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171 An Inevitable Encounter Between Enemies, The First Shot Is Fired!

 "What do you guys think? Do we want to look for a car to get to Sosnovka Military Base?"

In the voice chat, Aluka was the first to speak up.

GodV pondered for a while, then shook his head as he replied, "The flight route is further from Sosnovka Military Base. Though it looks like nobody is going there, it actually makes it easier for it to be an attractive spot. It's better that we play safe and look for another spot."

"How about we just jump to a place directly on the flight route?" Aluka nodded, and continued, "What do you think about School?"

"For that location, given the circumstances, the chances of Team A+ jumping there too is high." When Cpt heard his suggestion, he immediately disagreed. "In the early phase, there's no need for us to go head-on with a squad like IFTY."

After hearing Cpt's comment, GodV looked at the map again. "There's probably going to be quite a lot of people at Pochinki too, 17Shou will most likely head there. Besides, we rarely went there during our training matches, it'll be easier for us to get killed if we land there. How about this, we can jump to Rozhok."

"Rozhok?" Aluka thought for a while before his eyes glimmered, and he agreed. "This is a good spot. It's closer to the flight route, and the chances of other squads jumping there is low. In addition, the spaces between the houses there are more spacious, it's harder for anyone to sneak attacks on us."

"Mmm, lets set it at Rozhok then."

Once GodV announced that, he suddenly asked, "Vic, what are your thoughts on this?"

There was no answer.

"Vic? Hello? Hello?" Aluka was somewhat worried. "Is he disconnected?"

This was the downside of online competition. If one was disconnected, it would be difficult to be connected to the server again.

Right after Aluka raised the question, Liu Zilang's voice was heard.

"I'm here, I'm here." Liu Zilang sounded rather apologetic. "I'm sorry, I was outside the game just now, the short advertisements in the game are damn annoying."

"Oh, it's okay, as long as you're not disconnected." GodV heaved a long breath of relief, then asked again, "What do you think about Rozhok?"

"That sounds quite good." Liu Zilang responded seriously, "I'll follow the instructions given."

Since Liu Zilang did not have an issue with the location, 4AM decided on their landing point for this match.

Nonetheless, when the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel heard his reply, they began buzzing.

"What short advertisements? I clearly heard a young lady's voice just now."

"I heard it too! It sounded like Bao Er from the Attractive Section."

"I feel like Vic is puffed up now after getting a chicken dinner! Not paying attention to the game! He even went to look at young ladies!"

"I agree, I agree! This guy is truly shameless! The most frustrating thing is that his screen turned dark, and we can't watch it."

"Trash streamer! If you don't get chicken dinner this time, we're going to unfollow you!"


Therefore, a delightful activity of "daily hatred toward the streamer" was once again played out in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel.

Fortunately, GodV and the others were unaware of the "uprising" that was currently going on in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel. Or else, they would have a more "comprehensive" understanding of Liu Zilang.


In the studio of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

"Right now, the airplane is at the middle of the flight route. As of now, there are around ten squads that are still in the airplane, and there are not much resource points left for them."

"Mmm, the current viable options are School's apartment, Rozhok, Yasnaya Polyana, and Severny. Although the players can jump to Stabler, should the safe zone be refreshed to the south, it'll be troublesome if they can't find any vehicle."

"Yes, this is also why the resource points that are more on the center of the map are usually occupied. Regardless of where the safe zone refreshes to, those players won't have to worry too much."

"Indeed. Oh! We can now see that there are players jumping off to School, which is IFTY's Big Brother Squad. As expected, they chose School again for this match, but it looks like if nobody else is fighting to secure that spot too, they'll probably split their players to the puzzle building or the dragon inn. After all, School alone won't be able enough for a four-man squad."

"Wait a minute! 4AM jumped too! Could it be that they're going to fight for School with Big Brother? Oh! They're choosing Rozhok!"

"Quick, look! There's also MMD, they've jumped too! Eh? It seems like MMD is aiming for Rozhok, just like 4AM!"

Accompanied by the sudden excitement in the commentator's tone, the spectators became extra focused. On top of that, even the director was giving both the squads a close-up view of them flying in the air.

At the end of the day, Rozhok was not like Pochinki.

If two squads were to land on Pochinki where the houses were denser, as long as none of them intentionally sought for a fight, they could possibly loot different areas, and go on their own ways.

However, for a place like Rozhok where the houses were more scattered, should two squads land together, a fight would be unavoidable.

All of a sudden, 4AM who chose to land in Rozhok for this map seemed to be going through the same experience as when they landed in Sosnovka Military Base in the last match.

As soon as they landed, they received "extra attention" from the director.


