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181 A 98K Found Underwater!

 Even as the four players from Tyloo were vexed from seeing Liu Zilang swimming so joyfully, they could only hold it in for the time being, and waited until they arrived on shore!

In the end, just as the five of them swam across, they saw Li Muqiu's squad that was coming down from the left side of the East bridge.

When Liu Zilang saw them, he was slightly startled, but he quickly figured out what possibly happened just now.

At once, he felt contempt for Li Muqiu.

'Where's your integrity?

'If you're a man, just fight through the blue circle.

'Whoever's scared is a p*ssy!

'How are you a man if you run away just because the circle is shrinking?'

As for Li Muqiu and the others who entered the water, they were also stunned when they saw the five players who were swimming in the ocean.

Nonetheless, Li Muqiu quickly made sense of who that extra person from Tyloo Squad possibly was, and instantly scorned that Liu Zilang and Bai Shaobin were colluding together.

From his perspective, he thought that Liu Zilang who was by himself must have been forced to yield in to Bai Shaobin's squad.


'Are you even a man?'


In Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' studio.

Seeing as the players at the East Bridge who were the last to outrun the final circle were in such harmony, the three commentators in the studio were somewhat taken aback.

"Uh...looks like the situation didn't develop in the way we thought it would. At this crucial moment, all three squads still controlled themselves."

"What the heck do you mean by controlled themselves? Ahem...I think that this is, in fact, a rather rational choice for all three squads, which is a all-win situation. After all, this is only the second circle, so there's no need for them to fight for their lives, and to let the others benefit in any way."

"Mmm, oh? The spectator camera has shifted to Novorepnoye! We can see that IFTY's Big Brother's Squad has already gone on shore, and they're aiming at the ocean around Novorepnoye. Right now, GodV and the others won't be able to get close to the shore at all, and since there's no other good landing spot around that area, they're in trouble!"

"That's right, but wait up! GodV's squad is still heading forward, oh! I get it! They're going to go outside the safe zone, where they can disembark near the containers at the side of Novorepnoye."

"Indeed. IFTY's current position doesn't allow them to give covering fire at the side of the region. I must say, GodV's squad made a choice to progress amidst stability!"

"Let us take a look at the East Bridge. Right now, IG is still blocking the bridgehead, and since they're in the safe zone, they seem like they're not going to leave their spot."

"Mmm. Besides that, we can also see that the first batch of players who went underwater are already almost at the opposite shore. But here comes the problem, nobody would've thought that there would be so many players. The coast to the east of the East Bridge is totally empty, and the coastline on the south of Mylta only has a beach without any shelter, so they're all in quite an awkward situation now."

"Yes, it's quite awkward. It was easy for them to get into the water but it's difficult for them to come out of it because there are too many players following behind them. Once somebody gets on shore, the players behind can chase after them very quickly."

"That's true. By then, the first squad that gets on shore will suffer countless surprise attacks from the players behind them, and they'll have no shelter to protect themselves. Thus, nobody wants to get out now, and they'll all staying in the water."


In the studio, Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita were giving a thorough analysis of the situation of the match.

In the game, thundering sounds of an airplane suddenly came from above the ocean!

An airdrop!

The instant the airplane flew above the ocean, everyone who was swimming in the ocean fixed their gaze on the airplane in the sky.

At this moment, the "dream" of nearly thirty people amalgamated into one.

Somehow, the airplane sensed a certain calling from a mysterious force. Just as it was above the ocean, under the blazing Sun, a black spot suddenly appeared below the airplane!

It dropped!

In a trice, everyone was eyeing at the sky with burning eyes, and began trying to predict the landing spot of the airdrop on the ocean's surface.

Liu Zilang, who was muddling with Tyloo and Se7en also looked up at the airdrop that was dropping slowly from the sky.

Followed by that, he pondered for a while, then was dumbstruck!


'Isn't it going to land on my head!?'

Right then, not just Liu Zilang, but the players from Tyloo and Se7en realized what was going to happen as well!

Without further ado, everyone who was swimming in the water changed their course toward the landing point of the airdrop as they wanted to occupy the best spot.

Therefore, before the airdrop even landed, an area on the ocean's surface was already crowded.

The players were simply pushing each other around as they tried to occupy the "airdrop spot". When looked from afar, it appeared as if somebody was feeding fishes in a pond, whereby a group of fishes were fighting crazily for food in the water.

Of course, the "far spot" included the IG squad who was at the East Bridge's bridgehead!

Illusion looked at the ocean's surface through his 8x scope, and could not help but smack his lips as he sighed. "It'll be great if we can throw a frag grenade over now!"

Obviously, he could only think about it.

This was because Liu Zilang and the others were too far away from the bridge, thus it was impossible for them to throw a frag grenade over.

It might be possible if they used rockets!

Unfortunately, there were no rockets in PUBG, or the players could have shot the actual airplane down, then there would never be any fight for the airdrop...

Just as the players from IG felt that it was such a pity, without warning, the powerful gunshot of an M24 was heard!


At the next instant, everyone was startled!

In the "shoal of fishes" below the airdrop, blood was seen splattering out of the helmet of one of the 'fishes'. His body then slowly sank.

"IG-Wolves killed Tyloo-Yana by headshot with M24."

Owing to the fact that the player was in the water, he died right away after being knocked out even thought his other teammates were still alive!

Promptly, the air around the east Bridge seemed to have froze momentarily.

Quickly followed by that, the "cluster of fishes" below the airdrop dove into the water.

In the live streaming channel, countless spectators were surprised as well, and the bullet screen was spammed with droves of "666" comments!

"F*ck! Master Ze is showing off again? That shot got my dander up!"

"This is too sick! Only the head is above the water! How could he hit that!"

"Master Ze's sniping skill is truly terrifying! He's indeed Asia's Top Sniper God!"

"Hehe, I'm afraid that you're not aware that even if you're not in the water, you're just a head in Master Ze's eyes too!"

"I want to know how Nighthawk feels about not being able to shoot since he's in the water. Isn't he one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods as well?"

"There's also Vic the sniper from GodV's squad. That player's sniping skill is mind blowing too. In the previous match, he showed off to Master Ze. It's time for karma now."


Under the water's surface, as Bai Shaobin looked at his teammate's body sinking slowly, he felt awful.

Right then, somebody who seemed to be fearless suddenly swam up to the surface.

Upon seeing that, the other players were dumbstruck!

Next, a "thump" was heard, and the airdrop landed on the water.

One after another, everyone was surprised, and they quickly floated up to the surface too. After all, as long as one was close enough to the surface, one could also loot from the airdrop without needing to expose one's head.

That being said, when the others were near to the airdrop almost the same time as the person who made the first move, they were at a daze.

The few of them who were nearest to it first did not even get to see what was inside the airdrop, but everything inside disappeared in the blink of an eye, just like an illusion!


'Which bastard was it, how was he so fast?'

Everyone else was furious!

Soon, the ones who paid attention to the airdrop did not notice that right beneath the airdrop, a 98K sat quietly on the seabed.