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161 Snipers Showing Off!

 On Douyu, inside the PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform.

"IFTY and 4AM are currently in a fight. Although the Big Brother Squad has the advantage in terms of numbers, Vic has taken out TK who was in the midst of throwing a frag grenade at the airdrop with perfect timing."

"That's right. BigBrother and the rest were able to determine both Vic and GodV's location immediately after TK tossed the frag grenade. I believe that TK would've had the opportunity to take cover while VK and BigBrother held them off. That way, not only would Vic's attempt at sniping have been unable to kill him off. However, he would've revealed his location as well."

"That's precisely the situation. But since Vic landed a headshot on TK while the frag grenade was still in the latter's hand, the remaining IFTY members were helpless in that situation. Vic's ambush was able to successfully reduce their members by one. It's truly an amazing feat considering the fact that the enemy is a full four-man squad, where they could pull one of their members up without difficulty."


As Xiao Xiao, Sicca and Rita were explaining the situation, the spectator's view locked in to the dragon inn as if everything was happening there.

At the entrance of the rear warehouse.

VK squinted as he aimed at the wall of the rooftop of the fake garage with his 98K that was equipped with an 8x Scope.

He saw a person behind the wall just a moment ago.

That meant that his enemy was definitely hiding behind the wall as long as he did not jump off the building.

VK was without a doubt acting as bait.

He was basically telling his enemy, "I'm right here. Attack me if you can."

VK would immediately pull the trigger the moment Liu Zilang revealed himself!

Naturally, there had to be a reason for VK to act so boldly and condifently.

Behind the short wall not far away from him, BigBrotherA+ was crouching with a Kar98K in his hands. The gun was equipped with an 8x Scope as well.

That was their sure-fire strategy!


On the third floor of the fake garage.

GodV frowned as he pondered for a brief moment while he looked at Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the wall. Then, he voiced out, "The enemy is A+'s squad. Try to catch their attention and I'll see if I can sneak toward them."

"Alright," Liu Zilang replied casually.

He was camping behind the wall as he could clearly see the person aiming at him with a 98K at the rear warehouse's entrance from the corner of his screen.

Liu Zilang did not understand why the enemy was acting so confidently.

That was the reason why he had yet to fire.

Since GodV wanted to cooperate with Liu Zilang, he had no other choice but to act.

Then, Liu Zilang who had been hiding behind the wall revealed himself.

He scoped in and pulled the trigger in an instant!




In an instant, three gunshots rang simultaneously at the dragon inn!

Liu Zilang's viewers from his live stream only saw a sudden jolt on his screen that was scoped in before he stopped aiming and retreated.

The entire process was insanely quick.

It was so quick that pulling the trigger, or even aiming, was an illusion. It was as if it did not even happen.

If there was a single word that could describe the entire process, it would be.



The viewers from the live stream were all astonished.

Liu Zilang's Level Three Spetznaz Helmet turned red as his health points plunged down!

In other words!

In that insanely brief moment!

He was shot by the enemy's sniper in the head!

Liu Zilang who had retreated back behind the wall on the third floor was slightly surprised as he looked at his health bar.

'A pro!'

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips started curling up as he evaluated his enemy.


Meanwhile, both VK and A+ at the dragon inn were stunned as well.

VK's Level Three Spetnaz Helmet was in the red. The majority of his health points had been chipped off as well. Shocked at the turn of events, he dashed into the rear warehouse as he took cover!

They had guessed that their enemy was equipped with a Level Three Spetnaz Helmet.

What they planned was to let Vk and Liu Zilang exchange shots while A+ attacked in the shadows.

That was the reason why three gunshots were heard!

However, there was one thing that they had not anticipated at all.

They did not anticipate their enemy to be that quick!

All VK saw through his 8x Scope was the enemy appearing for just a brief moment. He did not even have the time to react to aim and fire as the enemy had retreated back behind the wall by then.

Hence, he had missed his shot!

In comparison, A+ did not have the opportunity to aim properly from behind the short wall as well.

However, he relied on his instincts and reaction speed as an elite gamer. Hence, he was able to land a headshot on Liu Zilang by chance.

The IFTY members were shocked as they realized what had happened!

They had met an elite!

A+ was hyped up that instant.

After all, he had been in the national professional FPS scene for some time.

