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166 An Enemy’s Shot!

 On Douyu's Golden Legends' commentary platform...

"Are... are you for real? Master Ze was clearly aiming at Vic's head, but it hit him on the back of his hand instead. This is way too unreal!"

"All I can say is that Vic is extremely lucky. Who knew that he would be drinking the energy drink then? Who knew that he would be turning around at that time? To top it off, it was an attack from the higher ground, so it's a coincidence that he had hit him on the back of his hand!"

"By the way, the AWM deals quite some damage even when it lands on the body. How is it possible that only a third of his health is reduced. That's extremely weird!"

"Hehe. This has definitely something to do with PUBG's damage algorithm. The body is categorized into four limbs and the abdomen. If I recall correctly, it would deal at least half of the maximum health on the abdomen even if the player is wearing a Level Three Military Vest, but it will only deal around 35 points if it lands on the hand."

"That's precisely the case. I bet Master Ze is flabbergasted as well. I think I saw him putting away his rifle just now."

"Impossible! How could Master Ze be shocked about this? I recall a fan compiling Master Ze's expression for half a year only to realize that he has only collected one expression all these while..."

Inside the game, Liu Zilang who was drinking his energy drink was frightened by this attack coming from the hilltop!

He immediately hid behind the boulder and took a peek at the hilltop after he was sure that it was the sound of an AWM.

He was right.

There was a player aiming at him with a rifle.

Liu Zilang curled his lips, feeling rather frustrated.

He had only just hidden behind the boulder when the pan he had attached to his bottom started clanking as flares began sparking up.

The two players from Squad LYB could not help from opening fire at Liu Zilang when they saw that he was running towards them.

"Quick, quick, quick! Over here! There're two enemies at the foot of the hill!" GodV saw that he was being targeted, so he called out to him desperately.

Liu Zilang's pan had blocked two bullets for him. He did not hesitate when he took out his M24 equipped with x15 Scope!

He opened up the scope and turned around!


A rifle's bullet was sent flying towards the foot of the hill. The sound was similar to a stapler clicked!

The enemy that was tilting his head behind the boulder to the right had blood flowing out of his head. His half-broken Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet was shattered into pieces!

That player's 4x Scope jolted. Then, he looked at his health to find out that he was already in the red.

He was so shocked that he immediately hid behind the boulder.

The enemy hiding behind the boulder on the left saw that his partner was shot and wanted to take this window of opportunity to take down Liu Zilang.

He did not expect to hear the deep and familiar gunshot coming from the hilltop once more!

He felt a sting on his head as his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet shattered. He fell to the ground behind the boulder once more!

The LYB member that was knocked out was astonished!

'Didn't we agree to kill off this squad hanging by the mountainside?'

'Why did he decide to betray me out of the blue?'

'A person must withhold his promise no matter what!!'

These thoughts circled in his mind, but he did not have the guts or the chance to question him.

He immediately crawled behind the boulder as quickly as he could and waited for his teammate, who had also taken a shot at the head to come and save him after the latter had healed himself up.

The three casters on the commentary platform started laughing when they saw what had happened.

"LYB is rather unlucky! PigFF had been eliminated earlier and all that was left were these two players. Who would have thought that both Vic and Master Ze have destroyed their helmets."

"Hehe, I bet they didn't expect that Master Ze at the hilltop would fire at them at all!"

"The two players from LYB would die the moment they were shot in the head since they no longer have any helmets on them. It's impossible for them to fight back at all!"

"That's right, but I feel that 4AM is really passive earlier! They have been oppressed by Master Ze and his AWM at the moment. If the next Safe Zone spawns at an inconvenient location, it might be hard for them to get into the Safe Zone since Master Ze's accuracy is extremely high."

Inside the game, GodV and Liu Zilang had hidden behind a boulder.

They had realized that the person at the hilltop was much more of a threat than the two players at the bottom of the hill.

GodV was able to imagine being shot at the back of his head by the bullet that had knocked out the player earlier.

It must have been extremely frustrating!

However, he realized that the two ambushers at the foot of the hill had their helmets shattered.

GodV was extremely happy about it. He held his SKS up and aimed at the foot of the hill confidently.

He would fire at anyone who dared to reveal themselves!

Since LYB had covers at the foot of the hill and they were quite some distance away from GodV, it was simply impossible for the latter to rush out alone with his rifle.

This was the reason why they did not dare to reveal themselves.

Liu Zilang was beside and hiding behind the boulder as well. He had already healed himself back to full health with a med kit.

It actually did not matter much whether he had full health or not since he was going against the strongest sniper rifle in the game, the AWM.

Anyway, it was much better to heal himself back to full health quickly with the med kit as compared to healing himself slowly over time via energy drinks.

Although Liu Zilang did not spot anyone when he looked at the top of the hill, he knew that Shen Zeyan still had his eyes on them.

GodV asked, "What do you say? Let's leave?"


Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as an idea popped in his head.

This time.

Liu Zilang decided not to flee.

He spoke calmly, "It's useless if we run straight in. You take care of those at the foot of the hill while I deal with that guy at the top of the hill."

GodV was shocked upon hearing his words.

He could feel it. Liu Zilang's tone had changed where there was no hint of laziness in it at all.

In fact, it sounded vaguely solemn!

He looked at the hilltop and nodded. "Fine. The two behind us is mine. I'll kill whoever dares to reveal themselves."

Liu Zilang took a deep breath after hearing GodV's words. He then concentrated all of his attention to an unprecedented height.

That was because the enemy at the hilltop was like none other he had faced in the past!

His sniping skill was taught by this very man!

The person at the hilltop knew Liu Zilang's sniping rhythm and habit better than anyone else.

Liu Zilang did not have the time to try and fail when his M24 was going to go against the AWM. He needed to change his tactics and surprise his enemy!

All it would take was one shot!

One shot and he would die!

He only had one chance!

The hilltop looked empty as Liu Zilang dashed out from the boulder!

The person at the hilltop revealed himself in that instant!

That rumbling sound of the gunshot from the AWM clapped just like a thunder!

However, Liu Zilang did not open fire as he turned his body around!

As he was turning around, he dived down before bouncing back up as if he had a spring loaded on his body!

He felt a bullet breezing through right above his head.

The M24 was already in Liu Zilang's hand the moment he bounced back up!

He opened the scope and aimed!

Amidst the sparks, the gun clipped as the 7.62mm Ammo was shot out from the sniper rifle's muzzle!

Then, blood spurted out of the player's head who was standing at the hilltop. His health dropped drastically until it reached a critical level!

Countless viewers from the live stream widened their eyes when they saw everything from God's perspective.

They were all astonished!!