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175 Key Strategic Location!

 In the game, when GodV heard Liu Zilang shooting from behind him, he initially thought it was only to intimidate the opponents; that Liu Zilang did not want to lose face.

However, what caught him off guard was that Liu Zilang had successfully knocked out two of the enemies on the other side!

Under normal circumstances, when a motorcycle is spinning in mid-air and falling, the average person would experience a sense of disorientation and motion sickness, much less actually be able to aim!

However, in the last play, Liu Zilang did manage to spray down two players!

As GodV stopped the motorcycle and took a deep breath, he could not resist but shout out surprisedly whilst looking at the UMP9 in Liu Zilang's hands, "GG! Your last play was too OP!"

At the same time, Aluka and Cpt's three-wheeler was parked at the side.

They were originally planning on helping Liu Zilang and GodV by suppressing the two on the other side of the hill. However, with Liu Zilang's miraculous upside-down play, he managed to deal with them before even landing on the ground.

Seeing the whole thing play out from the side, Aluka and Cpt were utterly shocked. They sported a face of disbelief the entire time!

As for the two LGD members who were knocked out by the two 4AM players, at that point, it seemed as if they had seen a ghost. It was like a Greenhorn Chain popped up in their brains.

'Who am I?

'Where am I?

'Who the fuck hit me!'

Although they clearly heard the gunshots come from the backseat of the Motorcycle, they were easily knocked out by a person who was on a flying motorcycle. Not to mention that he was upside-down whilst they failed to get even a single one of their targets despite having a steady shot.

With such a huge skill gap made known to them, they could not accept it at that time!

However, Liu Zilang did not bother think about the sanity of the two knocked out players. Once he got off the motorcycle, he immediately switched to his Kar98K as he started his hunt for the remaining squadmates.

Once the two remaining LGD members finally snapped out of shock, they immediately tossed a smoke over to their squadmates, seemingly trying to save them.

'Since you guys still want to save them, then it's not gonna be a problem.'

4AM was originally planning on finishing off the two players that Liu Zilang had knocked out to secure the points first. However, since the remaining two LGD members tossed out smoke grenades, they decided to stop what they were doing. They intended to have the two downed players act as bait.

Aluka and Cpt who were by the side instantly rotated to their right as Liu Zilang and GodV split up into two different directions. They wanted to create a cross-fire to annihilate their enemies when they saw them later on.

However, as time passed, the crew started to feel that something fishy was going on.

"Do you guys see anyone?"

"Nope, you?"

"Nothing over on our side as well. Did those bastards just run off?"


In contrast to 4AM's confusion in the game, the three casters and countless viewers at home could easily see the big picture from the Observer's free-view camera.

"Cough cough... From the looks of it, the two LGD members decided to make a tactical retreat to preserve the team's potential. They're at the bottom of the other side of the hill."

"Yep, it looks like the two sides seemed to have the same idea going. 4AM was planning on using the two downed LGD members as bait, but the two other LGD members seem to have the same thoughts. They used their squadmates as bait as they retreated. The only problem is that they still don't have a car, and they might have to stay outside of the circle for a while."

"Hehe, actually I can fully understand LGD's decision. In a professional match, tactical retreats are a common occurrence. The most important thing is, if you were in LGD's shoes, after seeing Vic wreck two of your squadmates from an upside-down motorcycle in mid-air, would you run?"

The viewers originally thought that the act of the two LGD members abandoning their squadmates was utterly shameless and even a little despicable.

However, once they heard Rita's explanation, they instantly took back their words.

If this was a PuBG game, to a squad that prioritized ranking more, would they choose to fight or flight?

It seemed like it had truly become a real dilemma.


In the game, Liu Zilang and company could not find anyone within the perimeter.

Seeing that the circle was closing in, they gave up on trying to play 'hide-and-seek' with the two LGD players. They finished off the two knocked out players who were kneeling face-to-face at each other. After looting their boxes, they immediately left.

However, unexpectedly, the inventories of the two players were quite stacked.

After Liu Zilang finished looting, his loadout seemed to have gone through a full upgrade. At that point in time, he was equipped with a Level-two Helmet, Level-two armor, and a Level-two backpack. He also managed to swap out his UMP9 for an M16. It looked much more like his usual 'combat gear'.

Immediately after that, the four instantly got on their vehicles.

They once again employed their frontline-backline strategy as their motorcycles drove along the road toward the South.

Of course, their final destination was not over there.

At that point in time, GodV had placed a marker on the map. The four had decided to take over the three buildings at the three-way junction right before the East bridge. They wanted to set up their base there once they entered the circle.

That place had tall buildings and a clear vision of its surroundings. In addition, it was also a prime location to target people blockading the bridge from the South and even the people in Mylta from the North. It could be considered a decent key strategic location.

Before they reached their destination, as the four proceeded down the road, they found a Hard- Top UAZ. Cpt and Aluka instantly abandoned their three-wheeler in favor of the Hard Top UAZ. Despite the change in vehicle, they proceeded with the plan that had GodV and Liu Zilang's motorcycle scout ahead.

When they were near the three-way junction, GodV took the Motorcycle and patrolled around the perimeter.

At that time, both the three-story buildings near the bridge had their doors closed. Seeing that, the gang could not help but feel slightly relieved.

However, what they did not know was that in one of the small buildings at the side of the area, a single AG player was trembling inside. He nervously screamed for help through his voice chat, "Holy f*ck! Come quickly! I think I'm surrounded!"

Hearing that, the other three AG members who were still over at Farm instantly asked angrily, "Why did you head over there all by yourself?"

"I was only scouting ahead." The AG player who got separated from the group tried to defend himself. Then he tried asking, "Why don't you guys try to sneak over later and I can coordinate an attack from the inside?"

Hearing this, the three AG members in Farm thought in unison, 'That isn't a bad idea!'

Then, they held their positions as they waited for the people at the three-way junction to settle down. They did not try to move in as they waited for their enemies to move over.

However, what they did not expect was that sometimes, not moving does not mean not being discovered.

Just like this exact moment where Liu Zilang wanted to find a Level-three Helmet.

After confirming that there were no people in the area, he got off the motorcycle and then instantly started searching the buildings.

GodV and company slowly made their way over to the three-story building they were planning on setting up camp at.

Once Liu Zilang finished searching the doorless garages, he could not find anything other than a few Smoke Grenades and Bandages.

At that point in time, the two three-story buildings had been thoroughly searched by GodV. He did not receive any updates from GodV of anything noteworthy that could be used.

All of a sudden, he remembered that there was still a small house to the north of the three-storey building on the South He immediately walked over with his gun and pulled out.

Hearing the footsteps, the person in the house instantly became nervous as he gripped onto the M4 in his hand tightly!

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