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168 I’m Sorry, The Champion Is Going To Be Me! Part 1

 Inside the final Safe Zone.

The battle was most intense when the blue circle was shrinking.

Although these squads knew that they were not going to be within the next Safe Zone, they would drag as long as they could, hiding in the dark, in order for them to climb up the ranks.

As the blue circle started shrinking, none of them could hold on any longer outside the blue circle as it was the third last.

From the caster's perspective, squads from all directions swarmed to the hilltop in an instant as gunshots filled up the entire valley.

The squads at the hilltop had to fight their own battle. A moment ago, they were fighting together at the enemies below them.

Then, as the players at the foot of the hill were taken out, their weak alliance was disbanded instantly as two squads immediately started exchanging fires by the side!

It was chaotic!

It was completely chaotic!

The entire south hill was in total chaos!

The blue circle had finished shrinking.

What was initially some twenty players in the field was down to just eleven left!

On Douyu's Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"That battle was incredibly intense! Players have fallen all over the place and our caster's perspective is barely able to keep up."

"That's right! I'm not sure if any of you noticed but there were prompts at the bottom left of the screen stating two players from Squad JTA had fallen to death from the high ground. I wonder what really happened back there."

"Oh! Our cast has just read our mind! They're now showing us the deaths of the two Squad JTA. Let's have a look shall we."

As the casters commented, all they could see through screen was the two JTA players running swiftly at the cliff of the hilltop as if they were assassins.

As they were running over a slope, the person at the front leaped up in an extremely cool manner.

Then, the person behind him jumped up onto his head as the two characters in the game looked extremely cartoonish.

As the gunshots kept ringing in their ears, they seemed to have panicked and got off each other.

Then, it seemed that they lost their balance and fell down the cliff together to their deaths.

All there was left were two crates as their corpses rolled down the hill, looking extremely horrendous...

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter after a moment of silence!

"GG! That's too unreal!"

"I remember that place! It's the legendary Fallen Slope."

"It wasn't easy for them to enter the last Safe Zone. It's a shame that they fell to their death before encountering anyone! What luck!"

"Uhmm... I bet JTA is extremely frustrated at the moment."

The hill would have said, "F*cking sh*t, rest in peace!"


The casters got out of the game and replayed a short song so that the viewers could have a laugh out of it.

As they got back into the tournament, the atmosphere inside was getting more and more intense.

The current Safe Zone was extremely small. Despite it covering a small area, it had to house eleven players.

There were three players from IG.

Three players from Armani.

Two players from 4AM.

Then, there were the remaining three lone wolves from FTD, FC, and LLG.

None of them dared to make the first move nor create an opening. This was because they could be targeted by everyone else simultaneously if they were to have an opening.

The best sniper or even the God of sniper was useless at such a close distance.

It was basically a challenge to every squad's combat ability and adaptability at such a small, confined area.

On Douyu's Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"4AM is currently in the best position. Not only do they have covers, no one is around them as well. What's the most important factor is that they're still inside the second last Safe Zone. 4AM is really fated to win!"

"In comparison, IG's position isn't bad at all but there are three people from Armani beside them. There were also two lone wolves just below them. This means that they can be attacked from many directions."

"It seems that IG has realized their situation as well. Illusion is throwing a frag grenade down the hill as they heard the footsteps of the lone wolves down the hill."

Inside the game, Illusion stood up behind the jagged boulder and threw a frag grenade.

Then, rapid gunfire rang from the side before he was able to crouch back down!

Mists of blood appeared on Illusion's body in an instant as he fell to the ground while covering his abdomen.

On the other hand, Shen Zeyan stood up and flicked his rifle as soon as the gunshot beside them rang!

His AWM was not equipped with an 8x Scope.

It was equipped with a Holographic Sight!


The player who ambushed Illusion on the side was knocked out!

"Oh my god! Master Ze's reaction is way too quick!"

"An AWM equipped with a Holographic Sight is a little bit overboard!"

"Sigh! That frag grenade from Illusion. Woah! He had bombed LLG's lone wolf to death!"

"Looks like it's a good trade for IG. It's a 1 for 2. But the next Safe Zone is about to spawn!"

"This Safe Zone is interesting! The squads outside of the Safe Zone have to make a run for it. However, whichever squad that is faster has to face 4AM's bombardment and an ambush from the back at the same time."

