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164 Snipers Against Injustice!

 Inside Douyu, on PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"Oh my god!"

Xiao Xiao was surprised when he saw it while he was commenting on the match.

He said, "This is truly a three-squad assassination zone. Can you really do this in a tournament?"

Sika shrugged. "These three squads aren't able to fight each other at the moment because they've already known each other's ins and outs thoroughly, but those squads that were passing by didn't know a single thing about them, so there's nothing you can do about it. I have a feeling these three squads have already started to compete with each other just to see who has the highest kill count right now."

"Hehe. Well, the more they kill, the higher their kill count will be." Rita laughed. "Each of the squad has two free allies right now. They don't have to go all out."

"Allies? Such a thing doesn't exist." Xiao Xiao shook his head. "These three squads are fighting the others because they can't do anything to each other at the moment. Once the next Safe Zone has spawned and they needed to run against the blue circle, these three would definitely present us a gruesome fight."

"That's true." Sika nodded as he watched the game while stroking his chin. "If that's the case, I feel like 4AM may be in a disadvantage since all members from Se7en and Squad Douyu17 are still in the game. They'll definitely be targeted by them."

Inside the game, both Liu Zilang and GodV soon realized that the Safe Zone was shrinking and getting closer and closer to them.

Both of them were thinking of running away as they stared at the UAZ.

However, they quickly dismissed the idea as they remember the few vehicles that were destroyed by the three squads earlier.

Both of them were quite into it when they were attacking the passers-by.

That was because a lot of the squads had suffered from Douyu17 and Se7en's merciless attack and had no choice but to come to their territory.

They were basically cleaning up their mess.

How could they not be happy about that?

GodV was so happy that his happiness was written all over his face.

He could finally understand their misery now that he was put in their shoes.

What was karma?

This was karma.

"What should we do?" GodV asked.

"Let's... escape to the right?" Liu Zilang suggested.

GodV's eye twitched as he said with annoyance, "Won't they spot us?"

"Se7en's captain doesn't really have good eyesight," Liu Zilang replied casually.

"Huh?" GodV was surprised. "Are you close to him?"

"It's a rumor!" Liu Zilang added.

GodV nodded and did not question further.

GodV did not really put much thought in Liu Zilang's words because even if Se7en's squad leader did not have good eyesight, that did not mean that everyone in the team suffered the same flaw too, right?

The blue circle had crept up to their faces as they were talking.

Their eyes widened as they watched the blue circle merging together with the Safe Zone. Their hearts began to thump anxiously!

Then, the new Safe Zone had spawned.

The three squads at Gatka Trenches were all flabbergasted!

Perhaps they had killed too many people here.

Was this karma?

The next Safe Zone had spawned around the southern region of Georgopol Hill situated at the northwest direction.

This meant that the three squads at the Gatka Trenches were not in the next Safe Zone. The worst thing was that they were rather some distance away from the Safe Zone. It looked like all three of the squads needed to make a run for it.

On Douyu PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"Well, that's a surprise. The next Safe Zone is spawned at the hill south of Georgopol. It's very likely that this match is going to end up in the hills."

"That's right. The current situation is extremely disadvantageous towards Se7en and Squad Douyu17. They had landed in this area and both squads had been traveling on foot. They don't even have a single vehicle. They're definitely in a stalemate and 4AM is in the lead since they have a vehicle."

"Hehe, I don't think so. Although 4AM does have vehicles, it's still hard to say who'll be driving these cars in this situation. Now that both squads have their eyes on them, they might be blown up if they dare to drive away.

"Three squads, 2 vehicles. This definitely spells trouble. If they hadn't had such a vicious fight just now and had left a few working vehicles left behind, perhaps they wouldn't be in such a tough situation."

The viewers from the live stream laughed as they heard the comments from the casters.

'Let this three squads suffer.'

'Now they know what it feels like to not own a vehicle, eh?'

It was then the director of the live stream switched the screen to the game.

The viewers saw that the two squads in the trenches had started throwing smoke grenades.

They were actually not trying to make a run for it by using the emanating smoke as their cover.

It would be rather unrealistic for them to do so because they were in an open field. To make things worse, they were quite a distance away from the Safe Zone.

Naturally, Squad Douyu17 and Se7en were well aware of this point. That was why they were throwing the grenades at the housing area where Liu Zilang and GodV were in.

That was right!

