduced to 18!

One thing for sure, in a match where the tempo of the game was slow in the early phase, in the last few circles, there would always be a significant decline in the number of players alive!

Despite that, for this match itself, Liu Zilang was "given credit" for the current situation...

If it was not for his trick of confusing the situation with smoke and frag grenade, there would probably be ten more players alive right now.

Once Liu Zilang was done healing himself, he peeked at his surrounding, then noticed a few caterpillars crawling on the meadow not far away from him.

He touched the AWM in his hands, and smirked.

The show was about to begin!