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167 I’m Sorry, The Champion Is Going To Be Me! Part 1

 He did a prone jump!

Then a no-scope!

Liu Zilang was able to conceal his attack by combining these two techniques together.

Then, he grabbed hold of the window of time as he was bouncing back up and fired his gun to attack.

On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform...

"Oh my god! Vic is showing off again! That no-scope and prone jump had got me for good!"

"In my opinion, I think every player knows how to show off. But one must know who are they showing off to. If one dares to show off in front of the best sniper in Asia, Master Ze, he's either extremely skilled or a person who doesn't know what terror is."

"Exactly. What's more impressive is that Vic has managed to show off! From this stunt alone, I believe it'll be included in Douyu's Golden Legends' grand final's top 10 highlights!"

"Just a highlight? Have you forgotten how he'd killed Nighthawk with just a crossbow, and how he fought against both the Big Brother and VK simultaneously at the dragon inn? He'll definitely be in more than just one highlight."

"Tsk tsk. Looks like GodV's squad has recruited a freak! Every professional player is infamous at some point at some place. Where did this person come from? Why have we not heard of Vic before?"


The three casters were perplexed.

In the game, Shen Zeyan immediately backed off and got out of the views from below since his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet was destroyed.

He crouched down, healed himself up and pondered for a moment.

He then put away his rifle, turned around and met up with his teammate at the other side of the hill.

He decided to retreat after that exchange of bullets!

Countless viewers from the live stream were beyond astonished as they watched. There were even some that had totally lost it.

"What the f*ck. Why did Master Ze retreat?"

"Don't be f*cking pussy! Kill him! Kill that show-off b*tch Vic!"

"How is he going to fight him without a helmet! F*cking idiots!"

"Why do you need a helmet when you've got an AWM? Either one of them is going to die with just a shot, right?"

"How naive! This is a tournament! They need that chicken dinner."

"Wooo! Buckle up Master Ze! We girls who are loyal to Shen Zeyan will never admit defeat!!!"


As a matter of fact, Shen Zeyan did not retreat because he was terrified.

One of the reasons he decided to meet up with his squad was because his helmet was destroyed. The other reason was because of Illusion and the other two who had gone down the hill in an attempt to kill HXG off, but they were ambushed by another squad at the foot of the hill. Not only they were not able to kill the enemy, but they had been oppressed to the extent where they could not retreat back to the hilltop.

Shen Zeyan, the sniper of the squad, would never fight for his pride under such circumstance.

Although Shen Zeyan was strong, Liu Zilang had never seen him fighting for his pride in any way before. He was so calm that he did not behave like a youngster in his early twenties at all.

It was as if he did not put his face, pride, or even honor on the line when he played as a sniper.

He was a sniper because he loved the rifle. He loved the rush of adrenaline when the bullet was drilled into the enemy's head.


Behind the boulder at the hillside...

Liu Zilang was skeptical when he realized Shen Zeyan had went off.

However, he realized the situation when he heard the gunshots coming from the other side of the hill.

"Let's go! I think they've started fighting on the other side. The top should be empty at the moment." Liu Zilang told GodV.

GodV was waiting for the two enemies to reveal themselves at the foot of the hill with his SKS.

However, since the two players from LYB had lost their helmet and they knew that GodV had been aiming at them, they refuse to reveal themselves until the very end.

GodV noticed that the blue circle had started shrinking when Liu Zilang spoke. He had no choice but to nod. "Fine. I'll let you off the hook for now. If the blue circle were to move to the top of the hill, I'll definitely kill you!"

As he finished cursing out, they then threw three smoke grenades to cover themselves at the hillside.

As the smoke dispersed along the hillside, Liu Zilang and GodV sprinted into the smoke and headed straight towards the hilltop.

At the foot of the hill, the two men from LYB were rather frustrated as they stared at Liu Ziland and GodV disappearing from their sight.

They did not dare to return fire as they did not have any helmets. However, Since the other team had run into the smoke, they immediately tilted their heads and kept firing at the smoke.

From LYB's point of view, it did not matter if they managed to hit their enemies.

What mattered most was that they had to give their all regardless how powerless they were against the enemies!

They had to fight as if they had put up a good fight!

That was what they achieved.

From the spectator's perspective, everyone could see Liu Zilang and GodV running anxiously among the lines of fire!

The two men from LYB did not even finish using half of their clips before a figure came out from the smoke by the hillside. What followed afterward was a clipping noise similar to a stapler.


One of the man's skull at the foot of the hill cracked. Blood sprayed out from the wound before he fell to the ground!

"Save me!" That man covered his abdomen and fell to his knees. His expression was twisted in pain as he crawled to the boulder.

The other LYB member was so shocked that he immediately lowered his head and hid behind the boulder.

In the blink of an eye, the intense gunfire coming from the foot of the hill stopped. It was as if nothing had happened at all.


Liu Zilang and GodV ran as fast as they could and finally reached the top of the hill south to Georgopol.

The blue circle was already closing in on their faces. It would merge with the Safe Zone anytime now.

The next Safe Zone had spawned!

On Douyu's Golden Legends' commentary platform...

"The top of the hill is still within the Safe Zone! Looks like it's a smart choice for 4AM to head towards the peak!"

"Yes, there are still 21 players in the game. There are simply too many places for them to hide in such a complex geographical landscape."

"Precisely. It's very likely that the battle will be extremely intense when the Safe Zone shrinks again."

"Those who are at the foot of the hill are in trouble. There are about four squads at the top of the hill, and they basically have all directions covered from the top!"

"From what I can see, there are around five squads at the foot of the hill at the moment. Two of the squads were lone wolves and I think these two lone wolves have a higher chance to sneak to the hilltop in this situation. That's because they are a small target and can easily sneak to the top while the other three squads battle against the squad at the hilltop."

"Correct. Oh! It looks like the two players from Squad LYB at the south are prepared to head up! But there's GodV! GodV is aiming right at them!"

Inside the game, GodV and Liu Zilang were relieved when they saw that the hilltop was still within the Safe Zone.

Then, GodV smirked as he held up his SKS and aimed at the two men from LYB who were running up the hill at the moment and had tried to ambush them earlier on.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang was tasked with surveying the surrounding. After all, there must be at least one other squad at the top of the hill.

It would be very unfortunate that if they were to be ambushed by another squad while they had too much fun retaliating their targets.