In this moment, these two squads were cooperating with one another once more!

They were trying to steal their vehicles!

Since there were only two vehicles but three squads left, this meant that 4AM which was down to two members had become someone Se7en and Squad Douyu17 were trying to exploit.


At the housing area.

Liu Zilang and GodV were both speechless when they noticed that smoke grenades had been thrown towards them in both directions.

'This is just f*cking cruel!'

"GG! Seriously!" GodV was frustrated.

Right at this moment, Liu Zilang looked around and said out of nowhere, "Follow me."

He then ran towards the wall south of the housing area

GodV was startled by his words but quickly recovered and followed him.

He was very confident, but he was not confident enough to hold off two of the best squads in the country.

Liu Zilang put away his rifles as he hid among the bush. He then made a standard army crawl on the ground and started to squirm forward.

'What the f*cking hell...'

"Do I really need to crawl?"

GodV's eye was twitching as he watched him crawl!

However, since Liu Zilang was already crawling, he who had a ghillie suit on could not complain much. All he could do was to follow him.

On the commentary platform.

The three casters' felt a varying degree of astonishment varied when they saw what was happening in the game.

They had seen an ambush before, but kind of ambush was something new to them.

"Vic and GodV have started crawling and I must say that they're really ambitious. The other two squads know that they're here. Doesn't he know that they will be searching for him?"

"Oh my god! Vic and GodV are crawling over towards Se7en. Are they testing his observation skill?"

"Look! Se7en has emerged from the smoke! They're not far away from one another. Will Se7en be able to spot them crawling on the ground?"

"Woah! Guru Qiu is leading the way with an Ak! He... he's running into the housing area!'

The viewers from the live stream cheered when they saw this!

Guru Qiu's team members had caught up to him! They didn't see them!"

"Oh my god! Is Se7en blind? They didn't even spot them at such a close distance!"

Both Xiao Xiao and Sika were stunned speechless after those comments.

Rita who on sitting at the side covered her mouth, her gaze disbelieving.

Time did not allow them to think though.

Through the spectator's perspective, they could see Squad Douyu17 and Se7en rushing towards the housing area.

Naturally, the two squads would not greet each other or report who they were to each other.

The moment they saw each other, they began to shoot and took cover at the same time.

Both squads realized that something was not right after fighting for a while!

There were too many people inside!

They had barged in because they knew they had more numbers on their side.

If the opposing party dared to fight back, then fight they shall. If they dared not retaliate, they would crush them while finding a way to get the cars on the road.

They did not expect the enemy to retaliate with the same amount of firepower. They had reached a stalemate already at the housing area.

On the grassy field not far away.

GodV who had been lying on his stomach on the field was frozen in shock when he saw everything.

He regained his senses quickly.

He rubbed his hands. "What do you say? Should we ambush them?"

Liu Zilang smiled internally upon hearing GodV's words.

He knew that GodV's body had been itching to join in on the fun when he saw such an exciting battle unfolding right in front of him.

Liu Zilang then felt obligated to warn him, "Think this through. I don't have the confidence that we can kill everyone inside that room with just the two of us. If they were to realize that we're crawling here in an open space without a cover, it'll be very hard for us to leave unscratched."

GodV realized what Liu Zilang was saying and immediately nodded. "You're right. It's more important to win the game. Let's get to the Safe Zone for now!"

From God's perspective in the host room.

Se7en and Squad Douyu17 had turned the housing area into a war zone. Meanwhile, there were two people crawling slowly as if they were watching the whole from the side. Strangely, the entire situation looked rather...


The viewers from the live stream started spamming the bullet screen after being stunned speechless for some time.

"666, I guess we don't need to have good eyesight if you're in the eSports league."

"Wow! Vic is way too cunning! How dare he take advantage of my Guru Qiu's short-sightedness!"

"Speaking of which, why did Se7en not see them? I saw them clearly."

"You b*stard! Of course you can see them clearly. You're watching them from the God's perspective! Also, the squad leader had raised his weapon! Aren't you supposed to follow him?"

"2333... That sounds logical. An incredibly detailed observation!"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang and GodV stood up quickly and made a run for it as soon as they were out of the housing area's line of sight.

They had already healed themselves up to full health, so their pace was considerably quick.

They encountered a squad or two along the journey but they were quite some distance away from each other!

Since the others were not attacking them, they did not bother to cause any trouble to them as well.

