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177 Enemies and Allies!

 In the two three-storey buildings at the three-way junction, 4AM were a bit suspicious when they heard the sound of vehicles coming in from the North. They could not help but wonder why the squadmates of the player Liu ZIlang just killed were so gung-ho, so much so that they were immediately charging over to avenge their squadmate.

However, soon, they realized that their hypothesis was wrong.

After the four silently spectated from the roof behind cover, they realized that there were two squads right below them. The two squads were in such a heated battle, their presence had gone completely unnoticed.

At this point, while their attention was fixed on these two squads, if someone even notices the grassy plains filled with tall grass between the two squads, they would notice the squadmates of the player Liu ZIlang had killed earlier, all trembling as they did not even dare to lift a finger...

On the other hand, to the two teams IFTY and Tyloo who were surrounding this squad, their tunnel vision was focussed in on their immediate opponents. None of them even noticed the three stooges right in the middle of their battlefield.

In 4AM's YY voice channel, the team was discussing their strategies.

"Do you guys want to snag some kills?"

Seeing the firefight going on below, Aluka was rearing to join in.

Thinking back to the situation in Georgopol last match, Liu Zilang said, "Let's let them fight. If we interfere now, there's a chance that they'll stop fighting."

Hearing Vic's concerns, GodV nodded his head. "Vic's got a point. Let's just let them fight for now. When it's time, we'll give them a nice little surprise. There's no need to expose our position just to get a couple of free frags. The Chicken Dinner is of the utmost priority."

Suddenly, Cpt asked with a suspicious tone, "Hey, look over at the grassy slope, do you guys see three people proning there?"

Hearing Cpt's words, the group instantly shifted their attention over to as they tried to make out what they were seeing.

"Those three kids... Are they AFK?" Aluka guessed.

"Cough cough, this is an official match, there's no way anyone would AFK in these circumstances." GodV shook his head.

"Then why aren't they moving!" Aluka was unconvinced.

"Stop arguing, we'll find out after this single shot." Liu Zilang held up the Kar98k in his hands.

The appearance of these three stooges had completely messed up 4AM's movie plans.

If they were truly AFK it would not be a problem, but if they were not; 4AM would never give up a chance when it came to getting free kills.

Hence, the group had given up on not exposing themselves. Hearing Liu Zilang's proclamation, they all sat there curiously and watched.


The crisp gunshot of the Kar98k rang out loud as a speeding sniper bullet shot out from Liu Zilang's muzzle!

The next moment, blood spurted out of the head of the player in the middle of the three proning musketeers!

That person instantly curled up into a ball as he grabbed his abdomen and kneeled on the ground!

Hearing the gunshot, AFTY and Tyloo immediately put their faceoff on hold. They both got into cover to get out of the line-of-sight from the South.

As professional players, being able to make out the direction a gunshot was coming from had already become an innate skill. As soon as the gunshot rang out just now, the immediately realized that it did not come from the other side of the battle they were in, instantly pinpointing the vague location the gunshot was fired from!

However, here comes the real question!

Who were they shooting?

Once that question came to their minds, they instantly realized the answer.


On the grassy slope, when the three AG players heard the gunshot, their hearts instantly skipped a beat.

As expected, without even being able to defend themselves, the helmet of the player in the middle instantly cracked open as he instantly started to kneel on the ground.

'We've been made!'

The remaining two AG players did not dare to press their luck. They instantly stood up as they tried to make a run for the three-storey building on the North side of the three-way junction.

However, the instant they stood up, they suddenly understood the true meaning of despair!

Instantly, bullets rained down on them from three different directions as countless bullets repeatedly whizzed through the air, creating a crossfire on their exact location!

Almost like an aerial bombardment, a bullet hell enveloped the location the three players were in!

Within barely a fraction of a second, the location the three were in was instantly shrouded in countless bursts of blood mist before the three instantly 'evaporated' on the spot.

As the gunfire subsided, the three boxes just silently laid there, engulfed by the foliage.

An instant later, a bunch of obituaries popped up on the killfeed!

"4AM-CPT killed AG-Bigman with SCAR-L!"

"IFTY-TKzhun killed AG-Hill with SKS!"

"Tyloo-DeadRunner killed AG-Xiaoming with MK14!"

Liu Zilang's Kar98k had his kill stolen by that TKzhun player from IFTY, but at least his own team's Cpt managed to get a kill out of the sea of bullets.

Every squad truly got something out of it all.

The three kills were evenly split amongst the three squads.

However, now that the killfeed was out, all three teams' identities were exposed. They all knew who they were up against.

Especially on Tyloo's side, when they saw that they had managed to snag a kill, Bai Shaobin let out a huge sigh of relief. He was a little too slow in that last play, but luckily his squadmates pulled their own weight so at least they did not get bottom frag out of the three teams.

However, the moment they noticed the names in the killfeed, the Tyloo members' faces revealed a complex expression.

'It's a small world, especially when it comes to arch-enemies!'

Bai Shaobin instantly looked back over at the two three-story buildings over at the three-way junction as the devilish silhouette back in the Sosnovka Military Base flashed into his head. He got angry just thinking back about it!

'I've got you now...

