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172 Pulling A Sword Out To Behead!

 In Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' studio.

"Ahem, ladies and gentlemen. Just as you've seen, Vic's decision to flank his enemy from the back allowed him to successfully sneak an attack onto a player from MMD. Vic managed to kill that player"

"That's right, hehe, it's just that his method is slightly wicked. Nonetheless, it broke the stalemate between the two teams."

"Now that MMD is a man down, what will they choose to do? Oh! Nico is still aiming at Vic, it looks like he's guilty of his teammate's death. Is he seeking revenge for him?"

"It seems like that's the case. However, I think that since Vic only has a VSS, he won't snipe Nico?"

"Mmm. After all, the bullet damage of a VSS is too low and can only inflict 92 damage with it being a headshot on a player without a helmet. Besides, Nico has a Level Two Military Helmet. Hence, it'll only cause a little damage if the shot hits his head."

"Indeed. Other than a shotgun, Vic doesn't have any other guns. I also agree that his best option now is to go around the slope from the back to regroup with his teammates. That way, they can better utilize their numbers."

"But wait a minute! It doesn't seem like Vic's leaving! He's still behind the slope. Is he trying to fight Nico's 98K with his VSS? I'm afraid that it won't be a good idea?"

In the game, as Liu Zilang camped behind the other side of the slope to "secretly peek" at his opponent that was on the three-story building's rooftop.

GodV and the others who were north toward Rozhok began sneaking their way toward the other two players from MMD.

In 4AM's voice chat in YY channel.

"There's one person on the three-story building's rooftop toward the south. Can you handle him?" GodV asked in their team voice chat.

"I noticed that you're holding a VSS." Aluka reminded, "That guy has a 98K, if you don't have other guns, it's fine."

Upon hearing that, Liu Zilang who was behind the slope responded, "I have another gun."

"Oh? What gun?"

Aluka was startled but quickly felt distressed. Since he had a gun, why did he use the VSS just now?

"S686." After hearing Liu Zilang's answer, Aluka became somewhat embarrassed. Liu Zilang exclaimed, "They're a good match for each other!"

Aluka was totally speechless.

Right then, the player from MMD who was on the three-story building's rooftop seemed to have noticed GodV and the others in the north area. Instantly, he stood up from behind the short wall and then fired a shot.

Nonetheless, GodV and the others were moving.

Hence, the bullet did not land on GodV's head and only hit GodV's body.

When GodV realized what was going on, he yelled, "F*ck! Vic, don't come down first. That player on the rooftop is aiming at us now, help us distract his line of fire."

"No problem," Liu Zilang replied right away.

As soon as he said that, he walked up from the downslope.

Obviously, the player on the rooftop had been keeping an eye on the slope.

Seeing Liu Zilang walking up from behind, as soon as he pulled the bolt of his 98K, he fired a shot at Liu Zilang!

Clearly, his hatred for Liu Zilang was much more than his hatred for GodV and the others. Earlier on, it was only because Liu Zilang was hiding behind the hill that he directed his shots at GodV and the others that were in the north area.

Now, since GodV and the others had found shelter and Liu Zilang had reappeared.

There was no reason for him not to shoot at Liu Zilang.


On the other hand, Liu Zilang was surprised at his successful attempt in being a decoy. Initially, he thought that he would need to at least make a few shots to make that player notice him.

However, when Liu Zilang saw that person lean his body and tilt his head to aim at him, he immediately employed a "tactical crouch" without hesitation.

In an instant,

A bullet whizzed past the top of his head!

'That was so f*cking close!'

Liu Zilang was a little mad as he had almost been shot in the head.

He reached his right hand out, whereby his VSS, the "water gun" appeared in his hand once again.

Subsequently, Liu Zilang took advantage of the gap when his opponent pulled the bolt of his gun after making a shot.

In a trice, he scoped in one go while in full auto-firing mode toward the corner of the wall!

"Da, da, da-!

Needless to say, due to the slow initial speed of the VSS' bullets, it gave that person sufficient time to react.

