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182 The Ocean Reaper

 AWM, Magnum ammo, 8x scope, Sniper suppresor!

After a speedy loot by Liu Zilang who was known to have "zippy hands", all these items were instantly stowed away, into his backpack.

The 98K that was currently on the seabed was the one dropped by Liu Zilang.

Under the water's surface, everyone else stared at the empty airdrop.

All of a sudden, somebody from Tyloo noticed a figure swimming sneakily to the side.

He fixed his gaze on the object carried behind that person's back...

'Isn't that a freaking AWM?'

Right after he mentioned that in his team voice chat, all four of them from Tyloo took a look at Liu Zilang's outfit.

At once, they were able to recognize that this fellow was the lowly person who was swimming around them previously.

When the four players from Tyloo looked at the figure that was swimming underwater with an AWM, they grit their teeth in fury!

As for Li Muqiu from Se7en, he rubbed his chin as he had an inexplicable feeling that he had gone through a similar scenario...

'It's him!

'It's definitely him!'

Presently, Li Muqiu instantly recalled his fearful experience in Sosnovka Military Base where everything was looted at the speed of light.

There could only be one person with such looting speed!

Hence, he searched around and quickly noticed Liu Zilang who was having fun squeezing himself into the crowd, but was sneakily escaping through the side.

On top of that, he saw the AWM behind his back!

Upon seeing that, Li Muqiu twitched as well.


In Douyu's PUBG Golden League's studio.

To begin with, an airdrop fell from the sky.

Later on, Shen Zeyan made a headshot from a far distance!

Given the situation, it was natural that the director's shot never shifted away.

Looking at how fast Liu Zilang looted the airdrop, the three commentators from the studio and the spectators from the live streaming channel were at a loss for words.

"Vic's too fast! His speed in looting an airdrop simply shocked me!"

"It's not just his speed in looting airdrops, didn't you realize that he has detached all his attachments on his 98K, and threw an empty one out? That brings up the difficulty of his skill!"

"Tsk tsk. Speaking of which, if Vic is currently on the shore, I think that taking an AWM will really make him invincible. It's not too much to kill ten people with twenty bullets, is it? But now that there are so many people in the water, I keep feeling that Vic is only keeping it for the time being..."

"That's true. The blue circle is shrinking soon, it depends on where the next circle goes. If it's going to be on the shore, I think that it'll be tough for even ten out of these thirty people to survive!"

"Yes, other than some squads that are nearer to land, the squads near the coastline are basically aiming at them now, so it's impossible for those players in the ocean to get out."

"That's only one issue. On top of that there are no shelters on the shore, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is not a social game, something bad is bound to happen if everyone goes on shore at the same time!"

Just as the three commentators analyzed the situation, in the game, the border of the blue circle and the safe zone met.

The next safe zone refreshed!

Once the safe zone refreshed, at least thirty plus players sighed long breaths of relief.

This was because the previous safe zone that included half of the ocean and half of the land did not refresh to just the land, such that both the ocean and the land still occupied half of the circle.

The only thing was that the safe zone area of the ocean and the shore became much smaller.

The location where Liu Zilang and the others fought for the airdrop was located at the border of the last circle, thus when the new circle refreshed, they immediately swam quite a distance along the shore.

Soon enough, on the ocean surface that was of a semicircle, thirty over people were seen "bathing" together, as if the ocean had turned into an outdoor bathhouse...

Nonetheless, comparatively, the players in the ocean were more blessed as they enjoyed bathing under the warm sun.

As for the players on land, once the third safe zone refreshed, the battle between them became intense right away.

Earlier on when the second circle was refreshed, there were probably around eighty players alive on the battleground.

There were players who went into the water near the East Bridge, and players who went around the land near the West Bridge.

Generally, these players survived the second circle.

That being said, the new safe zone refreshed to a big empty piece of land, with only a couple of houses as shelter as others were occupied by other squads, and it was impossible for squads to "co-rent" a house.

Hence, due to the "dense population", the squads on land were surrounded by many other squads.

As soon as the blue circle began shrinking, thundering sounds of gunshots and explosions filled the air on land.

From time to time, kill feeds appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen too.

Owing to all that, once the second circle was done shrinking, there was a significant drop in the initial number of fifty players alive on land!

In a trice, there were only around twenty players left on land, which was even less than the number of players currently "bathing" in the ocean.

On the shore off the side of Novorepnoye, GodV and the others found a UAZ at the houses, whereby they quickly traveled around the hill on the south, which allowed them to inadvertently avoid the peak period of players being killed.

As for the IFTY squad, who was also at Novorepnoye,, they were wiped out by a squad from the side due to their unyielding play style that made go head-on with other squads no matter what. Currently, only VK the sniper was left, with Brother A+ and TKzhun dead.

In no time, the blue circle was done shrinking.

The fourth safe zone of this match refreshed again.

It was as if the players who were bathing in the ocean were blessed by Poseidon; when the new circle refreshed, the three commentators and the spectators were stunned!

From the third safe zone, the fourth safe zone only took a small part away from the ocean, whereas a huge part of the land was out of the safe zone.

This meant that as the blue circle shrank, there would still be players bathing in the ocean as they watched the players on the land fight.

"Oh my god, this circle is totally unequaled, it simply pushed the players on the land to death. According to the situation, the players on land will reduce to at least half."

"That's right. I'm guessing that some squads will also be forced to enter the water later on. After all, the ocean is still safe for now."

"Mmm, nevertheless, this is just something temporary. I think that if any squad were to get chicken dinner for this match, the ones who survive on the land still have a higher chance to win because the final safe zone will never be in the ocean."

"Indeed. Tsk tsk, I can't imagine when the next safe zone is no longer in the ocean, how are those players in the ocean going to get on shore without any cover."

Very quickly, that guess was proven to be right.

When the next blue circle shrank, intense fights broke out on land once again!

Within that period of time, quite a number of squads were forced to enter the water to save themselves.

Even so, when the blue circle was done shrinking, everyone in the ocean was dumbfounded!

There was only a tiny patch shoal in the safe zone, by which the rest of the circle was on land!

All of a sudden, the players in the ocean became alert and agitated as if a storm was coming.

Upon seeing the situation, Liu Zilang, who carried an AWM quickly swam over to the shoal.

Presently, he was at a location where his head would be out of the water if he took just a few steps forward, and he could use his gun if he stood on the shoal.

Should he take a few steps back, he could hide underwater again.

Quickly followed by that, Liu Zilang sudden took a step forward, threw a smoke grenade, then took a few steps back again!

Next, "tss, tss" sounds were heard as the smoke grenade began releasing white smoke on the ocean's surface.

When the others saw that, they were stunned, but they instantly understood Liu Zilang's intention, so they quickly followed suit.

It did not take long before the ocean's surface was filled with smoke under the blazing Sun.