It had been a while since he encountered a sniper that made him that excited other than Shen Zeyan, Bao Shaolin, and a few handful of other players since he started playing PUBG.

However, what Liu Zilang had demonstrated, regardless if it was his marksmanship or technique, he was without a doubt way beyond the local players.


A+ licked his lips as he was more fired up than ever!

'Your head!

'Is mine!'



The exciting showdown among snipers had begun on the streets of the dragon inn.

Sniper rifle bullets whizzed here and there as the players quick-scoped, flicked, and no-scoped...

They used techniques that many have heard of in the past but had not witnessed themselves. However, Liu Zilang and A+ were able to showcase them without difficulty!

Countless viewers from the live stream were extremely shocked. Their eyes widened and their jaws started dropping down!

Both A+ and VK were startled as they took turns to attack from the rear warehouse.

They were extremely surprised by Liu Zilang's skill.

One had to know that constant, exceptional focus and observation was a must during a standoff between snipers.

One slight mistake could cost them their lives.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was able to hold off both A+ and VK in a 1vs2 scenario. In fact, he was fending them off.

That was one of the things that they were surprised at!

There was another thing that made both A+ and VK frustrated.

They would take turns to attack their enemy and would crouch down to heal themselves back to full health the moment they had taken damage.

It was not easy to land a headshot on Liu Zilang. When they had done so, they could clearly see from their 8x Scopes that Liu Zilang's helmet had shattered to pieces!

However, by the time he revealed himself again.

He had a brand new Level Three Spetznaz Helmet on his head!

'What the f*ck is going on?'


After a few more shots, VK whose Level Three Spetznaz Helmet was shattered did not dare reveal himself to return fire anymore.

There was nothing covering his head and he would instantly die the moment he took a hit.

On the other hand, A+'s helmet was shattered a long time ago and he was merely using SOSO's Level Three Spetznaz Helmet.

A+ tried to stay calm as he healed himself back to full health.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he tried to feel Liu Zilang's sniping rhythm.

Then, A+ stood up from behind the short wall and scoped in!

At that same time, it was as if their thoughts lined up together!

Liu Zilang who had been hiding behind the wall on the third floor also revealed himself and scoped in at the same time as A+!

Then, they flicked and pulled their triggers simultaneously. They did not have time to aim at all!



The gunshots rang at the same time and both A+ and Liu Zilang's pitch black Level Three Spetznaz Helmets shattered into millions of pieces!

In the blink of an eye, both of them retreated back!

That snipe.

Both parties were equally injured!

The viewers from the live stream cheered as they saw the entire scene unfold!

It was very unlikely for such a high-level match between snipers to come from a casual streamer.

Similarly, it was extremely rare to see such an exciting battle in a tournament as well!

Inside the game, A+ felt a thrill throughout his body after firing that shot. One could say that he had peaked in that moment!

A+ who had lost his helmet was crouching down and trying to heal himself back up to health when he became flabbergasted as he turned his head around!

He was able to see clearly in the distance that the man on the third floor of the fake garage had a new Level Three Spetznaz Helmet out of nowhere.

His enemy was camping behind the door, preparing to shoot them at a moment's notice.

'What the h*ll...'

He looked at himself. He who had nothing to cover that head of his.

Anxiety started surging inside A+

'Is this man...'

'Could he possibly be the Level Three Spetznaz Helmet supplier?'

At the third room north of dragon inn.

GodV had managed to avoid the two snipers. He was extremely cautious of SOSO's field of vision as he sneaked to the side without anyone realizing.

He crawled into a bush as he took out his SKS and fired at the helmetless A+. Then, he swiftly shifted his line of fire toward SOSO to attack him!

Although SOSO's reaction speed was quick, he was not quick enough to take cover and was knocked out by GodV and his SKS!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang who had been hiding behind the wall on the third floor of the fake garage let out a long sigh of relief as he heard GodV's gunshots.

There was only one word that could describe his feelings at that moment.

That word was tiring!

It was not just fatigue from pushing his focus to its limit.

What was more tiring was him running downstairs and back up multiple times to obtain a brand new helmet whenever his helmet shattered!

That was extremely tiring!

A+ would have vomited a mouthful of blood if he knew what Liu Zilang was thinking!

