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174 A Holy Big Bang Level of Showing Off!

 Title Translator Note: In Chinese net culture, when seeing someone showing off it is common to describe it as "*** ", which means "*** Show" in which "show" refers to "showing off". The longer "***" was the more show-off-ish the act was. The title refers to one of the lines later on in the chapter, which I will explain in a separate TN.

Seeing this counter-attack, the livestream chat came to a sudden momentary halt before it erupted like a bursting dam as it started scrolling at lightning fast speeds!

"66666, friend, do you wanna learn about Fireballs?"

"Beep! Your friend Junkrat has come online!"

"Holy sh*t! This Vic is truly a f*cking mad genius tactician!"

"LMAO, those MMD chumps are being toyed with by Vic. Just now with the shotty and now with a frag, they must feel like sh*t!"

"Poor MMD! Last time, they got team-wiped by GodV with a solo ambush; this time, they had to put up with Vic's little stunt. 4AM is truly their Kryptonite!"

"If I remember correctly, it still counts as Vic getting knocked out by them."

"2333, was this also part of your calculations? MMD!"

"MMD: I'll calculate yo MaMa's D*ck!"


The livestream viewers were once again stunned by Liu Zilang.

Instantly, Liu Zilang's stream in the Attractive Section was unofficially raided by large amounts of viewers who came from the official stream. This caused his popularity ranking to shoot up.

After all, there were still a lot of pro players in PUBG. If someone was merely good at the game, it was not surprising that a lot of viewers would not know about him. Not everyone would become famous.

However, for someone like Liu ZIlang, he managed to bring PUBG to a whole new level.

The people who came in had come out of sheer curiosity about where a player like him appeared from?

As his number of viewers kept rising exponentially, Liu Zilang's stream attracted the attention of the Douyu Attractive Section admins.

Seeing that Liu Zilang's stream was not on a contract, the Attractive Section admins thought that something fishy was going on.

At first, they thought it was just an oversight from the staff and they had overlooked the potential of this one streamer.

However, when they logged into the admin account and saw that their contract had been long ignored, they realized that things were not as simple as it seemed.

This guy was obviously waiting for a better offer.

"Ohh... How interesting."


Naturally, at that point in time, Liu Zilang had no idea that his popularity would skyrocket so much in that day's Golden Legends match. Not to mention that it had reached a point where he attracted the Douyu's Attractive Section admins' attention.

At that time in the game, Aluka and Cpt who were outside the building only heard two loud "Booms" from inside the building.

GodV was the first to be knocked out, immediately followed by Liu ZIlang.

Then, the two obituaries popped up.

Did they get gibbed?

What the hell happened?

Leaving the questions for later, Aluka and Cpt instantly charged into the room. Revive now, ask questions later.

However, unlike the other two, GodV who was knocked out right behind Liu Zilang had a front row seat for the amazing series of plays earlier.

To be frank, if it was not for Liu Zilang dodging the grenade and then kamikaze-ing the entire two-man squad on the other side with a grenade of his own, they would have long been finished off, especially since their backup would not have arrived instantly.

If that happened, Aluka and Cpt would have to play a 2v2 on offense. Whether they would be able to beat MMD was a complete uncertainty.

Hence, Liu Zilang decided to adapt and single-handedly changed the tide of that battle.

With that in mind, GodV had mixed feelings...

On the other hand, as soon as Liu Zilang was revived by Aluka, he immediately charged toward the two corpses which had turned into boxes.

A Micro UZI, an S1897, a UMP9, a Level-one helmet, Level-one armor, bandages...

Seeing that the two deceased did not have a rifle, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched.

'These guys are too f*cking broke!'

No wonder those two boys could not even defend a building properly. Their loadouts would barely manage to work in close-range. However, with 4AM being spread out, they would have been wiped out under normal circumstances.

After deliberating for a long while, taking into account his role as a sniper and that he would rarely have any close-range engagements before the final circle, Liu Zilang decided to sacrifice his fully modded S686 as he reluctantly grabbed the UMP9.

After all, other than his own Kar98K, he did not have any other rifles to pick from. At least the SMG was a bit more appropriate for his position than the S686.

At that time, GodV and the gang had gone over to loot. However, as soon as they saw the mess of a loadout their enemies had, they all instantly lost interest. Without even bothering to check the second box, they all turned around and left.

If the two MMD players knew that the 4AM members were whining about their death boxes, what would they think whilst spectating down from above...

At that point in time, the first safe zone was then updated.

