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165 A Cup of Drink After I Caught The Bullet?

 At the peak of the hill south of Georgopol...

Shen Zeyan was standing quietly with an AWM in his hand.

His gaze was cold.

His thin lips were as sharp as a blade!

If he stayed still, everything around him did not dare to make a noise.

When he moved though, the thunder roared and fire pierced through the sky!


Gunfire rang and a puddle of blood was spilled somewhere at the foot of the hill!

"IG-Wolves knocked out HXG-Paopa by headshot with AWM!"

All they could see was Shen Zeyang opening the scope, took the shot, and closed it again.

Everything happened so fast.

He then spoke in a cold tone, "There's a player at the foot of the hill, NW35."

The others might find Shen Zeyan's short and precise report extremely weird, but IG's Illusion, Xiao Jue and She Keke had gotten used to it a long time ago.

This was because it was already good enough for them that Shen Zeyan actually took the initiative to communicate with them.

They knew that Shen Zeyan was someone who did not utter a single word when he first started PUBG but still managed to become the best player in the East Asia server!

Nevermind that the overall skill level in the East Asia server was slightly lower than the other servers.

However, it was still a rather difficult feat to achieve to become the best player among so many other players.

Illusion started laughing as he heard Shen Zeyan spoke in the game.

He picked up his M16 which was equipped with a 4x Scope. Then, he burst out three shots and killed the player that was crawling towards the boulder to take cover.

The one remaining HXG player did not even dare to reveal himself let alone fight back when he saw Shen Zeyan blowing his team members' heads off one after the other.

The viewers watching the live stream was completely astonished by Shen Zeyan's incredibly merciless sniping skill.

"What the f*ck! It feels like IG is definitely getting this chicken dinner! I can't believe Master Ze has gotten his hands on the AWM!"

"Master Ze is killing these kids off one shot at a time! I'm getting goosebumps just by looking at it."

"It's not the AWM. Haven't you realized it yet? Their fates have been sealed the moment IG reached the top of the hill! All four of them are still alive. Not a single one of them has died yet."

"Master Ze's choice of destination is definitely second to none! I'll swallow a dick if IG doesn't win this match!"

"Hey brothers, stop joking around. Master Ze's female fans might just punch you to death with their small fists if IG were to lose this one!"

"Master Ze's female fans are pretty scary! Retreat! Retreat!"


Meanwhile, behind the boulder on the other side of the mountain foot...

Liu Zilang and GodV were leaning against the boulder were daydreaming as they listened to AWM's oppressive gunshots while staring at the prompts at the bottom left corner of their screens.

In real life, Liu Zilang was indeed staring at his monitor at a complete loss.

His gaze was rather dimmed, and it did not show any sign of nostalgia at all.

Then, GodV spoke inside the game, "You're a sniper as well, what do you think of Shen Zeyan?"

Liu Zilang regained his sense as he heard GodV's voice through the headphones.

He stayed silent for a moment before saying, "His sniping skill has always been the very best regardless of which game he's playing."

GodV was shocked by his opinion, but he nodded in agreement at the end.

He stared at the top and could not help himself but to ask, "Judging from the gunshots, IG should have more than one player right now. What should we do next?"

"There's no other way." Liu Zilang shook his head. "We'll be spotted unless we hike up the hill."

"What are you trying to say?" GodV questioned.

"Let's take the opportunity to sneak over when their attention is still on the north side of the hill. We'll camp by the other hill if we decided not to fight them." Liu Zilang spoke his mind at one go as he stared at GodV. "What do you think?"

"I think that's doable."

GodV thought about it for a moment, but he agreed to the idea soon after.

There was half a minute left before the next Safe Zone spawned.

Liu Zilang GodV crept swiftly towards the top of the hill and took cover here and there along the way.


At the top of the hill...

Illusion stared at the lone wolf from HXG hiding behind the boulder at the north. He pondered for a moment and failed to hold the words off. "XiaoJue, follow me. Cocoa you go down from the left, and Master Ze please hold him off. We'll go down and bury him immediately. It's a waste of time idling around here."

Shen Zeyan verbally acknowledged Illusion's words with a light harrumphed.

After hearing Illusion's command, the three of them moved swiftly towards the trembling HXG lone wolf who was hiding behind the boulder down the hill!

Illusion and the other two went down the hill while Shen Zeyan was left behind at the top of it.

At the south side of the hill...

Both Liu Zilang and GodV took cover along the way by hiding themselves left and right. They had already reached the middle of the hill then.

Just as they were about to continue to forward, a gunshot rang in their ears!

Da da da!

Then, Liu Zilang could see clearly blood spurting out of GodV's body.

In that instant, both Liu Zilang and GodV were able to pinpoint the source of the gunshots!

It did not come from the top of the hill but behind them!

It was fortunate that there were boulders they could use as covers in the middle of the hill. Liu Zilang and GodV immediately took cover behind them.

Meanwhile, Shen Zeyan who was at the top of the hills heard the gunshots coming from the south as well.

He frowned. He determined that Illusion and the other two did not seem to require his help, so he turned from the noise.


On Douyu's Golden Legends' commentary platform...

"Oh no! Vic and GodV from 4AM are being attacked by Squad LYB from behind when they're ascending to the top of the hill! They're in an awkward position."

"That's right. GodV has just taken three bullets a moment ago and is healing himself up behind the boulder. But the issue is that the gunshots are coming from the bottom of the hill. It's basically announcing GodV and Vic's positions to IG at the hilltop!"

"Oh! But Master Ze is the only one at the top of the hill, and he has already turned away from where the gunshot has sounded! Will he be able to spot them?"

"It's impossible for him to not spot them. Master Ze is a god-like sniper. His observation is without a doubt one of the best!"

As the casters continued to comment on the game, Master Ze had turned around once again and looked to the source of the gunshot.

The first two players he saw was the two players from the Squad LYB at the foot of the hill.

He held his rifle up.

Perhaps the two people from LYB by the foot of the hill had noticed Shen Zeyan or they were just trying to hide away from Liu Zilang's and GodV's line of fire, but they had been hiding behind the boulders ever since they failed to ambush them.

Shen Zeyang frowned as he flicked his wrist. He quickly aimed his rifle at the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet in the middle of the hill!


Meanwhile at hillside behind the boulder...

Liu Zilang was crouching down and opening up a bottle of energy drink, attempting to heal himself back up to full health.

He was not naive enough to believe that Shen Zeyan who was at the hilltop would ignore the gunshots he heard coming from the south.

As Liu Zilang was opening up the energy drink, he suddenly felt as if something bad was about to happen!

He turned without being aware of what he was doing while drinking his energy drink.

All he could hear next was the gunfire of the AWM that was as thunderous as a light strike!

On the huge screen where the game was being displayed, they could see a magnum's bullet being shot out from the AWM's pitch black barrel.

It flew across the hill at lightning speed and was heading towards Liu Zilang's face!

Oh no...

The hearts of the viewers sank when they saw what was about to happen.

From God's perspective, they could see blood spraying out as the magnum's bullet came in contact with Liu Zilang!

However, Liu Zilang did not fall!

On top of that, his health had only dropped by a third!

What the hell?

The viewers were flabbergasted.

As the spectator's perspective stopped the motion, they could clearly see the huge bullet landing at the back of Liu Zilang's hand where the blood was bleeding out from. Everyone was stunned when they saw it!

What the f*cking hell...

Catching a bullet with his hand?

Liu Zilang then turned around to look at Shen Zeyan at the top of the hill as he continued drinking his energy drink.

It was as if he was trying to say,



"How about a drink?!"