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170 A New Moon Shines on An Old Friend!

 At the same time, after the first match.

In Jianghai, 4AM recreational club's base.

GodV sat on his chair with his body slightly leaned backward.

He was seen having both hands at the back of his head, and was spinning his chair left and right as he asked, "How was it? Vic is alright, isn't he?"

"You better watch out, don't fall down from your chair again, and be made into a GIF." Upon seeing him, Aluka could not help but laughed, then replied, "Since he was spotted by you and 'Asia's Number Two Commander' Guru Long, there's nothing I can say."

"Mmm, he's beyond skillful indeed." Cpt who was normally untalkative nodded but was suddenly somewhat confused. "But he doesn't look like he's a random player."

"I have the same thoughts. I think that he has experience in the professional scene and is quite familiar with a number of players there."

GodV pondered as he recalled the situation of the previous match, then he shook his head as he responded, "Since he didn't mention any past experiences in the information sheet for the competition, he might have his own problems that he doesn't want to reveal, so let's not ask him about it."

With regards to this, GodV was quite understanding.

It was just like the arrow shot, which was something that both himself and the people around him were not willing to talk about.


In the studio of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

"Alright, after a short break, our players are quite prepared." Xiao Xiao placed her hands together, then continued with a smile, "The second official match of the competition will begin soon."

"That's right. Earlier on, after 4AM tasted failure from getting a 'reversed chicken dinner' in the first exhibition match, they rose up again, and managed to get chicken dinner in the previous official match even when the spectators were doubting them." When Sicca finished, he suddenly remembered something, and could not help but chuckled. "Speaking of which, this can be considered to be 'two consecutive chicken dinners' for 4AM."

"Eh! It's really two consecutive chicken dinners." Rita cracked up as well when she heard that. She took a glance at the screen. "Oh! The first quiz of this match is out, and the question is, 'Will 4AM who got chicken dinner in the last match be able to get any more chicken dinners in this competition?"

"Oh my god! This quiz is quite tricky." Upon seeing that, Xiao Xiao remarked, "For a game like PUBG, luck plays quite a big role. Just like the previous match, even as 4AM was strong, if the destiny circle was not with them, I doubt that they would've gotten chicken dinner as well. Hence, theoretically, there's a higher chance to win the quiz if one answers that they won't be able to win again!"

"I agree." Sicca nodded and analyzed. "That said, for a quiz like this where the possibility of both options is in great disparity, it can easily cause an upset too. Although there's a higher chance of winning by choosing 'No', the reward is low. Hehe, I wonder if there are any die-hard fans who are willing to choose 'Yes'. If 4AM were to get another chicken dinner, it'll bring those fans to the peak of their lives for sure."

After hearing Xiao Xiao and Sicca's conversation in the studio, the spectators in Douyu's live streaming channel started discussing on the bullet screen.

"I trust that 4AM will be able to get another chicken dinner, so I'm choosing 'No'!"

"As a true fan of 4AM, even if I lose my fortune, hehe, I'm choosing 'No'!"

"I'm choosing 'No' too. One chicken dinner is about it, how can they be so lucky to have the destiny circle with them all the time? If 4AM were to turn into crates again as soon as they land, I'll be devastated."

"F*ck, the reward for choosing 'Yes' is very high. I'm not going to care anymore, I'll give it a go. Without any fear, a bicycle will turn into a motorcycle! I'm choosing 'Yes'!"

"Great minds think alike! I'm giving it a shot! If I win, I'll gain a luxurious life, but if I lose, I'll have to work my way up. How many decisive gambles can one encounter in his whole life!"

"Brothers, you're all talents. Don't worry, go ahead and place your bets, I've reserved your seats in heaven."


Once the quiz session was closed, just as expected, the votes for 'No' was over ninety percent, which was pretty one-sided. Nonetheless, the reward for it would be rather low too.

Comparatively, there were barely any people who clicked 'Yes', but obviously the reward for it would be extremely high. Should they win the quiz, their reward would be multiple times of what they had bet!


Subsequently, all 96 players from the 24 squads present entered the competition's custom server.

The dedicated YY channel for the competition played a multichannel broadcast.

"Our next match will begin in five minutes. Attention to all players, please be prepared. Do not leave your rooms, and for players who are streaming live, please adjust your desynchronization."

After hearing this, Liu Zilang was startled for a while. He suddenly remembered that he had not set his desynchronization setting, so he quickly adjusted it.

When the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel saw that his screen turned black without him saying anything about it, all sorts of comments popped out on the bullet screen.

"It turned black, it turned black!"

"Streamer, stop teasing us, come back quickly!"

"Turn on the lights! Quickly turn on the lights for me!"

"I'm throwing a pair three! Anyone in?"

"A pair of ace! Bigger than yours!"

"Pair joker!"


When Liu Zilang switched his screen back to his live streaming channel and saw that his spectators were actually playing "Fight the Landlord", he was just speechless. He thought to himself, 'What kind of people are they?'

Obviously, at this moment, he had forgotten that "like attracts like", such that the kind of streamer attracted the same kind of spectators.

This was the reflection of "oblivion".

At this moment, GodV, Aluka, and Cpt were already in the voice chat channel.

They greeted and cheered each other for the upcoming match.

Five minutes went by in a blink. Soon enough, the custom server's screen turned into the spawn area of the match.

Following the last match, a small portion of players felt that 4AM had better luck, the destiny circle was with them, thus they were able to get the chicken dinner so shamelessly through a frag grenade.

As for the other squads, they stopped underestimating them as they realized that 4AM was different from how they used to be.

Especially those who ridiculed Liu Zilang for his driving skills, at the spawn area during the first official match, they all shut their mouths.

This was because, during break time, quite a number of them watched the replay of the previous match.

If anyone had marksmanship like that, even if one's driving skill was terrible, they would fight to have that player on their squads too!

The waiting time in the spawn area flew by in the blink of an eye. Before long, the "buzzing" sounds of the airplane was heard, and everyone appeared above the battleground as they journeyed in the airplane.

In the studio.

"Alright, the second official match of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' final has begun. Let us take a look at the flight route for this match."

"Oh! The flight route begins from Primorsk on the bottom left corner of the map and is generally heading toward a northeast direction. It passes through Pochinki and School, and its final stop is at the area where Stabler and the tallest mountain are at."

"That's right. If that's the case, other than Sosnovka Military Base that is further away from the flight route, there are actually many options for the players to loot their resources from. In the early phase, there's probably little dispute between the players, the pace of this match will be much slower than the previous one."

"Mmm, a squad has jumped! It's IG Squad! They've jumped straight for the bridgehead of the West Bridge, it looks like they're not planning to go around different spots to loot but are looking for a vehicle to get to Sosnovka Military Base."

"That's right. However, it seems like wNv Squad had the same thought, but they've given up after seeing that another team is also heading to Sosnovka Military Base. They've decided to loot around Ferry Pier."


Accompanied by the commentary from the commentators, the curtain to the second official match was slowly being raised.

Presently, perhaps not many people had realized that from now on, in PlayerUnknown's Battleground,

A new moon,

Was already rising.