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169 Follow The Procedure!

 In the studio of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

Xiao Xiao smiled as she looked at the screen. "Beautiful! Let us congratulate 4AM. After having two less members, and all the trials faced along the way, they finally defeated many other strong squads, and secured the first chicken dinner for tonight. That wasn't easy at all."

Sicca exclaimed as well, "That's right. Although in the final round 4AM was fortunate to have the final circle on them, they weren't blessed by destiny for the previous few circles. Whether they were at Sosnoka Military Base or Gatka, 4AM really trekked a long way. What does this tell us? This tells us that as long as you persist, destiny will belong to you!"

"Mmm, that makes sense." Rita puckered her lips as she smiled, she continued, "Besides, I must say, 4AM's kill count for this match is a shocking 27 kills! Vic had 18 kills! Aluka had 1, and GodV had 8! As for Cpt...uh...for now it seems like he did nothing to get the chicken dinner. Hehe, but in the early phase of the match, he made a huge contribution to the squad."

"Oh my god! Vic had 18 kills?"

Perhaps Xiao Xiao did not notice this just now, thus she was surprised when Rita said that.

She could not help but exclaimed, "If I remembered correctly, even if the kill count is considered as the total count for the whole squad, it's quite a rarely seen high number of kills in our past matches? Unbelievably, he killed so many by himself, Vic is truly a killing god!"

"That's right, this reminds me of another player, Victor, who used to be the Black Masked Captain from Se7en." Sicca furrowed his brows recalling that, then added on, "I'm not very familiar with the FPS professional scene in the past, but I've heard of Victor who acquired kill counts equivalent to all the squad's, in his first match, alone. Tsk tsk, I didn't think that I'll be able to meet another phenomenal player like that in the competition I'm commentating for today."

"Hehe, looks like players with ID starting with the letter 'V' are more ferocious!" Xiao Xiao even teased, "Besides, not only their IDs start with the letter 'V', the first three letters in their ID are the same. For all we know, it's a kind of mysterious legacy."

After hearing Xiao Xiao's description, the spectators in the live streaming channel laughed as well.

Nonetheless, most of them never connected the two of them together.

After all, in the professional scene, one ID represented one person, and there was no exception for two players with similar IDs. It was impossible that just because two players had similar IDs, and were extremely skillful, that the two of them must be put together.

Only a small portion of spectators who watched Liu Zilang playing for the first time, who witnessed his never-ending tricks and his maneuver, gave many of the old FPS spectators an inexplicable familiarity. Particularly after he threw the grenade in the end, he actually wielded "empty fists" at Shen Zeyan, and his head that kept tilting left and right was simply very playful of him.

Right then, in the official live streaming channel of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends, a gift notification suddenly appeared on the top section of the screen.

"Xiaotong-chan gifted the streamer and airplane - Congratulations, 4AM!"

Usually, in the official live streaming channel of a competition like this, barely anyone would send gifts. Thus, although Zhang Xiaotong's gift was just an airplane, it really caught attention.

In addition to that, she had quite a reputation in Douyu.

All of a sudden, almost all of the spectators in the live streaming channel noticed the notification, causing the bullet screen to be filled with "Congratulations, 4AM" by spectators who followed suit.

In the studio, the three commentators noticed the pattern in the live streaming channel too.

"Xiaotong-chan?" Xiao Xiao was startled, but quickly realized what was going on, then teased, "Oh, it's Little Loli who sings at the MAG section. Why is she here at the live streaming channel to send a gift? Besides, she only gave an airplane, that's not very generous of her."

Sicca glanced at the bullet screen and was rather puzzled. "Eh? I saw some comments on the bullet screen saying that Xiaotong-chan is Vic's younger sister, I wonder if it's true."

After hearing Sicca, Rita smiled as she replied, "That's true. A few days ago, I watched Vic playing the game together with Xiaotong-chan and Sister Fa. Later on, GodV joined them as well. The two of them are siblings indeed. Moreover, there's something else that's quite interesting, Vic is a streamer at Douyu's Attractive Section."

"Vic? A streamer at the Attractive Section?" Xiao Xiao seemed to be totally astounded. "A streamer from the Attractive Section is here to participate in our chicken dinner competition, and gains 18 kills? Is the world changing too fast that I'm not able to keep up?"

In the official live streaming website of PUBG Golden Legend, many spectators who had no prior understanding of Liu Zilang became curious as well after hearing that he was a streamer at the Attractive Section. They quickly searched for him at the Attractive Section's forum.

Not long after, the popularity of Liu Zilang in his live streaming channel rose to a new height, whereby it shot up from over a hundred thousand to over four hundred thousand. Once again, he became the number one boss in the Attractive Section.

His popularity increased much more than when Zhang Xiaotong and Sister visited his profile previously.

At the same time, in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel.

After one round of game, Liu Zilang made some adjustments to the desyncchronization during break time.

Just as he was done adjusting, he noticed the sudden boost in his popularity and the bullet screen in his live streaming channel.

"F*ck, the streamer has such pretty hands! Is he really a man?"

"I have a feeling that he's not a male. Speaking of which, could it be a young lady who's using a voice changer?"

"The voice changer seems to be too realistic then. Besides, can a young lady get 18 kills and a chicken dinner?"

"You can't be too sure about that. Isn't Xue MM quite good at getting chicken dinners too?"

"Streamer, streamer, are you and Xiaotong-chan sisters?"



Once Liu Zilang took a look at the messy, chaotic bullet screen, his eyes twitched, and he pulled a face.

He pondered for a while before an idea struck him, and he changed the settings of the ranking for speech in his live streaming channel.

All of a sudden, there were instantly much lesser new spectators on the bullet screen in his live streaming channel. Now, only fans and old spectators of Rank 3 and above could leave comments.

Liu Zilang coughed before he expressed, "I'm sorry, this is a green live streaming channel, new spectators will have to follow the procedure. Click to subscribe, then send some free small gifts, and you may leave comments. It's not right to secretly try to learn my techniques."

When the spectators heard Liu Zilang, many of those who came from the official live streaming channel criticized Liu Zilang for being shameless.

A portion of them left right away;

Nonetheless, most of the spectators were here to watch the match, and they all felt that he was a remarkably strong streamer.

Some of them who were puzzled still had many questions and could not wait to speak up promptly subscribed and registered for a fan card. Many of them also subscribed and gifted him some free fishballs to upgrade their rankings as a fan.

In just a while, the bullet screen of his live streaming channel became lively again.

Honestly, Liu Zilang never expected his spectators to be so enthusiastic.

Looking at the bothersome bullet screen, Liu Zilang coughed again, and said seriously, "Lastly, I'd like to emphasize that I'm really a male. My voice is quite highly recognizable. In order to leave a lasting impression on you, I, 'Eason Chan in eSports', decide to present you a song. Here's "Ten Years", a song to everyone here."

"If those two words..."

When the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel heard him sang right away, they were dumbfounded.

'Eason Chan in eSports?'

'Are streamers now so all-rounded?'

Nevertheless, when they recalled that Xiaotong-chan was very good at singing, and that he was Xiaotong-chan's elder brother, they were hopeful that singing was a thing that probably ran in their family...

Just as that thought appeared in their minds, the second Liu Zilang sang, the spectators in his live streaming channel looked like they were constipated.

They realized that they were too naive!

In just the blink of an eye, the popularity of his live streaming channel declined significantly, and even caused a magical "clearance" effect!