'Don't you even think of escaping this time!'


In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita were all speechless after seeing this scene.

"Oh my God! Poor AG! These three teams are utterly merciless!"

"To be fair, I feel like left the area earlier, that way even if they get noticed by IFTY or Tyloo, they would still have a chance of escaping. At least they wouldn't be annihilated just like they were just now."

"Mmhmm, but I still fell like IFTY and Tyloo reached that spot too quickly. The two sides starting their fight as soon as their cars stopped with AG in the middle of all of this. That was a bit awkward, though it's still a misplay by AG's part!"

"That's right. Now that the three teams know who they were up against, what will they do? I remember in the last match, 4AM, Big Brother's Team, and Tyloo all had scores to settle."

"However, it seems like the circle is closing in, will they leave their grudges for the next circle?"

"Hmm? It seems like Tyloo can't hold it in, we can see that Nighthawk is already leading his squad to the left with his trusty Kar98k in hand as they try to make their way over to the buildings over at the junction."

"But IFTY is still on the other side! Are they really not going to care about them? Oh! Wait a minute! IFTY seemed to have understood that the people in the buildings near the junction were 4AM! They started making their way over from the right!"

"Tsk tsk! It seems like IFTY and Tyloo had came to the conclusion that 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Seems like these two teams seem to hold a grudge on 4AM, or rather a certain player in 4AM!"

On the roof of the three-storey building, GodV, Aluka, and Cpt were absolutely shocked when they saw the two teams coming for them.

Alika said in a frustrated tone, "These two teams are heading straight for us! What the hell di d you guys do to them?"

Liu Zilang just casually rubbed his chain as he guessed, "Maybe back on Spawn Island, when they were saying hi to GodV, he ignored them?"

"You bastard, stop trying to shift the blame."

GodV was cringing when he heard that, he was seriously debating on whether he should expose this bastard or not.

Cpt was still holding down the angle from behind a short wall as he peeked down to check on the situation. He asked worriedly, "What do we do now? These two teams shouldn't be ballsy enough to charge up here into our lion's den, right?"

"That's not certain." GodV shook his head.

Although in PUBG, especially in official tournaments, teaming can be considered cheating, most of the time, there were no clear definitions on what would be considered as teaming. After all, every squad can pick whichever opponent to attack first.

Just like Tyloo and IFTY, they were technically not teaming.

If people were whining, they could just justify it by saying that the team occupying the building was a bigger threat, so they decided to take them out first!

Even with that, IFTY and Tyloo would start killing each other once they finish off 4AM, how could anyone still consider that teaming?

Another example was the AG squad that was disintegrated instantly by the three squads...

Everyone would say that it was just that they picked a bad spot, or that they had an ugly mug that was hated by other players!

Of course, something like "having an ugly mug that was hated by others' was something Liu Zilang would never admit to.

At this point, seeing the two squads below, he grit his teeth as he saw the frag grenade in his bag.

He had already made the mental preparation that since they would not be able to beat them, he might as well pull a "Kamikaze" once more!

After all, with 4AM's potential, if this was a pub game or a small LAN tournament like the one in University of Jianghe, then they could have easily taken on two or even three squads with their skills as long as it was not a face-to-face encounter on an even surface.

However, the two squads coming over were Tyloo and IFTY, both of whom are tier one teams. These players all had top class reflexes and skills.

Being attacked by two teams like this, even Liu Zilang did not have the confidence at the time.

However, just as he was thinking of writing his 'will and testament', the roaring of a jeep's engines could be heard coming from the North!

Another team?

At the three-way junction, the three squads were completely taken by surprise when they heard the car!

In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, the three casters just looked at each other as they saw this development from the Observer's free-view camera.

"Wow! Is this place really that good? Why're all these pro players all gathering here?"

"To be fair, this place was definitely one of the more strategic locations inside the current safe zone. Oh! The team coming in from the North is Guru Qiu's Se7en!"

"Oh, so it was Se7en, what a huge coincidence! Hehe, have you guys noticed? These three teams all had grievances with 4AM in the last match, maybe this round is a revenge round?"

"Tsk tsk, then 4AM's current situation isn't looking good! So is this like the three great Sects working together to attack Guang Ming Hill? If that's really the case I'm defo gonna report them!"

"Wait a minute! Guru Qiu's squad came in from the left. The first team they saw seemed to be Tyloo, and the two were already pointing guns at each other."

"That's right, it seems like Se7en and Tyloo are gonna fight. That's great news for 4AM who are still stuck inside."

"That does seem like the case. From the looks of it, it seems like 4AM and Se7en, who was late for the party, have sandwiched IFTY and Tyloo in the middle. Oh my God! This won't turn into a 2v2, will it?"

"Err... That will be up to the four squad's decision. Well, mainly Se7en's decision. If they choose to help gang up on 4AM, or even just stay out of the fight, 4AM would be in hot water."

Hearing the analysis from the casters, all the livestream viewers started to get invested in this. They eagerly anticipated for the chaos that was to come!

...Essentially a Chinese way of saying bad luck in an insulting yet descriptive manner.Referring to a classic Wuxia story where the three major martial art sects joined forces to attack a martial arts conference of all the sects.