In the competition's YY channel, 4AM's voice chat.

"Take a look at our surroundings. There's one team each at School and the puzzle building, and two players from School are heading to the dragon inn."

"Mmm, we have one squad with us too."

"King Ka, land slower to observe that squad's landing point."

"Vic, Cpt, and I will dive straight down to look for guns."

"Alright, I'm getting on it."

"The squad in Rozhok has two flying to the houses on the south, whereas the other two landed at the houses near the roadside on the north. They're probably thinking of having people on both sides of the road to join hands later on. Everyone, be more careful when you encounter anyone later."


As 4AM landed, the few of them quickly exchanged information on their surroundings in their voice chat.

Very soon, all of them had a rough picture of each other's situation.

For now, their top priority was to get rid of their closest threat as soon as possible.

After taking a look at his surrounding, Liu Zilang landed at the housing area on a small hill, which was located at the easternmost side of Rozhok's north area.

Once Liu Zilang was done looting the two-story buildings at the northernmost side, he walked out with a long face as he was only equipped with an S686, and a white Level Two Military Helmet.

Quickly after, he looted the other houses on the small hill.

By the time he was done, his equipment was more "luxurious" than before, by which he was prepared for both close-ranged and far-ranged fights.

For closed-ranged fights, he had a fully attached S686 shotgun.

For far-ranged fights, he had a VSS equipped with an extended magazine...

One must admit, there were times when Rozhok would be so poor that it was unbelievable.

Just as Liu Zilang was feeling dispirited, he suddenly saw a person jumping down from a three-story building in the south area of Rozhok. Then, he sneaked discreetly into the next housing area.

An idea struck him. He kept his guns and made his way across the road stealthily.

When he was on the meadow, he prone and crawled his way up the south hill where there was a water tower.

In the studio, from the view displayed by the director, everyone could see a "caterpillar" shifting from side to side, up the hill.

Xiao Xiao, Sicca, and Rita looked at one another.

"Vic is going to carry out a plan!"

Xiao Xiao rubbed her chin as she said, "But he's too poorly equipped. Why did he go so high up when he only has a shotgun?"

"Doesn't he have another gun?" Sicca could not help but laughed after mentioning that. "You're looking down on his VSS."

Upon hearing Sicca's comment, Rita expressed as she chuckled, "Isn't VSS known to be a 'water gun'? Now that Vic is bringing this fun up the hill, I think that it's not a wise choice."

"That's true, this gun is less powerful. Putting aside the fact that its bullet initial speed is very slow, its bullet drop is too severe, I feel like it's not much better than a crossbow."

Evidently, Xiao Xiao had been deceived by this gun before. She continued to add on, "In my opinion, although this gun has its own suppressor, and can be in fully automatic mode, it doesn't have any other advantages over submachine guns and rifles."

Just as the three of them were puzzled by Liu Zilang's intention, a series of rapid gunshots came from the city area of Rozhok.

It turned out that Cpt who was at Rozhok's north area met a player from MMD near the roadside.

When the director switched the screen over to their side, Cpt had already knocked down that player with a SCAR-L that was in full auto-firing mode.

Just as he was about to finish off that player, blood was seen splattering out of his head.

"MMD-Nico knocked out 4AM-CPT by headshot with Kar98K!"

It turned out that on the rooftop of a three-story building in Rozhok's south area, MMD's sniper, Nico, who found a 98K and a 4x scope had been crouching behind the short wall of the rooftop to cover fire for his teammates.

Whenever gunshots were heard, it was a natural thing for professional players to be able to identify the source of it easily.

He quickly pulled the trigger, located Cpt, then shot him on the head when he was about to kill his teammate!

Right now, after seeing each other's ID, both parties were aware of who their opponents were.

Speaking of which, MMD was the squad who was eliminated by GodV single-handedly in the group stage and was terribly criticized by netizens online who asked them to raise pigs instead.

Furthermore, they were also the ones at the spawn area of the first exhibition match tonight that mocked 4AM about the last minute substitution for Liu Zilang.

Right now, since both parties were mindful of each other, there was no possibility for them to shake hands or to make it up.

Soon, the backups of both teams got into their positions, and began the firing of the "first shot" between squads in Rozhok.

In Douyu's studio.

The director quickly zoomed in to Rozhok as well, and the three commentators quickly gave real-time commentaries on the situation.

"What a pity! The first person knocked down by Cpt was not killed, or else, not only can he gain a kill count, their opponent team will have one less member."

"That's right, but after MMD's sniper, Nico, shot Cpy, he did not have the chance to kill him too. Currently, both teams have one player down, and their teammates have also gathered to back them up. The situation is quite deadlocked!"

