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176 Would You Be Moved?

 Seeing Liu Zilang walk over to the door on the screen, countless viewers of the livestream could not help but hold their breath as they anxiously stared at their screens.

Although everybody hated campers, at that point, a lot of viewers in the livestream let out a long sigh of comfort.

'Is this monster finally gonna get killed by a camper!

'Why am I feeling a little happy inside!'

However, the next moment, those viewers whose hearts were thumping earlier became completely wide-eyed. Some of them even cussed out loud!

From the Observer's free-view camera, immediately after the AG player heard footsteps, his muzzle had been aimed at the door.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang on the outside was like a cute and innocent little bunny. He naively walked up to the big bad wolf's doorstep.

However, the moment the door opened, the small bunny... Ahh blegh! Liu Zilang instantly reacted to the enemy. The instant his opponent pulled the trigger, although his M16 was one step slower, it rapidly started firing.

The most important part of all this was that at the same time he started firing, he immediately went into a prone stance!

The little rabbit is giving his Chinese New Year greetings!



In an instant, the M4 and M16 in the two players' hands started spitting fire at each other!

Almost at a face-to-face distance, countless bullets whizzed through the air!

Within a short moment, bloody mist spurted out from Liu Zilang's body and his opponent's crotch!

In the blink of an eye, a new notification popped up on the kill feed!

"4AM-Vic knocked out AG-Oyka with M16!"

'F*ck me...

'He still hasn't died?'

Seeing this scene, the livestream viewers were all dumbstruck!

"6666! Vic's reaction speed is too fast!"

"Holy sh*t! This isn't human! This kind of 'greeting' blows my mind!"

"Other people ask for money during their CNY greetings, Vic asks for your life!"

"Is that a f*cking M16? Why am I hearing zero difference between it and a full-auto? I have a low education level, don't lie to me!"

"I'm utterly impressed! Now I really don't know how this Vic can die? Maybe we need the PUBG Gods to serve justice from above?"

"As a 500-hour camper, I can only tell that comrade from AG: Time to retire!"


Instantly, other than being utterly awestruck by Liu Zilang's insane reaction speed, the livestream viewers also mocked the AG camper who failed to kill his target.

In the game, Liu Zilang, who was still prone, continued spamming bullets on his downed target. He instantly finished that player off before stopping.

At that point in time, with his health being critically low, Liu Zilang's eye twitched. His right hand was trembling so much that he could barely hold on to his mouse.

From the Observer's free-view camera, all the viewers saw that as soon as Liu Zilang opened the door, he instantly went into a prone stance and fired his gun.

However, what they did not know was that in real life, in front of his computer, he got frightened so much so that his mouse nearly flung off of the table!

To put it strictly, it was the first time Liu Zilang, in his entire PUBG career, met with a true blue camper without any mental preparation!

It must be said, in comparison to any other FPS game in the world, this game had truly brought him a whole new experience!

At that time, GodV and Aluka who were beside him in real life also reacted to his actions.

"What's the situation? Vic, is there someone over there?"

"Be careful, that person was just finished off by me, so his squadmates might still be nearby."

"Vic, how did you lose so much health, did you get ambushed?"

Hearing Cpt's questions, Liu Zilang said dryly, "Yep, just got ambushed by this camping bastard.

"However, I did not panic at all, and with a flick of my wrist, I destroyed him!"

"Awesome! Awesome!" Cpt praised.

"'This is but the basics," Liu Zilang said humbly.

Seeing this shameless display, viewers of Liu ZIlang's livestream became utterly dumbstruck!

Unlike the viewers on the official Douyu PUBG Golden Legends livestream, they could clearly see Liu Zilang's handcam the entire time. When Liu ZIlang saw the guy, he got a such a jump scare that he almost threw away his mouse. It took a lot of effort for him to finally counter-attack.

At that time, when they heard that it was "basic", the livestream chat instantly became filled with hushes.


At the same time, AG started talking in their voice chat.

"What the f*ck! Didn't we tell you not to move and wait for us to move over?"

"I didn't move!"

"If you didn't move, how did you die?"

"I was hiding in the house when he came over! What could I have done? I'm also despairing over here!"

"Wait! How many people on you?"

"One... I think?"

"So recap, you didn't move at all in the house. Then he came over... And you just died?"

"Yeah.... I..."

"Brother, you're out of the team."


Hearing this, the failed camper who got killed instead began sobbing speechlessly.

There was nothing left to say, his words just turned into tears!

However, putting all the mockery aside, at that point in time, the AG players had started to move from the Farm to a closer spot.

There were two options presented to them. One was to charge in and avenge their fallen squadmate.

However, seeing that it was his own fault that he died, the option was quickly denied.

The other option was to turn back and leave. They strengthen themselves before trying again. However, this was a bit too cowardly and it did not fit their fighting style.

Hence, the AG players decided on a compromise. They camped down at the grassy slope behind the three-storey building toward the North, waiting to see what would happen.

When the next circle was revealed, if all of them were not in the circle, Liu Zilang and company would definitely have to run away from the circle. By then, they could easily ambush them from behind.

With that in mind, the AG members seemed to have seen the light on the other end of the tunnel as they imagined four death boxes neatly placed in front of them. Trying to hold back their excitement, they sat hungrily behind the slope.

In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, the casters started to discuss.

"Err... It looks like the AG players are trying to fight action with inaction. This option is quite a smart one."

"That's right, because right now, 4AM is at the peak of their alertness. If AG charged up right now, in a 3v4 situation, they wouldn't hold any advantage."

"On the other hand, the first circle has almost finished closing in. We'll know whether this game is going to end up in Sosnovka by the next circle. However, if this place isn't in the next circle, AG might need to start to take action."

"Wait! I think I can hear a car coming! There are two squads coming in from the North!"

"Let me see! Oh! It's IFTY and Tyloo!"

Along with the caster's commentary, the Observer's camera also moved to the North.

In the area North of the Farm, two squads zoomed in through the grassy fields with four cars.

Throughout the entire time, gunfire kept raging as they moved. However, due to the bumpy road around Farm, there was no way of getting a steady shot.

Hence, at that time, although the two sides looked like they were locked in an intense battle, they did not sustain any real damage.

However, as soon as they entered the circle, the four cars suddenly split up and found cover respectively before starting to faceoff with each other once again.

However, the spot the three AG players were at was specifically in the middle where IFTY and Tyloo were set up.

Seeing this sight, the three AG players were all stunned!

If it were you...

Would you be moved?