The gunshots behind them did not stop as they ran in the open field. The prompts spammed the bottom left corner of the screen.

"Douyu17XX knocked out XXX with XXX!"

Se7enXXX knocked out XXX with XXX!"


Such prompts did not stop from the beginning until the end. One could only imagine how intense the battle behind him was.

However, Liu Zilang and GodV did not see any prompts of Li Muqiu being knocked out or killed even as they neared the Safe Zone.

This made Liu Zilang felt slightly disappointed.


On the commentary platform, the three started talking once more as the battle at Gatka was nearing its end.

"Here we can see that the situation in the housing area was incredibly intense! Both Squad Douyu17 and Se7en had stayed outside of the blue circle for some time now. Unless one of them were wiped out or they form a truce, none of them is going to leave this place."

"That's right, and there's one more bad news too. Since these two squads had destroyed a lot of vehicles earlier and they didn't have the chance to loot the crates as they were on a standoff, they're now low on ammo and healing items."

"Wow! Sousou has taken out Se7en's sniper! Heck, he'd even killed him straight off and now the only person from Se7en is Guru Qiu."

"Guru Qiu's going to 1v2! The situation is very bad for him! The winner for this battle in the housing area will most likely be Squad Douyu17!"

"Wait! Guru Qiu has just thrown a frag grenade. He's rushing in!"


From God's perspective...

Li Muqiu threw out a frag grenade from behind the wall.

Then, he immediately dashed out from the wall, firing the AK in his hand all the while. He emptied the gun as if he was the God of War!

On the other hand, all there was left of Squad Douyu17 were Sousou and Dajing.

Dajing was immediately shot by Li Muqiu the moment he revealed himself.

He was taken out after receiving a blow to the head and body.

17Shou who was behind the wall had struck down Li Muqiu's opportunity to shoot Dajing. He ducked, tilted his head sideways, and took down Li Muqiu with his gun.

Li Muqiu was knocked out.

17Shou's heart jolted!

All he could hear was 'badump!'

Then, 17Shou had lost control of his body and was sent flying to the wall.

He fell down slowly, and all that was left on the ground was a crate.

A breeze gushed by.

The fighting in the housing area had finally ceased.

However, this kind of quiet carried a faint and yet intense implication.

Both Squad Douyu17 and Se7en had started from two full squads to being completely wiped out in that battle!

The two squads that were supposed to be favored in this three-way standoff were now completely annihilated. On the other hand, the two-men squad 4AM had miraculously arrived at the Safe Zone!


At the hill south of Georgopol...

Liu Zilang saw the prompts related to Li Muqiu and 17Shou at the bottom left corner of his screen as he was healing himself up inside the Safe Zone. He was shocked to see that both squads were able to last for so long outside of the blue circle.

Even so, he was thankful to Li Muqiu.

Liu Zilang would never be able to escape without a scratch if Li Muqiu did not hold Squad Douyu17 off.

Liu Zilang shamelessly told himself as he continued pondering.

'I'll have your chicken dinner in your stead!"


Meanwhile in the game...

As the ever-shrinking blue circle had overlapped with the latest Safe Zone, this meant that the fifth circle, which would be the last Safe Zone, would spawn very soon.

Sure enough.

The last battle was happening at the hill south of Georgopol. It was a circle that would fit 29 survivors on the hill.

In this situation, the squad which had occupied the highest point of the hill would without a doubt have the most advantage.

After a brief discussion, Liu Zilang and GodV decided to hide at the top of one of the hills.

It would otherwise be extremely difficult to ascend when the others had taken over the hills and the Safe Zone continued to become smaller and smaller.

Then, a rumbling gunshot from a sniper rifle sounded from one of the hilltops.!


What followed afterward was a prompt appearing at the bottom left corner of their screens!

"IG-Wolves knocked out Wnv-aidi by headshot with AWM!"

Liu Zilang and GodV panicked as soon as they saw the prompt!

Just as they were about to regain their senses, the sound of a gunshot exploded once more as if thunder had just clapped right above their head!


"IG-Wolves knocked out LF-YIN by headshot with AWM!"

Liu Zilang and GodV were not the only ones that were excited.

Countless viewers from the live stream were starting to get excited as well!

This was because they could see the entire situation from God's perspective.

In this match, the best sniper was currently in the hands of the best sniper shooter in Asia!

The hunt has begun!