The first safe zone of the match was down at the bottom-right corner of the map. It included everything from Novorepnoye all the way up to Mylta, including the East bridge. At that time, there was no way of predicting what kind of circle it would end up to be.

However, one thing was for sure - it was not over where they were.

4AM, who was all the way at Rozhok, had to at least get all the way down to the Farm near the East bridge if they wanted to enter the circle.

With such a long distance to cover, naturally, they tried to get a vehicle if they could.

However, as the group searched through every garage and vehicle spawning spot in Rozhok, the only vehicle they found was a three-wheeler.

Obviously, a single three-wheeler would not fit all four members.

Luckily, GodV had also found another motorcycle by the side of the road leading to the East exit of Rozhok. This had at least resolved their problem of transport.

During that period of time, Liu Zilang remembered that he had not looted the box of the first player he had knocked out and finished off on the hill that was toward the south. He remembered vaguely that the player had a rifle.

With hope in his mind, he excitedly rushed up to take a look. However, what he found left him dumbfounded.

In the box that was lying there, Liu Zilang found his favorite M16. However, there were only 6 5.56mm bullets left. He estimated that when the guy had been using it earlier, the gun had fired at least 30 bullets.

Taking into account that GodV and the rest did not have that many bullets, he decided not to swap his guns.

In his head, he repeatedly cussed out that player, "If you can't hit your shots, why the f*ck waste so many bullets...'

In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, the casters were busy expressing their thoughts on the match.

"As we can see, the first safe zone is at the bottom right corner of the map. The circle is starting to close in from the shores, and the squads who dropped near the North should be making their move soon."

"That's right. On a side note, the game is progressing just as we have predicted. With the flight route this round offering so many different choices of drop locations with plentiful loot, at this point before the first circle, only a single team in Rozhok has encountered casualties in the entire game. The pace of this round is definitely a lot slower than usual."

"That does seem to appear to be the case. Even Douyu17 and QG who dropped together in Pochinki seem to be living in harmony. It truly is an unbelievable sight to behold."

"However, under normal circumstances of professional matches, the pacing of the game will dramatically rise during the third and fourth circles. That's when most teams start to experience casualties due to the different squads starting to engage each other. Not to mention, the number of players in the game right now is too high. I have a feeling that once everyone starts to get into the safe zone, casualties will start rolling in."

"Hmmm! That's definitely a possibility. The main issue is that the first safe zone has spawned in an awkward position. The flight route was from Southwest to Northeast. Hence, most of the squads should be concentrated on the two sides of the flight path. However, the first safe zone somehow spawned in the bottom right corner of the map, in other words, in the Southeast."

"Yeah, this means that this first circle will induce a huge player migration toward the same direction. Having an increased encounter rate and casualty count will be inevitable."

"Oh! The Observer is now showing us the situation at Rozhok. We can see 4AM, the winners of the battle at Rozhok, starting to make their move. It seems like they've found a three-wheeler and a motorcycle."

"That's right. Right in front of them, we have IFTY's squad who dropped in School and Nv's squad who dropped in Apartments. Right after they finished looting, they decided not to infringe on each others' privacy. However, it seems like they're both preparing to make a move."

At that point in time, whilst Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita were in the commentary booth casting, 4AM had moved up to the small green hill that was southward of School and Apartments.

With the vehicles they were using, they did not dare charge their way straight through toward the circle. They chose to take the long way over from the South first.

In reality, the motorcycle that GodV and Liu Zilang were on should have been fine. Although it provided literally no cover at all, due to its sheer speed, it was not an easy target to hit.

However, it was a different case for the three-wheeler that Aluka and Cpt were riding.

It neither had speed nor cover. If it went a bit too fast, it would flip and they would kill themselves...

With that in mind, naturally, they had to take the safer route.

However, what they did not expect was that they would encounter another team which was busy splitting their loot right behind where they were.

In the Douyu commentary booth.

"It's LGD's squad! It seems like they didn't manage to find any vehicles after looting, so they wanted to split their ammo and meds evenly amongst each other."

"That's right! This is bad, LGD's equipment looks quite decent. If 4AM charges straight up, they'll easily be wiped!"

"Yep! And it seems like LGD has noticed the sound of vehicles approaching from the North. They're starting to hide, I'm guessing 4AM looks like enticing prey to them!"

With the dramatic commentary from the casters, the viewers of the livestream started to get hyped up.

Unconsciously, 4AM's every action in the game had started to directly affect the atmosphere of the livestream chat.

On the hill, accompanied by the loud hum of the motorcycle, GodV and Liu Zilang paved the way forward.

