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159 The Chosen One?

 The moral of the entire squad was boosted greatly as Liu Zilang and GodV managed to kill off the entire QG squad in a 2 vs 4 battle.

They were the only two left in the squad since Aluka and Cpt had been sent to the VIP spectator view.

The viewers from the live stream were extremely shocked and started spamming the bullet screen.

"It's here! The legendary 4AM Aluka's sacrificial strategy!"

"It's not just Aluka, they've even thrown in Cpt as well. It definitely has given them the additional effect!"

"Wooo! 4AM UP UP! Buckle up Vic and Wei-chan! You're getting closer to your chicken dinner!"

"Chicken dinner? It's impossible! 4AM is down two people and their fighting style is way too aggressive. They'd probably have perished if they encountered Guru Qiu, Master Ze, or any other squad instead of QG."

"I think GodV and Vic need to play safe. Sure they're extremely powerful but they're lacking in numbers. It would be hard for them if they encountered someone else other than QG later on."

"QG: I knew you guys didn't look up to us at all!"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang and GodV camped inside the fake garage as they finished looting QG's crates.

Vehicles would occasionally drive by from outside the blue circle.

The two of them would stand on the rooftop of the fake garage and fire at the other players upon sight. Although they did not have the confidence to kill anyone, it was without a doubt that they were announcing to the other squads that they were the rulers of that building.

Some squads that arrived from outside the blue circle had attempted to steal the building from them.

However, the squads noticed that the two from above would attack them head on without fear.

Hence, they ultimately left them alone as they thought that none of their enemy's members were out of the game yet.

After all, players would only occupy buildings that would win them chicken dinner during the final circle of the match.

It was very unlikely for squads to fight over a building during the early stages of a game.

It was basically a first come first serve basis to avoid conflict at all cost.

However, if any of the squads knew that there were only two of them fighting in such a confident manner, they might have fought them head on!

However, no one dared to do so without having the full picture of the situation.

Hence, Liu Zilang and GodV fired at them on sight with their rifles on the rooftop. They oppressed everyone who dared to enter their territory as if it was target practice with their 4x Scopes.

When they ran out of ammo, they would head out to loot a crate and continue firing.

Two people, two rifles.

They had managed to output firepower equivalent to an army!

Suddenly, a roar could be heard as an airplane appeared at the horizon far away from the island.

From the caster's spectator view, the live stream viewers could clearly see that the plane was flying from the right to the left as it flew from Lipovka toward them.

Judging from its flight route, it seemed like it would fly past Liu Zilang and GodV's territory.

What happened next shocked every viewer of the live stream.

A small black dot appeared in the sky, below the plane, as it flew over their building.

Then, a parachute sprung open as it was attached to the blue-red airdrop. It started to descend slowly from above.

It was an airdrop sent directly to them!

The viewers from the live stream were astonished, and the bullet screen was immediately thrown into chaos.

"What the f*ck. That airdrop is being literally sent to 4AM's doorstep?"

"GG! This is way too unreal!"

"Is this a hint that 4AM is the chosen one?"

"I think they're the chosen one. I'm betting on them now! Why did I not bet on them sooner!"

"An airdrop landing by their doorstep is an extremely good sign! 4AM is definitely getting chicken dinner! I'm rich!"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang and GodV were on the rooftop looking out for other players.

The blue circle was right behind their backs and the next Safe Zone was about to spawn.

Then, at that moment.

The airplane's engine roared from above them!

They immediately raised their heads and were greeted by the airdrop. The airdrop wiggled back and forth as it descended slowly from above.

'Were they surprised?'

'Were they shocked?'

In an instant, both Liu Zilang and GodV lost the interest to shoot at the other players.

They raised their heads up with their mouths wide open as they looked at the slowly descending airdrop.

However, their expressions became rather strange as the airdrop was about to touch down.

The airdrop was to land at the rear warehouse which was the third building northward from their location.

Their hearts started racing!

In the live stream, from the caster's perspective.

The airdrop was slowly descending toward the rear warehouse's rooftop. Then, it clanked as a cloud of viscous red smoke began fuming out from it. The smoke dispersed along with the wind.

In an instant, the live stream that had been bustling became quiet. Completely quiet.

"What the f*ck... Weren't they expecting that airdrop to land right at their doorsteps?"

"Who's the one that said they were the chosen ones. Come out so that I can kill you!"

"Nooooo! Is the admin here? Is the admin here? Is it too late to refund my fishballs?"

"My condolences to 4AM. They've been extremely lucky this match but I guess they don't enough luck for an airdrop to land right before their very eyes."

"This is pure agony!"

On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' commentary platform.

The three casters' eyes started twitching as they saw the location of the airdrop.

"Hehe. Looks like 4AM isn't that lucky today! The airdrop has dropped at a rather awkward place for them."

"Indeed. Meanwhile, the new Safe Zone has spawned. 4AM is still within the Safe Zone and the airdrop is right at the boundary of the Safe Zone."

"That's right. This means that if the airdrop hadn't dropped in such an awkward place, many players would've tried to snatch it from 4AM. After all, it's not in the center of the Safe Zone."

"It's rather unfortunate. They're basically in a position where no one is able to snatch the loot away from them but they're unable to obtain it as well."

"Huh? It seems like Vic and GodV have yet to give up. They're throwing frag grenades at it. I think they're trying to blast it down. They're really going all out for this crate."

"Uhm... It's hard to say. It's technically possible but it's hard to make it work."

Inside the game, Liu Zilang and GodV stood below the rear warehouse as they threw frag grenades one after another toward it.

However, the airdrop only jolted slightly.

It was not strong enough to push it down.

It tilted greatly but it did not tip over.

Liu Zilang's eye twitched as it was the frag grenade he threw earlier...

The viewers of the live stream burst into laughter as they watched on. They chuckled at their misfortune as they tried to persuade the two of them to give up.

'It's just an airdrop!'

Liu Zilang was extremely dissatisfied and wanted to keep on going. However, he soon realized that he had exhausted all of his frag grenades.

Then, GodV took a deep breath and said, "F*cking hell. I'm down to my last frag grenade. I'll pull it down even if I can't blast it down."

Liu Zilang stared at the airdrop above him as he listened. In that instant, an idea popped in his head. "Wait!"

GodV stared at him confusingly.

He watched Liu Zilang run to the front and drive the jeep to the rear warehouse.

He then got down from the car, jumped up its hood and then stood on top of it.

As he stabilized himself, he told GodV who was standing behind him, "Throw the frag grenade below the jeep. Throw it slightly further so that I don't die from the explosion."

"Huh?" GodV was shocked as he questioned skeptically, "Are... you sure this is going to work?"

"It's worth a try." Liu Zilang smiled as he encouraged him.

GodV did not pursue further upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

He took a deep breath as he retreated two steps back. He then grabbed hold of the grenade with his right hand before he rolled it away.

Countless viewers from the live stream widened their eyes as they watched!

Then, there was a loud bam!

A bright light flashed underneath the jeep as the frag grenade's momentum tilted it over!

Liu Zilang, who was on top of the jeep had done something unbelievable right in front of the three casters and countless viewers in the live stream.

He flew into the sky and landed on the top of the rear warehouse!

'What the f*cking hell...'

'What kind of sorcery is this!'