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178 Everchanging!

 Grassy fields on top of the tall slope to the West of Mylta, the Se7en members were discussing their next plan of action.

"Guru Qiu, seems like there's more than one squad up ahead. Why don't we wait for them to start fighting and then go from there?"

"Wait my f*cking *ss! My SKS is already thirsty for some blood!"

As a firm believer of "The romanticism of a male comes from his straightforward attitude", as soon as Li Muqiu finished speaking, he immediately aimed down his 8x SKS and fired two shots at that Tyloo member whose head was slightly popping out of cover!

The Tyloo member had already realized there was a squad behind them, but he chose to only look on curiously.

If the squad behind them did not make a move, they could still stick to the plan. They could deal with them after clearing the building.

However, they obviously did not expect the squad behind them to be so good!

Within a literal blink of his eye, he was instantly knocked out by the two SKS shots.

"Se7en-Lech knocked out Tyloo-Tedi by headshot with SKS!"

The next moment, when the killfeed was updated on the bottom-left of the screen, Tyloo and the two-man Se7en squad were caught off guard. They instantly started to grit their teeth with their new discover!

Tyloo and Se7en had a lot of bad blood that had accumulated over this tournament. The rivalry and beef between the two would easily be considered the most extreme out of any two teams in this tournament right now.

On Tyloo's side, when Bai Shaobin saw Li Muqiu's ID, his mouth twitched. He questioned why his luck was so bad today that he had to meet two of these "Scumbags"at the same time.

However, at the same time, he quickly grabbed his Kar98k and launched a counterattack!


As the bullet pierced through the air, it flew straight towards Li Muqiu's cranium!

The instant Li Muqiu saw Bai Shaobin turn around, he suddenly crouched.

However, the next moment, he heard a scream of agony coming from behind him.

"TylooNighthawk knocked out Se7en-Base by headshot with Kar98k!"

It turns out that Se7en's rifler Base was stood precisely behind Li Muqiu.

When Li Muqiu crouched, Base had his gray helmet instantly busted open as blood splattered into the air!

'F-*-C-K Y-O-U!'

Li Muqiu cussed out in his head before immediately shouting, "Revive him! That f*cking piece of trash is taking potshots at us, I'll cover you guys."

As soon as he finished giving orders, he instantly got behind the jeep. Using it as cover, he started taking pot shots with his SKS.

Tyloo, who were already close to the housing mercilessly started their rapid counterattack. The squad's roamer had already Hou Dongfang tossed a smoke and instantly charged across the road, rotating over towards Mylta, trying to create a crossfire.

Seeing this, Se7en had also rapidly moved accordingly in response.

Instantly, the three-way junction turned into a warzone!

On the other hand, Liu Zilang and company, who were still camping on top of the building, were utterly surprised by the gunfire coming from below.

"So our allies have arrived!"

Aluka said as he took a deep breath.

Liu Zilang replied with a complicated expression on his face, "That might not be the case. I think this is only because they don't know that we're the ones hiding in here. If they knew, then that would definitely not be the case."

"Hmm? Why?" Cpt asked curiously.

"Probably because GodV didn't say hi to them back on Spawn Island." Liu ZIlang casually said.

"..." GodV's mouth twitched, he did not expect to be used as a scapegoat once again.

However, at this time, the first circle had finished closing in. The next safe zone was about to be revealed!

Seeing the next safe zone, every single team over at the three-way junction was absolutely shell-shocked.

The safe zone that had still included the two islands earlier had now been updated the top part of Novorepnoye Port.

Half of the circle was in the sea, whilst the other half was on land.

Without a doubt, this is fully a 'Sosnovka circle'.

Seeing this circle, Cpt could not help but ask, "What now? Are we still gonna fight?"

Aluka saw the IFTY squad that was closing in on them and replied, "You'll have to ask them, can we even leave without fighting?"

The next moment, a thud!

A Frag Grenade had been tossed up here!

The four were shocked as they all scurried behind cover!

