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173 Baffled Crates!

 In Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' live streaming channel, it was spammed with numerous bullet screen comments.

"666, not enough damage? Top up the rest with a shotgun! Hats off to him!"

"A spectacular show! The way he wielded his shotgun was too handsome! It was like he was pulling a sword out! An easy slash just like that!"

"F*ck! Did he really just use a shotgun as if he was using a sniper? Vic is so sexy!"

"Please stop showing off! My hair is standing from watching you. Speaking of which, shooting with the shotgun was too much like metaphysics."

"Foolish humans! Haven't you experienced the power of an S686?"

"The S686 is a sick shotgun indeed. If attached with a choke, I'll be able to shoot anyone within 50 meters!"

"I feel like Nico's soul is crushed! He must be thinking why Vic used a shotgun in a sniper shoot-out!"

"Reported! That player's bullets can split!"

"Report? Haven't you heard that Vic has gone through artificial engineering? Go read about human implants."


After seeing Liu Zilang fire the two shots with his shotgun, most of the spectators in the live streaming channel were impressed!

However, that did not mean that Liu Zilang's skills were so superior that he was being admired by everyone else!

It was just that they realized after two matches that they were really clueless about his character. He had many unimaginable tricks and schemes up his sleeves.

In addition to that, it was exactly those tricks of his that appeared to be like delicate touches which managed to fix the tone of battles with a single hammer blow.

According to Xiao Xiao's exclamation, it was, "Unquantifiable intelligence and thinking, the perfect combination of wild and crafty!"

As for the haters who had been smacked in the face after both matches, they hid in the live streaming channel as they waited for the right time to reappear. They felt frustrated.

'This guy, can we really not strike at him anymore?

'This is so... infuriating!'

In the game, GodV and the others who were sneaking their way to the other two MMD players were startled when they saw the kill feed on the bottom left corner of their screens.

"Vic, you went head-on with him?"

Aluka asked.

This was very normal. For anyone who saw a kill feed of someone killing another with a shotgun, the first thing that went through their minds would be that both parties had been in a close-ranged face-off.

At that moment, Liu Zilang had run down from the slope and was dashing into the three-story building. The person whom he had knocked out was nothing but a moving crate in his eyes.

When Liu Zilang heard Aluka's question, he chuckled. "No, I just came down."

Quickly after, he added, "I told you before this, the S686 is a good gun!"

Upon hearing that, the three of them were rendered speechless!

'Does he freaking mean that he killed that player with his S686 from the hill?

'On top of that, a headshot?

'Although it's theoretically possible...

'When you use a rifle, you can control its recoil,

'You can also aim at others with a high magnification scope on a sniper gun,

'But you actually shot his head with a shotgun from so far away! This is metaphysics!'

If Liu Zilang knew their thoughts, he would have just shrugged innocently.

He would then tell them, "That fellow exposed his head. There was nowhere else to hit other than his head!"


Over at Liu Zilang's side.

After walking up the staircase, as soon as Liu Zilang opened the door to the rooftop, he saw that player kneeling on the ground with his hand on his abdomen. That player's head was facing right the door and was staring at him with a pair of "curious" eyes!


Liu Zilang was horrified, thus he shot at him again!


Instantly, that person fell to the ground and died a resentful death. He watched from above as Liu Zilang looted his crate like a wretch.

A brief moment later, his 98K that was attached with a 4x scope appeared in Liu Zilang's hands.

He could not help but ask heaven, 'What's wrong with this world!!!'


In Rozhok's north area, GodV and the others heard footsteps from the two-story building. Hence, they speedily blocked the entrance and the side doors of the building.

In Douyu's studio.

"MMD is two players down now and their two remaining players are currently encircled by three strong players from 4AM."

"Tsk, tsk. I think that the two players left in MMD aren't decisive enough. Earlier on, they should've either left straight away, or initiated a fight. Now barricaded in a room, they're blocked by three players and Vic is currently coming over from the south. They can neither escape nor win the fight."

"Indeed. On the other hand, 4AM will have to think about how they can attack this building that is being guarded by the two MMD players, by paying the smallest price."