"The thing is, both squads have decided on having one to cover fire, while one bait. Let us take a look at the specific distribution of players of both squads. On MMD's side, there are two at Rozhok's south area, another two who are covering themselves behind the short walls near the road at Rozhok's north area. On the other hand, 4AM has three in the north, and another one...Oh! The other one is Vic, who has already climbed up the south hill."

"Oh my god! Vic is the key here! MMD would never have thought that someone from 4AM has climbed up the south hill where the water tower is! Right now, their backs are wide open!"

"Yes, can Vic eliminate MMD's sniper, Nico? It looks like he can't. In Vic's first-person perspective as shown by the director, Nico who's on the rooftop at the third floor is blocked by the staircase on the rooftop, from Vic who's at the hill."

In the game, Liu Zilang who was crouching on the hill where the water tower was, heard the gunshots coming from the rooftop of that three-story building.

His ears moved slightly, and he was able to clearly identify that person's location. Sad to say, his vision of that player was blocked by the staircase on the rooftop.

Nonetheless, at this time, the sound of an M16 came from the location below him!

Obviously, he was not the one who fired those shots. It was GodV and the others who were in the north.

If he was right, that person was the one he saw jumping down from another building, when he was crossing the road.

When Liu Zilang thought about that, on the hill where the water tower was, he shifted his body to the right like a cat. Just as expected, he saw a person camping behind the corner of the wall at the building and was returning shots at GodV and the others in the north.


Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang's mouth curled up into a smile.

He quickly held up his VSS, a gun that he once used on the duga in Sosnovka Military Base when he played solo.

Right now as he scoped in, a familiar feeling hit him.

Next, he squinted his eyes a little, aligned the crosshair swiftly, and pulled the trigger!

"Chi, chi, chi!"

Through a fully automatic firing mode, sparks of fire could be seen coming out of the VSS' muzzle, violently shooting out a series of 9mm bullets in an entirely different speed than other sniper guns!

From the director's God's perspective, it was crystal clear that the trajectory of the shots from Liu Zilang's VSS offset and was unstable.

Even so, it had a large capacity!

Before the person behind the corner of the wall could react in time, he suffered countless shots, such that one even hit his Level Two Military Helmet. In no time, he was knocked out.


After hearing the "water squirting sounds", the person who was knocked out by Liu Zilang was dumbfounded.

Due to the built-in suppressor of the VSS, he could only get a rough idea of where it came from but could not accurately determine Liu Zilang's position.

Instead, the person with the 98K on the rooftop of the three-story building immediately turned to look after seeing that his teammate was knocked out.

He happened to notice Liu Zilang who was almost at the same sea level as him.

Seeing as Liu Zilang was in the midst of trying to finish off his teammate, without thinking, that player instantly scoped in and shot with his 98K without even aiming!

On the hill where the water tower was, Liu Zilang felt something flew past his ears. He was so horrified that he quickly took a few steps back, then ran behind the opposite slope.

At this moment, the crisp voice of the 98K from the three-story building's rooftop was heard!

A 98K warning!

The second Liu Zilang recognized the gunshot, he raised his brows!

Subsequently, he reloaded his gun, then stood up and crouched repeatedly with the slope as his cover...

Each time he stood up, he scoped in and fired a shot.

Right now, his target was not the player with the 98K at the three-story building's roof, but the player whom he knocked down earlier.

Liu Zilang's intention was very apparent.

'You're not letting me finish him off?'


'The more I want to do it!'

On the spur of the moment, the person who was suffering the most was not Nico from MMD who could not get a grasp on Liu Zilang's pattern of movement, but the person whom was knocked down.

If he was killed right away after he was knocked down, that would be fine.

However, Liu Zilang was shooting at him one shot at a time. To add on to that, VSS' single firing mode damage was extremely low, so he only lost a little health every time.

This was simply no different from changing that person's "beheading" into a "lingering death", and it was an absolute torture on his mental!

When the spectators in the live streaming channel witnessed it, they were all startled. In an instant, they felt chills behind their backs.

"F*ck! Vic is too damn brutal!"

"Wu wu wu, that was too cruel, simply inhumane!"

"I feel sorry for the MMD player who was knocked out, his teammate is a huge letdown with that terrible skills!"

"I'm guessing that he's now roaring at his teammates. Like, f*ck you, don't cover fire anymore if you can't, can he just finish me already!"

In the game, a brief moment later...

"4AM-Vic killed MMD-Pnoy with VSS!"

Looking at the kill feed that appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen, all of a sudden, everyone in the live streaming channel sighed a long breath of relief for the one who had been kneeling and struggling on the ground for a long time.

'Damn it...'

'I'm finally set free!'