The moment that person heard the gunshots, he was shocked. Thus, he quickly drew back.

"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!"

Later on, he heard the gunshots of a VSS. He then took a look at the irregular patterns of the bullet holes on the other side of the wall as he sneered.

'Trying to fight my 98K with a VSS?

'Are you sleeping?'


Formerly, Liu Zilang was able to succeed because it was a sneak attack.

At that point in time, it did not cross his mind that by using a VSS to fight head-on with his opponent, it would not be as efficient as how he had pictured it to be. While his firing speed was fast, the bullets were projected very slowly.

All his opponent had to do was move back behind the wall after firing a shot.

That way, in all likelihood, Liu Zilang's shots would only hit the wall.

'No way!

'I need to stop him from hiding away so quickly.

'If I want to keep him from hiding, I must attract him with something.'

As Liu Zilang thought, he realized that the only thing that could attract that player's attention was himself.

Therefore, he took a deep breath, reloaded his gun and then climbed up from behind the slope once again.

However, unlike the last time, he did not go back down.

He was seen holding his VSS on the hill, whereby he began firing crazily at that player after he had scoped in.

When the person behind the corner of the wall saw that Liu Zilang was being haughty despite only having a VSS, he put on a disdainful smile.

Subsequently, he held his 98K up, leaned to one side and then tilted his head.

By pre-aiming and after scoping in, a shot was fired!

Truthfully, as someone who was the sniper of an offline recreational club like MMD, Nico definitely had outstanding skills.

The instant he pulled the trigger, the crosshair of his scope was aimed at Liu Zilang.

However, who knew that the instant he peeked from the rooftop, Liu Zilang would be seen "swaying" on the hill.

It was not his body that was swaying, but his head.

Not only that, while he tilted his head left and right continuously, he fired shots with his VSS.

Hence, in the blink of an eye, bullets brushed past his white Level Two Military Helmet.

Upon seeing this thrilling scene, the three commentators in the studio immediately exclaimed,

"Oh my god! That was so close! It almost hit him!"

"Uh...I really don't know if Nico has terrible luck, or Vic is just lucky!"

"That looks like 'swaying marksmanship' by tilting one's head. With that being said, there's something that I'm quite curious about. Doesn't he feel dizzy from doing that?"

In the game, Liu Zilang who had scoped in as he swayed crazily began feeling wobbly from all the movement.

Even so, he had to keep swaying.

For all he knew, if he were to stop at any point of time, he would be knocked out right away.

Thus, he could only keep swaying!


Behind the wall on the rooftop, as soon as that person realized that his shot did not make it, he pulled the bolt of his gun again and peeked his head out.

It was also at that moment when Liu Zilang took the opportunity to scope in and aim at his opponent. He then fired rapid shots! "Da, da, da!"

This time, Liu Zilang did not employ the full auto-firing mode. Instead, he relied entirely on the speed at which he made single burst shots.

Needless to say, by doing that, his accuracy would undoubtedly be much higher compared to when he was using the full auto-firing mode!


The next instance, blood splattered out of the head of the player who was at the corner of the wall!

Concurrently, Liu Zilang bled a little too.

However, perhaps that player's vision shifted when he suffered the headshot as he only managed to hit Liu Zilang's body.

At that moment, as if pulling a sword out, Liu Zilang suddenly drew out the S686 that was behind him!

Straight away, he held it up, and shot twice at that person before he could hide his head behind the wall!



Without warning, bullets that were like pear flowers in a storm headed straight for that person on the rooftop!

One thing to note, the S686 was the shotgun with the furthest shooting range among all shotguns. Especially after attaching it with a choke, it was capable of mid-range shots.

The spectators in the live streaming channel were totally flabbergasted. They watched as the player on the rooftop collapsed to the ground just as he was moving his head back in!

Next, a system notification appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen!

"4AM-Vic knocked out MMD-Nico by headshot with S686!"

Plainly, the three commentators and the countless spectators were downright confounded after witnessing that!

'A headshot with an S686?

'This is damn...

'This is a joke, isn't it?'