"That's right, there's only one staircase in this two-story building, and the two players from MMD are camping behind the side bedroom's door and the toilet as they aim at the staircase. If 4AM rushes in to attack them, they'll face the risk of losing players."

"Oh! 4AM has decided to throw in a frag grenade! Can GodV's grenade hit them?"

Right after Xiao Xiao mentioned that, in the game, flames were seen coming out of the window of the second-floor. An explosion was heard!

At once, glass shattered and smoke filled the building!

Nonetheless, there was no notification of anyone being knocked out or killed by a grenade.

Evidently, GodV's grenade missed.

Followed by that, Aluka threw in another frag grenade through a different window. As for Cpt, since he did not have any frag grenades, he threw in a stun grenade.

"Deng, deng, deng!"

Then and there, hurried footsteps inside the building were heard, indicating that somebody was moving very quickly.



After both sounds, the building fell silent once again.

This time, the footsteps were gone as well. Clearly, once their opponents avoided the grenades, they took their positions again.

"Does anyone else have a frag grenade?"

GodV furrowed his brows and asked as he looked at the building in front of him.

"I have one," Liu Zilang replied. "It's easy to miss if we throw from outside. How about we go up the staircase and then throw it at them after we get a clearer picture of their positions?"

"Mmm, that sounds good."

GodV nodded and then prdered, "King Ka, keep an eye downstairs with Cpt. Prevent the players from jumping out the windows or the balcony. I'll charge in with Vic. If we're knocked out, you guys rush in immediately."

"No problem," The two of them answered at the same time.

Once everything was settled, Liu Zilang and GodV entered the building.

Although they did not hear any footsteps on the first floor, the two of them still made sure to check the floor carefully.

After all, they failed to bomb even one of them after throwing two grenades. In the case where a camper was hiding at a nook downstairs, should they be sandwiched on the stairs, it would be terrible.

In the end, everything was well as the two of them did not find any signs of players after searching the first floor that had "three rooms and one living room".

"They're both on the second floor!" GodV announced.

"Mmm, I'm in front." Liu Zilang held up his S686.

Initially, GodV wanted to say that since he was the assaulter, Liu Zilang could leave it to him.

Nevertheless, when he recalled the last time they played together with Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong, where he witnessed Liu Zilang's insane close-range fighting ability in a small area, he immediately felt dispirited. Hence, he kept quiet.

At that point in time, Liu Zilang who was climbing up the stairs obviously had no idea of GodV's thoughts.

He was seen positioning his body by the staircase to peek left and right, whereby he realized that there was nobody at the door to the toilet on the right.

At once, he made a quick deduction in his mind.

'One of them is probably in the toilet,

'Or the two of them are in the bedroom opposite the stairs.'

As Liu Zilang thought about that, he took his frag grenade out and pulled its pin. He was about to throw it to check it out.

Without warning, something was thrown out of the bedroom.

He looked up to see!


'Isn't that a freaking frag grenade?'

At that moment of life or death, Liu Zilang gritted his teeth!

He did not back away but instead took big strides as he ran up the stairs!

Through the director's God perspective, everyone saw the situation unfold as Liu Zilang went up the stairs. The grenade that had landed on the stairs immediately exploded!

Undoubtedly, that grenade had been cooked by the opponent.

At that point in time, GodV who was unable to dodge the grenade was bombed and knocked out; as for Liu Zilang who dashed up the stairs, he was pushed to the bedroom door in front of him due to the impulsive force from the frag grenade.

Not only that, his health declined drastically as well as it turned to red.

Followed by that, two players appeared from the left and right of the bedroom entrance.

The two of them lifted up their guns at the same time, and they were smiling evilly at him.

It was as if they were saying,


'You're baffled, aren't you!'

However, who would have imagined that the instant they fired, Liu Zilang smirked. Fire could then be seen coming from his hand!


A thunderous explosion was heard once again!

After the smoke dispersed, at that same spot, Liu Zilang was seen kneeling on the ground.

With two baffled crates beside him.