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162 A Futile Warning!

 Squad Douyu17 was once squad MG.

Their current line up in the squad was 17shou, Maniuniu, Dajing, and Zero.

The one that lead the squad in the tournament was usually Maniuniun. 17Shou was the one who led the squad before him.

Their encounter at the Gatka Trenches' in that match was mostly contributed by the clash between 17Shou and Li Muqiu.

At that point in time, they were each at the end of the trenches.

Zero, Douyu17's sniper was battling against the sniper from Li Muqiu's squad. They exchanged shots one after the other but the situation was at a stalemate.

Since the situation was at a stalemate, that meant that either squad would be able to advance and obtain the upper hand if their sniper could take out the other party's sniper.

Seeing how the snipers in their teams were not making any progress, both squad leaders 17Shou and Li Muqiu who were also assaulters, sneaked out of the trenches. They took a detour from the side of the trenches as they moved toward each other in an effort to ambush their respective enemies.

However, there was no surprise.

In fact, both of them were shocked when they saw each other halfway through.

What a coincidence!

"Da da da!"

"Da da da!"

They took cover and started firing at each other as soon as they saw each other.

On the PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform

"Looks like Guru Qiu and Sousou who have been ambushing players since the beginning of the game have the same thoughts as each other. Their thoughts are completely aligned to the point where they encountered each other."

"Speaking of which, these two squads have interesting names. One has a 7 in it while the other has 17. Hehe, I wonder if the additional 10 is a good tor bad thing but it seems like we're about to find out."

"Yes, since there are still many squads left in the field, I feel that these two squads don't need to kill each other yet. It would be best if each of them have their own respective trenches."

"That seems rather unlikely. Douyu17 and Se7en are the loyal type and I don't think I have to explain the saying sharing a bed with an outsider."

"That's true! Sigh! Wait up, I think I see two cars heading toward them."

As the casters commented in surprise, the spectator's view had swiftly shifted toward the sedan and UAZ that was heading toward them from the east.

By the time they could clearly see the person driving the vehicle, they became shocked. That was because, the two drivers were the players who had fought against A+'s squad in the dragon inn, Liu ZIlang and GodV.


Meanwhile, Liu Zilang and GodV's journey was not entirely great.

That was because they had been constantly attacked by other squads along the way.

They did not care much as they heard the faint gunshots coming from Gatka Trenches that was ahead of them.

GodV had marked the housing area just beside the first trench. They then rushed in as if there were rockets strapped behind their backs.

They stopped their vehicles immediately the moment they arrived and healed themselves up as soon as they entered the building.

The two squads at the trenches nearby were shocked as they were about to pull their triggers.

'What is this place?

'Why did another squad arrive?'

Both Li Muqiu and 17Shou who had attempted to approach each other had started to back off slowly.

That was because the fight between the two had expanded to three.

If they were to continue to battle it out between them, the third squad would definitely gain the advantage without doing a single thing.

Both squads which were concealing themselves in the trenches gradually stopped firing as they had yet to figure out Liu Zilang and his squad's intentions.

"Those two vehicles were driven by 4AM from the dragon inn. They seem to have suffered quite a bit along the way here and they've decided to stay in this place."

"Yes, I thought that the battle here would be much more exciting with 4AM joining the party. However, I didn't expect 4AM to not open fire at all and for both Douyu17 and Se7en to stop firing as well. I really didn't expect this outcome at all."

"I believe it's a sensible thing to do. This is because the two teams have to consider the new squad that has entered the field. Hence, they stopped fighting. Furthermore, I'm not sure if you've noticed but these three squads are positioned in such a manner that they form a triangle on the map, which is a rather stable shape."

"Hmm, now that you've mentioned it. It kind of makes sense."

The three casters analyzedd in the commentary platform.

Inside the game, GodV and Liu Zilang decided to walk out of the building as they had fully healed themselves.

"Hmm? I thought I heard gunshots coming from next door a moment ago. Why did they stop?" GodV said skeptically.

Liu Zilang nodded as he took out his M24 that was equipped with the x15 Scope. "Let me have a look."

Ultimately, he did not see a single soul as he scanned the area for a long time.

Seeing how Liu Zilang did not utter a single word, GodV took out his SKS that was equipped with an 8x Scope as well.

He, too, could not spot a single soul.

Then, all he could hear were rapid gunshots from an SKS!

The first bullet had landed on GodV's Level Three Spetznaz Helmet.

The second shot came shortly afterward as it landed on GodV's shoulder.

However, GodV had reacted and took cover by the time the third bullet arrived.

Despite that, the gunshots did not cease for a single moment.

The wall which GodV was taking cover behind was bombarded with gunshots!

The wall clanked as countless bullet holes formed in seconds.

GodV was furious as he looked at his Level Three Spetznaz Helmet that was in the red.

Why did they not attack Liu Zilang even though he had been peeking for so long?

However, he was bombarded the moment he revealed himself.

GodV stayed behind the wall as he peeked outside from the corner of his screen. He was shocked to find out that the bullets holes were densely packed in a very small area.

GodV was extremely startled.

The enemy had fired 17 rounds in 2 seconds.

GodV knew that he was as good as the enemy if he were to use the SKS in his enemy's shoes.

GodV soon came to realize what was the enemy's intention when the latter fired at the wall.

He was showing off his skill.

He was telling them to not make any rash moves.

GodV was extremely unhappy as he pondered on.

He used a first aid kit and consumed an energy drink. Then, he waited for his health to rise back up for a bit.

GodV revealed himself once more as he aimed with his SKS and simply fired at the trenches.

Just when the enemy was about to return fire, he stopped aiming and took cover.

However, he peeked out again within a second and fired at the trenches where the enemy was hiding before taking cover again!

GodV repeated this quick-scope technique for more than ten times!

Meanwhile, Se7en's sniper had tried to return fire twice but he was unable to land a single hit on GodV.

At one side, Li Muqiu noticed that not only was his warning ineffective but the enemy had started to make a fool out of him as well.

He squinted as he revealed himself despite the fact that his health bar was not full.

Then, a sound similar to a stapler rang beside his ear!

'Oh sh*t!'

Li Muqiu's pupils shrunk as his heart jolted!


What came afterward was the sound of ammo piercing through his helmet.

"4AM-Vic knocked out Se7en-Lech by headshot with M24!"

A prompt appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Li Muqiu was shocked beyond words as he covered his abdomen while he crawled on the ground!