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163 The Bermuda Triangle!

 A hit from an M24 to a Level Three Spetznaz Helmet would deal 99 health points!

If Li Muqiu had waited for a bit longer, his health points would have gone back up fully.

Unfortunately, he did not wait.

Hence, he was instantly knocked out by Liu Zilang when he peeked out.

Li Muqiu's eye started twitching as he saw the prompt appear at the bottom left corner of his screen.

Since they were competing against each other in that match, Li Muqiu knew that he would eventually have to face GodV since he knew full well how skilled Liu Zilang was.


The previous match was an exception.

In that match, Li Muqiu had thought of a way to beat Liu Zilang in a cool manner after meeting the latter.

However, he did not expect their battle to start in such a manner.

He was knocked out before he could react.

This is so f*cking... frustrating!

At that same time, Shen Zeyan who was leading Squad IG at the hill south of Georgopol noticed the prompt at the bottom left corner of his screen.

As he recovered from the shock, his lips curled up.

It was as if he had witnessed something interesting.


On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"Guru Qiu was a little bit careless there! But Vic's sniping is incredibly quick! From my perspective, it seemed as if Liu Zilang was playing a game of whack-a-mole. He slammed the hammer right down even though Li Muqiu had only revealed half of his head.

"Cough cough... Your comparison doesn't make sense here. However, frankly speaking, I feel like Vic and GodV from 4AM are starting to reach a tacit agreement."

"That's right. Take what has happened for example. GodV was showing off his skills while Vic took out the enemy the moment the enemy revealed himself. In my opinion, this is something only a tacit squad could achieve."

"Unfortunately, Se7en has the geographical advantage and he can be pulled up in the trenches as long as they don't chase after them."

"Wait a minute. GodV has thrown a frag grenade! This grenade... woah! It's unfortunate but it got a little bit too close!"

"Quickly, look at what Squad Douyu17 is doing! They're currently sneaking toward the housing area where Vic and GodV are in!"

Xiao Xiao's words caught the attention of the viewers.

Inside the game, Squad Douyu17 had determined that the squad they were in a stalemate with was clashing against the third squad based on the sound of the gunshots and prompts that had popped out.

At that point in time, the three-way standoff was without a doubt no more. How would 17Shou and the rest react to the situation?

However, since GodV and Liu Zilang had heard gunshots as they were driving there, they knew that there was more than one squad in the area.

Under such circumstances, how could the other squad not make a move while they were fighting with another squad?

Liu Zilang nudged slightly as he saw the system prompt that appeared after he had knocked out Li Muqiu with his M24.

A thought appeared in his head and he immediately shifted his attention toward his left.

Behold. He saw a person climbing up with ill intent from the trenches on the left.

Liu Zilang frowned as he watched.

He then immediately raised his rifle scoped in!

As he aimed with his x15 Scope, the enemy's head by the trenches was in his crosshair!

The first person who had climbed up from the trenches was no other than Squad Douyu17's assaulter, 17Shou.

As soon as he climbed out of the trenches, he felt that he was in a certain danger!

17Shou raised up his head and looked at the housing area.

All he saw was a black sniper rifle's cold metal muzzle staring back at him!

At that instant, 17Shou's pupils shrunk!

He did not give much thought as he instinctively tilted his head.

17Shou decided to tilt his head instead of crouching down because he could clearly feel something coming toward him that instant.

Since crouching down would take a longer time, it might have been too late if he had chosen to do so.

The only thing he could do in that situation was to tilt his head to the side!

It was proven then.

17Shou's instinct was spot on!

Through the spectator's perspective, an M24 sniper bullet whizzed toward 17Shou the moment he tilted his head. In that instant, the bullet grazed his Level Two Military Helmet!

That scene had everyone's hearts racing fast.

The viewers from the live stream cheered as the bullet screen started to rile up!

"What the f*ck! Did he just dodge that? F*cking impressive!"

"666, his reaction speed is ridiculous!"

"I'm thoroughly impressed by his head tilting. He's borderline arrogant!"

"His judgment is way too good! He makes me feel like we're playing a different game!"

"Hehe. you'd feel like him if you had Sousou's reaction speed!"

"I guess Vic didn't aim properly just now. Those who're able to react that quickly are basically monsters!"


Inside the game, when Liu Zilang who had been camping behind the wall saw a player with a Level Two Military Helmet coming out of the trenches, he fired and immediately closed his scope.

He then put his gun away with complete confidence!

Liu Zilang frowned the moment he turned away.

That was because not a single prompt appeared at the bottom left corner of his screen.

Did he miss?

Did the enemy evade his attack?

Liu Zilang turned around and saw the very man that was supposed to have been sniped by him. The man was retreating back into the trenches at full speed before he jumped down.

Liu Zilang could not wrap his head around what had just happened.

However, he soon understood what was the scenario.

Liu Zilang was extremely confident at his marksmanship and firing speed, and he had never underestimated his enemies before.

This was because he had encountered professionals such as Bao Shaolin in Sosnovka Military Base and A+ at the dragon inn. He realized that PUBG had quite a number of extremely good players hidden among the community.

Liu Zilang's lips started to curl up as he pondered.

'This match.

'This match seems to have caught my interest...'



17Shou gave a sigh of relief as he jumped down into the trenches. His heart that was beating intensely had started to calm down.

17Shou immediately warned Maniuniun and the others as he realized that they were trying to climb up. "Don't go. They know we're here and they're waiting for us."

"How many are there? I only heard a suppressed M24 earlier." Maniuniu smiled as he spoke, "Since he can't land a single hit on you, I'm guessing that their sniper is pretty useless."

"That's because I'm skilled." 17Shou rolled his eyes.

With the trenches behind his back, 17Shou recalled the feeling back then as if his heart was being squashed.

He shook his head and warned his team members seriously, "That man in the housing area is extremely skilled! We need to be careful."

As Squad Douyu's leader, despite 17Shou not being as oppressive as A+, Maniuniu and the rest stopped fooling around the moment they noticed how serious their leader was.

Their expressions became stern as they looked toward the housing area.



Both parties did not dare make any rash movements once they knew how skilled each of them were. They had reached a rather miraculous stalemate before the next Safe Zone spawned.


This was not necessarily a good thing for the other squads.

For example, things may be tough on Squad F4 since they were trying to occupy a spot in one of the housing areas of Georgopol.

They came from the north and they would be besieged the moment they passed by the trenches.

The intensity of the attack was a giveaway that their enemies were extremely skilled.

It was merely a greeting and two out of the three F4 vehicles were taken down.

The remaining vehicle reached the housing area even though viscous smoke could be seen coming out from the vehicle.

The enemy did not have the time to breathe as he was taken out by Liu Zilang and GodV.

Then, there were also other squads that suffered the same fate as F4. As they came near them, the three elite squads attacked and overwhelmed them in an instant.

Hence, a huge Bermuda Triangle had formed inside the Safe Zone around Gatka Trenches and the housing area.

Any squad that entered the area would never come out alive!

Countless viewers from the live stream were stunned as they saw everything unfold!