"Oh! It looks like the remaining player from FTD was trying to sneak over under the gunfire's cover! But he has been spotted by Vic!"

"Is Vic going to open fire? No! He's thrown out a frag grenade!"

The screen showed what was happening in the game.

They saw Liu Zilang's lips curling up as he noticed the enemy sneaking over from behind the boulder.

He then took out a frag grenade.

He pulled the pin and let it cook!

He then moved to the side and threw the frag grenade down the hill.

Meanwhile, the FTD's lone wolf was telling himself silently, 'They won't see me! They won't see me!' He didn't even dare to raise his head up.

He seemed to have the idea that no one would notice him if he didn't make eye contact with anyone.


There was a loud clank!

He felt that something had just landed in front of him on the right.

He was stunned upon seeing it!


As the smoke dissipated, a prompt appeared!

"4AM-Vic bombed FTD-Highshao with a frag grenade!"

The blue circle had yet to shrink then.

Two players were taken out of the game and only nine remained.

The remaining player from FC wanted to sneak into the Safe Zone as well but he reacted cautiously the moment he saw what had happened to the person before him.

The entire situation had reached a stalemate.

As the cooldown ended, the blue circle started shrinking once more and this broke the stalemate.

Then, it seemed that IG, Armani and even that lone wolf from FC have reached a tacit agreement.

They did not shoot each other as they ran towards the Safe Zone, which was the hilltop where 4AM was currently camping.

This was because everyone knew clearly that the hot, piping chicken dinner would be handed over to 4AM if the three of them were to fight among themselves while running against the blue circle.

It was given that they would not do something so stupid. Everything else could be mediated once they had entered the Safe Zone.

As they ran towards the Safe Zone, the three squads were aiming at the Safe Zone all the time and were prepared to fire at a moment's notice.

However, not a single soul revealed themselves in the Safe Zone even after they were halfway there.

'What the h*ll?'

'Are they going to let us into the Safe Zone just like that?'

While they were puzzling over the current situation, suddenly they saw a lot of black dots flying towards them from the front.

Their gaze focused on it!

'If these are not frag grenades, what else could they be?'

It was as if they had entered a land mine as the bombing did not stop ringing at all.

'Have you ever know what despair feels like?'

'This is it!'

As the lone wolf from the FC felt that everything was hopeless, he gritted his teeth and fired at Armani that was not far away from him.

Amidst the bombing ringing in their ears, Armani could not determine who was the one attacking them when they had taken fire.

They turned around and the first squad they saw was the three men from IG.

Hence, they pulled their line of fire towards them.

Since they were already in a conflict, they would rather gather up as many points as possible before they were bombed to death.

If they were to eliminate a squad before then, their rank would be one level higher.

The hilltop was thrown into chaos once again!

"They're fighting again! 4AM's frag grenades has really set everything off! Looks like they really are fated to get the chicken!"

"That's right, 4AM is definitely the winner in this match! The others can only go for the second place now!"

"Oh! The player counts are decreasing rapidly. Vic's frag grenade took out two men from Armani and IG is left with Master Ze!"

"Although FC has taken out the remaining player from Armani, he was killed off by the frag grenades!"

"Looks like Master Ze and 4AM are the only ones left! It's a 1v2! Can he win against fate?"

"Oh! Two more frag grenades are heading towards Master Ze! He has no place to hide!"

"Vic has already gotten out of his cover as if he's already celebrating his victory!"

Inside the game, despite Shen Zeyan staring at the frag grenades approaching him, he did not feel that death was approaching him.

He picked up his AWM without any hesitation the moment someone appeared out of the boulder in the Safe Zone!



Then, the screen came to a standstill!

Winner winner, Chicken Dinner!

4AM has won the first match of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

However, there was one thing that was worth mentioning.

Liu Zilang was on the ground when he had the chicken dinner.

Viewers from Liu Zilang's live stream were stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter as they saw the scene.

They saw everything clearly.

They saw Liu Zilang getting up the moment he had thrown the frag grenade out.

He then looked at Shen Zeyan as he punched the air while tilting his head by spamming the Q and E buttons...

Everything could only think of one sentence as they saw Liu Zilang laying down as he had his chicken dinner.

'He asked for it!'