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160 The Duo Sniper Strategy!

 The viewers in the live stream lost their minds as they watched Liu Zilang loot the airdrop with only a few health points left!

"What the f*ck! You can do that? I've learned something new today!"

"Please stop showing off! Fine, I don't want my fishballs anymore! Are you happy now!"

"I can't believe he went up just like that! That is way too cool!"

"GG! 4AM has hit the jackpot! Vic is truly a wizard!"

"Vic sure is taking his sweet time to loot this airdrop!"


At the top of the rear warehouse.

Liu Zilang opened the airdrop and was welcomed with loot arranged in an orderly manner.

There was a ghillie suit, an M24, a 15x scope, and adrenaline syringes!

Even though the airdrop did not have all the ideal items, it was still fairly good.

Liu Zilang put on the ghillie suit as he transferred the suppressor and stock of his Kar98K to the M24.

Then, he swiftly jumped down and passed over the ghillie suit he was wearing to GodV. "Here, have this. I'll take the M24."

GodV accepted it with an open arm as he put on the ghillie suit.

Then, they stared at each other in the eye.

GodV voiced out, "What now?"

It was obvious that Liu Zilang's performance was outstanding in that match. Hence, GodV wanted to listen to his opinion even though he was the leader.

Liu Zilang looked at the map and replied GodV, "We're still in the Safe Zone. Why don't we camp on the top of the fake garage until the next Safe Zone appears?"

"Hmm. We can do that." GodV nodded.

Hence, both of them got into the car swiftly.

GodV drove to the fake garage and parked the car in reverse before they climbed to its rooftop using the staircase.


At Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends commentary platform.

Xiao Xiao exclaimed, "looks like 4AM is really the chosen one. The airdrop landed right before them and the Safe Zone spawned around them as well."

"The airdrop incident earlier was really something. They make up for their lack of luck with brute force. Did you know? That the frag grenade earlier gave me quite the surprise."

Sicca nodded as he listened to Xiao Xiao. "Which is why I said that what's surprising about them to me is not their marksmanship, but their ability to adapt in every situation.

"Take what had just happened for example. If we were the ones in that situation, we'd be dumbfounded if the airdrop landed on the rooftop. Perhaps some of us may have thrown a frag grenade or two. However, we would've given up the moment we realized that it wouldn't work out."

Sicca clapped his hands. "Sigh! But Vic is different, he personally went up there himself since he couldn't blast the airdrop down. Heh. Looks like PUBG really is the kind of game where imagination is the limit."

"Hehe. It's similar to the saying 'if the mountain isn't going to move, I will'." Rita smiled as she listened.

Then, she looked at the spectator's view and the world map curiously. "It looks like the majority of the squads from the east have entered the Safe Zone. If Vic and GodV are to continue camping there, they shouldn't encounter anyone until the next circle spawns."

"Hmm... Hmm?" Xiao Xiao heightened his pitch out of the blue. "The IFTY Big Brother Squad situated toward the north... They're coming from the hill south of Rozhok and they seem to be heading toward the dragon inn!"

The viewers from the live stream screamed as they realized something was wrong. They had heard Xiao Xiao's surprised tone.

That instant, everyone focused their attention toward the area.


At the hill south of Rozhok.

A UAZ and an orange sedan drove in a straight line as they traveled over the hill.

Those two vehicles belonged to the squad IFTY, which had traveled to Yasnaya Polyana to look for vehicles since the beginning of the match.

As they were traveling downhill, the extremely observant VK spoke, "Hmm? Hey, look at that airdrop on top of that building! There's still smoke coming out from it!"

A+ and the rest raised their heads andntheybwere greeted by the airdrop which was still releasing tempting red smoke.

"With the airdrop in that kind of position, no one has taken it yet, right?" Soso claimed. "Why don't we head there and try to blast it down?"

TK agreed. "Brother, let's head over there. There might be an AWM for us."

A+ scanned his surroundings cautiously. He then grumbled before he spoke, "We can go there but we need to be cautious. Cunning b*stards who participate in tournaments love camping by airdrops nowadays."

Soon, the four-man squad IFTY drove their vehicles toward the dragon inn.



At the fake garage's rooftop.

"Hmm? I think I hear a car coming from the north," GodV said.

"Yes, I hear them as well," Liu Zilang replied calmly.

They popped their scopes on the rooftop and saw a squad heading toward them from the north. The squad seemed to be heading toward the rear warehouse behind them.

"Are they trying to loot the airdrop?" GodV rubbed his chin as he spoke.

Liu Zilang whispered, "Very likely. Let's not fire at them for now and watch them from the shadows?"

"Sure, that's fine by me." GodV nodded.


They swiftly got out of their cars as the four men from IFTY arrived at the dragon inn's rear warehouse.

TK stared at the airdrop at the top of the rear warehouse after they made sure that no one was around. He then voiced out cheerfully, "There's nobody around, I'll start bombing it!"

"Go ahead, quickly." Soso smiled.

TK took a few steps back, took out a frag grenade and then raised his hand.

Then, there was a bang!

In an instant, the deep sound of a gunshot came from the opposite side of the dragon inn!

The IFTY members were shocked.

All they saw was TK's white Level Two Helmet shattered into millions of pieces as he fell to the ground when he was about to throw the grenade!

"4AM-Vic knocked down IFTY-TKZHUN by headshot with M24!"

Not good!

Someone was waiting for them!

IFTY was sent into a panic.

However, they were elite professional players and were able to make out the location of their enemies even with the gunshot of the M24 being muzzled. They instantly took cover the moment they determined the origin of the gunshot.

SOSO took cover as he looked at TK who had been knocked out. He was covering his stomach. She then told him, "Crawl toward me while I cover you with a smoke grenade."

As he was about to head toward TK.


"Stay away!"

At that instant, both A+ and TK shouted simultaneously!

SOSO was shocked upon hearing their words.

Then, there was a loud boom!

A sparked flashed underneath TK as he exploded.

Dust filled the entire area as TK was sent flying away, leaving a crate behind.

"IFTY-TKZHUN has killed himself with a frag grenade!"

It was only then he realized that TK had pulled the frag grenade earlier...

The viewers from the live stream gave TK a moment of silence as they watched.

Inside the game, BigBrotherA+ said coldly, "The enemy is on the third floor of the fake garage. VK, aim at them while I flank them."

Since Lili was not able to switch to YY together with IFTY due to her contract with Douyu, VK had assumed position as IFTY's new sniper.

His observation and marksmanship were the best in the country, where everything was just within a stone's throw away even if the actual distance was very far away. He was without a doubt a very skilled player.

On the other hand, BigBrotherA+ could be considered an all-rounder. Similar to Knight's James, he was able to fit in every lacking role so that he could provide the best support for his squad.

In that match, he too had a 98K on his back!

When VK exchanged bullets with enemies, A+ would ambush them with that sniper of his.

That was IFTY's most unique strategy, the "duo sniper strategy"!