At that point in time, a clear gap could be seen between the two 4AM vehicles.

The advantage of this was that they could use the faster motorcycle to scout ahead. If there was something up ahead, they could easily have Aluka and Cpt take a different route with their three-wheeler.

Evidently, this time around, their cautiousness paid off!


Gunshots rang out from ahead. GodV, who was driving the motorcycle, immediately made a sharp turn as he sped up toward the other side of the hill!

At the same time, GodV shouted so loud through the voice chat that he nearly broke his voice, "People ahead! Don't come up here!"

Aluka who was following behind them instantly started to turn when he heard the warning.

However, they were not planning on running off, they were trying to find a good spot to park to start counter-attacking.

That way, it would be much better than just waltzing up to their enemies' faces and getting sprayed down.

However, what GodV did not expect was for the hill that he brought Liu Zilang down toward to have people from the same squad hiding behind it!

It turned out that after the LGD members heard the incoming vehicles, they split up into two groups of two and rotated over to block their prey from escaping.

The next moment, with flaming lead raining down on them, GodV and Liu Zilang who were on the same motorcycle, charged off the hill. They flew into the air!


At that time, gunshots sprayed down on them from the other side of the hill!

"Tink tink clank clank tink tink!"

Instantly, sparks started to fly as bullets ricocheted from the motorcycle. To Liu Zilang and GodV's dismay, blood started to splatter out of their bodies!

In the midst of danger, GodV gritted his teeth as he pressed on the Spacebar. Flicking his aim up, the motorcycle started to flip in mid-air!

GodV intended to use that to obscure the enemies' lines-of-sight, blocking themselves from harms way.

However, the instance the motorcycle was upside down, Liu Zilang, who was on the backseat of the motorcycle, saw two enemies from the other side of the hill appear in his flipped line-of-sight!

Without even raising his eyebrow, Liu ZIlang pulled out his UMP and started to spray at the enemy!

Single-handed SMGs like the Micro-UZI and UMP could be fired from the backseat of a motorcycle.


The two LGD players on the other side of the hill inherently did not expect Liu Zilang to be able to still fire a gun on a motorcycle that was literally flipped upside down in mid-air.

As soon as they heard the gunshots, the two were stunned in their tracks!

The next moment, another miracle that left countless viewers wide-eyed happened once more!

From Liu Zilang's POV from the Observer camera, he was seen wielding his UMP9 in mid-air while riding on the flipping motorcycle. In such a unique and unbelievable moving position, he sprayed down his enemies with his UMP9's crosshairs locked onto them as his targets!

By the time the motorcycle GodV was driving made a full 360 degree flip and landed, the two LGD members on the other side of the map had been knocked out by the UMP9 that was equipped with an extended mag!

What the hell?

A 360 Thompson Rotation Kill?

Motorcycle = Enhanced version of the Flying Kick 2.0?

Seeing this scene, countless viewers were left wide-eyed. At one point, the chat stopped scrolling because most of the viewers did not know how to respond and articulate their thoughts about what they had saw.

It was something that one had to see to believe. There was noone who would believe that all of that happened without seeing the clip themselves!

"Err... What was that just now? An illusion?"

"Holy f*ck! That kind of maneuver is possible in-game? That was too f*cking awesome!"

"Have you guys heard of the gunning-style that descended from the heavens?"

"Low-key asking, is it appropriate for me to call this a Godly show-off?"

"Godly show-off? This is a f*cking God-creator levels of showing off!"

"Bullsh*t! This is obviously a Holy Big Bang level of showing off!"

"I'm sorry! This is my Ultra Uber Sacred Holy Pantheon Divinity level of showing off!"

"My humblest apologies! Sorry for interrupting you, sir! I bid thee farewell!"


Within the blink of an eye, the chat was flooded with messages describing how amazing the play was.

On the other hand, in the Douyu Golden Legends commentary booth, Xiao Xiao, Sica, and Rita were so shocked that their jaws nearly fell off. It took them a long time before they finally recovered.

A moment later, Xiao Xiao sighed out loud. The first words that came out of his mouth were, "Oh my f*cking God! Is this Vic really human? Has Douyu actually confirmed this participant's species before they let him enter?"

Hearing this line, Sika and Rita could not help but nod in agreement.Reference to fireball spells cast by Sorcerors/Wizards/Magicians in other online games.Referring to a skill of a character of an untranslated webnovel .See Title TN. At this point, the viewers are saying increasingly longer phrases, to increase the "degree" of the phrase. There is no way to make meaning out of the original text since it has no correlation, so I tried to make something up for it.