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179 A Shot That Burnt Souls, A Mighty Tide!

 Through the 8x scope, Li Muqiu was also startled that he actually shot that person's head with his SKS.

Of course, he heard the gunshots from the South, but he still twitched his mouth as he said disdainfully, "What trash! He couldn't withstand a single shot!"

At the same time, Bai Shaobin was somewhat baffled!

It was exactly because he saw Li Muqiu carrying an SKS that he thoughtlessly fired back at him.

Who knew, another gunshot was heard behind him, which hit the back of his head!

"That's so damn mischievous!"

While Bai Shaobin thought to himself furiously, he quickly crawled to the other side with one hand pressing on his abdomen.

Currently, he had completely forgotten about their previous collusion with IFTY to besiege 4AM.

In Douyu's studio, Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita burst into waves of laughter as well after witnessing this.

"BigBrother totally sold his 'ally' out by outrunning the blue circle. Right now, Tyloo seems to be sandwiched by Vic and Se7en with nowhere to move, leaving them in a terrible situation."

"Hehe, it sure seems like that's the case now. Speaking of which, the shot just now was truly impressive! I didn't think that both Vic and Guru Qiu would actually fire at the same time! If one of them were to shoot slightly later than the other, Nighthawk would be able to react to the situation after being hit once, and certainly won't be knocked out right away."

"Mmm...but the 4AM have already retreated to the South, leaving Vic here alone to cover fire. Unquestionably, this is great news to Tyloo."

"That being said, did you guys realize that there are more people at the bridgehead now? From what I see, there are at least four squads coming over from the areas around Mylta. It looks like everyone has realized the need to cross to the opposite side as soon as possible before the next round refreshes!"

"Mmm. However, now that squads Tyloo and Se7en, and Vic are in a deadlock at the bridgehead, they were a natural line of defense!"

In the game, Bai Shaobin from Tyloo was finally saved after his teammates gave him cover fire.

He looked front and back cautiously as he kept looking for an opportunity to get rid of the "despicable, petty guy" who stabbed him in the back.

Unexpectedly, right then, the roaring sounds of a vehicle engine came the direction of Mylta's!

'Sombody's coming!'

Quickly after, a UAZ came into their view.

Evidently, the squad in the UAZ were extremely wary because they heard the gunshot from the bridgehead.

Therefore, they were not driving too fast, and were ready to leave their vehicle anytime.

Despite all that, they never expected the fire at the bridgehead to be so intense!

As soon as the gunshots were heard, their surrounding instantly bustled with noise as if it was a new year festival!

"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!"

The second the UAZ was attacked, it quickly made a quick turn. Accompanied by braking sounds that made "tss, tss" sounds, the car stopped all of a sudden.

On top of that, even before the vehicle was brought to a complete halt, the passengers inside jumped out frantically.

All in all, their reactions were considerably fast!

Nevertheless, the instant they jumped out of their vehicle, their UAZ lit up without warning!

At the next second, harsh heat waves and flames blew toward them!

In the blink of an eye, the four of them were flooded in the fire!

Subsequently, four consecutive prompts appeared!

"4AM-Vic killed 7TS-Client by vehicle explosion with Kar98K!"

"4AM-Vic killed 7TS-Blue by vehicle explosion with Kar98K!"



'They were shot!

'In addition to that, they were shot by a 98K!"

Seeing what just happened, both Tyloo and Se7en were at a daze

'He's freaking accumulating points!'

Especially for Li Muqiu, he was actually clueless as to who shot Bai Shaobin as well, and he was quite grateful about it.

Nonetheless, after seeing the kill feeds and hearing the 98K, how could Li Muqiu not figure out that it was Liu Zilang?

When Li Muqiu looked at the kills that slipped through his hands, he became so outraged that he grit his teeth.

In spite of that, he felt more relieved when he thought about Bai Shaobin's squad, who did not gain any kills at all.


'10 kills!'

Looking at the bright red kill feed on his screen, Liu Zilang was also feeling dizzy from the pie that suddenly fell from the sky...

Earlier on when the UAZ headed over to them, he happened to be holding a 98K in his hand and was simply too lazy to change his gun. Hence, he immediately scoped in and fired a shot at the driver's seat.

Even so, since the vehicle was going through a bumpy right, unsurprisingly, Liu Zilang's shot missed.

Upon seeing the UAZ almost exploding due to the shots from the two squads that were beside him, before he even reloaded or scoped in to aim, he haphazardly shot at the UAZ from the hip!


The UAZ exploded!

Moreover, it was Liu ZIlang who caused the explosion!

Right now, Liu Zilang felt like his blessing did not come knocking at his door.

Instead, it felt like it barged into his room and pressed him on the floor!

It felt great!

By the time, the director showed a replay of Liu Zilang's view, the spectators in the live streaming channel were totally shocked!

"This is damn... A hip shot with a 98K? It's a joke, isn't it?"

"Vic's luck is absolutely out of this world, how could he get kills just like that!"

"I feel sorry for Tyloo and Se7en, they did work for him!"

"It's impossible for me to work for him, I only want to kill!"

"Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling? Do you guys think that Tyloo and Se7en will join hands to take Vic's head?"

"I think that'll be tough. If Tyloo and Se7en ever join hands, I somehow feel that Guru Qiu will surely point his gun at Nighthawk if he has the chance to."


In the game, gunshots and explosions were heard coming from the intersection of the three-road junction and Mylta.

There were also some overturned boats behind, which were left by squads who initially wanted to test their luck by going through the bridge. Clearly, they had all given up on that thought.

Concurrently, they cursed at the bunch of bastards at the bridgehead!

'Get your f*cking *sses across the bridge!

'Why are you blocking the bridgehead!'

Needless to say, these squads dared not stay there for long to waste their time, thus they quickly dashed over to the beach at Mylta.

Followed by that, all spectators in the live streaming channel saw a shocking scene!

Motorcycle, three-wheeled motorcycle, buggy, UAZ, sedan car...

Everything was laid out there!

These cars were headed straight for the ocean, and returned to the ocean's arms just like dumplings sliding down a frying pan!

After entering the water, numerous players emerged.

They were seen moving their arms and legs rapidly as they gave their utmost efforts to swim to the opposite shore. It looked exactly like the live scene of a PUBG freestyle swimming competition!

In Douyu's studio, the three commentators were confused after seeing that too.

"This...this is too real! Oh my god! Is there going to be a swimming champion from tonight's official match?"

"Hehe, my thought is that these professional players are really worthy of being professional players, they're very decisive even when they're faced with obstacles."

"Mmm, given the circumstances, they can only enter the circle through the ocean or the bridge. But now they can't even get through the bridgehead of the East Bridge, and someone might be even blocking the bridge."

"That's right. If the players from Mylta were to get around to the West bridge, it'll be too far. Since there are no boats to be used, they can only choose to swim."

"They'll need to swim as fast as they because swimming is very slow. Since they're unable to use their guns or bandages yet, whoever reaches first will get the upper hand."

"Indeed. Right now, those who are near the East Bridge are basically in the water, leaving these people who are in a deadlock at the three-road junction. What will they do?"

In the game, when Liu Zilang, players from Tyloo and Se7en witnessed the spectacular scene, they were just as astounded.

However, when they thought about their current situation, they began putting their guard up.

Seeing as it was only less than two minutes before the next circle would shrink, they only had two questions in their minds.

'Leave, or stay?'

And, on top of that, 'how to leave?'