On the commentary platform of PUBG Golden Legends.

Xiao Xiao, Sika and Rita were narrating swiftly as they watched.

"Oh my god! GodV that had moved to the side has sealed the deal! You could say that this was what destroyed the Big Brother Squad! BigBrother and SOSO have been annihilated! VK is the only one left inside the rear warehouse."

"That's right! VK doesn't have a helmet at the moment and it's without a doubt that he'll challenge GodV. A shot from an SKS to the head would without a doubt kill him on the spot!"

"I have to say that the battle among Vic, BigBrother, and VK was truly exciting. It's as if it was a fight among Gods!"

"Ow! GodV killed BigBrother and SOSO off immediately after knocking them out! He didn't give them the chance to be pulled up and decided to move on from there after increasing his kill count."

"That's right. They're his as long as he killed them after all. What will VK in the rear warehouse do? He has thrown a smoke grenade followed by a frag grenade at GodV. Is he trying to fight GodV head on?"

"Wait! VK isn't going after him! He's moving toward the rear warehouse's backdoor, and that's where their UAZ is stationed! Is VK trying to..."

As they narrated what was happening inside the game, VK had sneaked to the back door and gone inside the vehicle.

He ignited the engine and started driving westward.

He honked three times before he departed.

It was as if he was giving his late squad members a memorial ceremony.

On the other hand.

It also sounded like he would return soon!

GodV who was at the side was still on guard when he saw the smoke and frag grenade that were thrown out from the rear warehouse.

However, he was surprised when he heard the vehicle's engine and the honks!

'Did he...

'Run away?'



IFTY had put on an exciting performance.

Although VK had escaped with a vehicle, it was one way of preventing them from losing further in another perspective. By doing so, it would ensure their ranking in the tournament.

They were in an official tournament match, and points would be accumulated from it. There were around seventy players left alive. If IFTY were to lose all their members, without a doubt, it would be extremely unbeneficial for their ranking.

Hence from that perspective, while VK retreating from the battle made him seem cowardly, it was a rather calm and smart decision.


As the battle ended, Liu Zilang and GodV immediately went toward the crates to loot them.

Technically, there was nothing else they needed any more, but looting was part of their instinct and hobby.

It was equivalent to girls shopping on the street. They could shop for an entire day without purchasing a single item.

Both of them stayed inside the Safe Zone as they finished looting them.

Then, the next Safe Zone spawned.

The third Safe Zone covered the hill south of Georgopol, Gatka, and Gatka Trenches. One could say that it was a Georgopol circle.

The Safe Zone was considered small at that point.

GodV pondered at the side as he looked at the number of players that were still in the game. He was thinking if they should continue camping at the edge of the blue circle or find a place to hide in the center of the Safe Zone.

Due to the mechanism of how the Safe Zone was spawned, it was without a doubt that the next Safe Zone would definitely cover the center of the current Safe Zone.

They could still manage if the next Safe Zone included their region if they camped at the edge of the blue circle...

However, if the Safe Zone were to spawn at the other side of the current Safe Zone or somewhere slightly further away, it was without a doubt that they would enter the phase where the number of players would reduce drastically under such a densely populated region.

If they were to drive a vehicle or run on foot, they would definitely be preyed on by others.

It was safer for them to camp by the edge of the Safe Zone.

However, it was better for them to move to the center of the Safe Zone in the long run.

Although Liu Zilang had never participated in a tournament before, he had experience from his school's offline tournament. He also had his unconventional gaming sense as well.

Upon hearing GodV's words, he did not need further explanation as he quickly connected the dots and nodded in agreement.

As they decided, both of them marked a housing area near Georgopol at the center of the Safe Zone.

GodV drove the UAZ whereas Liu Zilang drove the orange sedan that IFTY had left behind.

The advantage of doing so was that they could disperse the enemy's firepower and they could pull away as well as counter-attack. In the worst case scenario, they would still have the other person carrying their will.

Naturally, that was the worst case scenario.

In that match.

GodV and Liu Zilang were about to head toward Georgopol.

However, they did not know that a great war had just ended in Georgopol.

Furthermore, Li Muqiu who was leading squad Se7en had met their toughest challenge in that match yet.

That was because their enemy.

Was no other than Squad Douyu17!