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180 Valiant Swimmer Liu Zilang!

 At the bridgehead of Sosnovka Military Base.

When the safe zone refreshed to their side, the four players from IG who were ready for battle saw the cars from Mylta charging straight into the water.

All of a sudden, they were bewildered too!

"Why aren't there any warriors who dare to go through the bridge? Are they all so timid?" Upon seeing that, Cocoa muttered as he was disheartened.

As for Shen Zeyan who took a glance at the bridgehead with his M24 attached with 8x scope, he squinted his eyes a little, but did not say anything.

Illusion could not help but chuckle. "Didn't you hear the gunshots coming from the opposite bridgehead just now? Those fellows were like lighting firecrackers. There are probably a few squads blocking the bridge, who would dare to cross it?"

Right then, Xiao Jue who looked under the bridge suddenly yelled in surprise, "Eh! Take a look! There are two boats there!"

Currently, through spectator camera.

On the water's surface under the bridge, a boat was seen suddenly passing.

Later on, under the farewell of gunfire from the three players on the other boat that was nearer to the shore, that boat swept past the ocean surface speedily, and headed to Novorepnoye.

"We can see that IFTY's Big Brother's Squad has already left with a boat, and they seem to be heading for Novorepnoye."

"That's right, whereas the other boat is occupied by 4AM. Earlier on, they probably found the boat in front of the four houses near the shore but they can't set out yet because Vic is still in a confrontation with Tyloo and Se7en!"

"Indeed. It looks like 4AM isn't planning to ditch their teammate. Oh! We can see that both Tyloo and Se7en have thrown smoke grenades, they're planning to break the deadlock!

"Yes! It's an opportunity for Vic. Since he's by himself, he's a small target, so it's a perfect time for him to escape!"

"But hold on! Take a look at the bridge! IG has discovered 4AM, and they look like they're ready to fight!"

In the studio, right after the commentator's words, a series of gunshots came from the bridge!

At the next second, just like raindrops pattering on the water surface, 4AM's boat that was stopped by the shore was instantly surrounded by blasts of muzzle fire!

"Pu, pu, pu" sounds were heard as the bullets entered the water.

As for the three players on the boat, they suffered a couple of shots. Fortunately, GodV quickly reacted as soon as he heard the shots, and he quickly steered the boat under the bridge, which saved them from suffering heavy injuries from IG's sudden attack.

However, this was not good news for Liu Zilang.

He was just sneaking away when the two squads threw smoke grenades.

Initially, if everything went well, even if someone were to chase after Liu Zilang from behind, he could still enter the boat quickly and escape.

It would be like a farewell that was not said in time.

Nonetheless, due to IG's shooting, GodV could only move the boat away helplessly.

As a consequence, the distance between them became much further.

When Liu ZIlang saw that, he cursed to himself.

While he dashed forward with all his might, he kept depressing his "Alt" key to see if anyone was chasing after him.

Directly under the East Bridge, even as GodV and the others were healing themselves, they were also cheering for Liu Zilang to run faster!

Unfortunately, his running speed was solely determined by the system, which was unaffected by any subjective factors.

Just as Liu ZIlang was near to the shore, he turned to look again!

Through his veiw, a few figures vaguely appeared.


Instantly, Liu ZIlang's heart sank!

As expected, gunshots were suddenly heard from behind him!

"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!"

Some bullets were fired straight at him, while some were directly aimed at the boat.

Earlier on, GodV's boat was already shot at by IG.

If they were to remain stagnant in the water, the boat would likely explode by the shots from the squad behind Liu Zilang now.

Owing to that, Liu Zilang knew that he could not hesitate any more!

He immediately shouted in the voice chat, "Leave first! Don't wait for me!"

GodV was not an irresolute person.

Almost at the same time when Liu Zilang expressed that, GodV started the boat again, then followed after IFTY's footsteps as they headed to Novorepnoye as well!

The second before the boat set out, Cpt and Aluka, who were in seat number three and four seats, each took a smoke grenade out.

Subsequently, they raised their arms, and threw the grenades at Liu Zilang with the intention to cover him before they left.

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched!

Although he knew that they meant well, he somehow felt like they were burning incense for him...

'I'm not dead yet!'

Discontented, Liu Zilang uttered to himself.

Later on, he quickly moved zig-zag on the beach to dodge the gunshots, then jumped straight into the water.

With the smoke behind him as cover, he immediately swam deep into the ocean until the water was over his head.


At the moment, the squad that appeared behind Liu Zilang was none other than Tyloo, who had previously been sandwiched.

Before this, after the two squads threw smoke grenades, when Liu Zilang began sneaking away, Tyloo and Se7en had also made their way to the water.

Once they were by the ocean, they somehow had a tacit understanding, as one of them headed to the East Bridge, while the other headed to the West Bridge.

They chose to stop the battle for the time being!

This only happened because tonight was the finals.

If it was any other group stage match, based on both squads' temper, even if their teammates had left, Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin would stay to fight it out until one survived.

Of course, the more possible outcome would be that both would be killed by the blue circle...


After Liu Zilang began swimming, he was afraid the players behind him would strike at him again so he dared not expose his head, such that he only emerged from the water to take another breath when he was almost out.

Who knew, as he swam, the players behind him jumped into the water as well, just like dumplings sliding down a frying pan.

When Liu ZIlang saw that, he was elated.

He no longer held his breath for a long time, instead rising to the surface to just across freely.

For the sake of preventing squads cheating, which would ruin the fairness of the competition, the common voice channel for all teams was shut for the game other than the period of time in the spawn area, so that squads could not communicate with one another.

As soon as the four players from Tyloo entered the water, and were swimming forward as fast as they could, they saw somebody swimming toward them.

Eventually, that person kept alternating between swimming underwater and doing a backstroke around them.

From time to time, he moved up and down, which was extremely despicable of him!

The players from Tyloo gritted their teeth!

At that moment, one of them who was hot-tempered immediately swam back as he wanted to get back on shore to shoot or to throw a frag grenade at him.

Luckily, he was stopped by his teammates who advised him to not act impulsively.

For all that, Liu Zilang did not even have the slightest feeling that he was pacing back and forth the edge of his death.

Formerly, since 4AM's boat was shot by Tyloo, he was still frustrated about the fact that he did not get to board the boat even though he had a ticket with him.

Therefore, Liu Zilang purposely swam around them whenever he had the chance to.

If someone else were to witness this, perhaps they would even think that this was a lovely five-man squad, but the players from Tyloo definitely felt extremely awful.

As for Liu Zilang, who was leisurely swimming in the ocean, his mood was slowly lifted up!


'I like to see your frustrated faces of not being able to kill me even though I'm being a eyesore now!'