GodV immediately ordered, "Then we pwn these bunch of f*ckers. If this is an equal 4v4, they don't stand a chance!"

Hearing this, the 4AM players' got a huge morale boost!

At this time, voluntarily going down dare would be a suicide mission. Hence, after dodging the Frag Grenade, they rapidly set up right next to the stairway, waiting for IFTY to make the first move.

However, after a long while, no one came in!

'What was happening?'

'Are we really gonna need to go down there?'

At this time, Liu Zilang seemed to have realized something.

He immediately rushed to the third floor and looked over to the South.

The IFTY squad had disappeared into the other end of the wheat field, they were already making their way over to the Southern Island!

'These f*ckers...'

It turns out that IFTY's plan was to get an early headstart in entering the circle. That grenade was nothing but a misdirection, diverting Liu Zilang's squad's attention over towards the stairway.


"Haha, Big Brother, that was such a good play!"

In IFTY's voice chat, TKZhun chuckled out loud. "We leave the three teams to their own devices, once they're weakened when they enter the next circle, we'll be there waiting for them."

"I don't think we'll even get the chance." Checking the map, A+ smiled. "With the circle suddenly going so far on the other side and more than eighty players still alive, I'm willing to bet that most of the players are over on this side. We'll be lucky if even one of them survives long enough to get all the way to us."

"There's a boat over there!" SOSO suddenly pointed to the shore, before cautioning his squad, "There's a chance the bridge will have people guarding it. Let's take a boat and go around it and stay away from the bridge in general, we don't wanna get sweeped."

Just as SOSO finished speaking, a crisp gunshot could be heard from behind them!

It was a Kar98K!

The next moment, blood spurted out of SOSO's head as he just managed to make it out f the wheat fields. He instantly dropped to the ground kneeling.

"4AM-Vic knocked out IFTY-SOSO by headshot with Kar98k!"

A moving target headshot!

"F*cking hell, these bunch of people are so clingy!"

A+ cussed out loud before continuing shouting, "Smoke! Smoke! Don't res immediately, let SOSO crawl a bit first, I'll cover you guys..."

Before A+ could even finish rapid gunshots could be heard from behind them!

Instantly, countless bullets whizzed past the air behind them, all flying straight at the direction SOSO was at!

In a flick of the finger, the downed SOSO was instantly finished off!

"Oh my God! Big Brother and company need to retreat quick! Vic just headshot a moving target with his Kar98k! If I saw it correctly, the scope he on the sniper just now was a 4x scope, is this a joke?"

"To be fair, Vic's last shot was a little too much! Seems like the aimbot implants accusations might not be false."

"The most important part was that 4AM finished the guy off so quickly! When the guy dropped to the ground, he was finished off in a single second. There was literally no chance his squadmates could've saved him, that was mind-boggling."

"However, I feel like now that they didn't have to save anyone, IFTY can just head straight to sea. This might be a blessing in disguise for them."

"Oh! 4AM has also made their way downstairs and are running straight over... But wait! Vic is still on top of the roof!"

"Looks like 4AM is also planning on getting a headstart on the others, but what's Vic doing? He just jumped down from the left side."

The next moment, the crisp gunshot of a Kar98k rang out once more!

From the observer's free-view camera, as soon as Liu Zilang landed on the ground, he instantly scoped-in and fired!

Instantly, the bullet flew out of his gun's barrel and pierced through the air as it headed straight towards the black Level-three Spetsnaz Helmet on the North side of the three-way junction!


The sound of a bullet cracking open a helmet could be heard!

At the same time, at the grassy hill at the West of Mylta, a single SKS bullet had also landed perfectly on the same exact Level-three Helmet!

The next moment, one line popped up in the killfeed!

"Se7en-Lech knocked out Tyloo-Nighthawk by headshot with SKS!"

Without even a chance to fight back Bai Shaobin was pincered by Liu ZIlang and Li Muqiu from two sides.

Instantly, his Level-three Helmet was destroyed as he dropped to the ground!