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158 The Bloody Dragon Inn!

 Seeing the four neatly placed boxes next to the burning car, GodV and the other two members could not help but feel a little bit shaken.

They kept replaying Liu Zilang's last Kar98k shot over and over in their heads!

At the same time, they could not help but feel a complicated emotion surge through their hearts!

In their eyes, it was no longer just skill, it was pure instincts and adaptability!


"Vic, do you have a sniper suppressor?"

"There's a sniper Extended Mag over here, I'll keep it for you just in case we come across an M24 or an AWM."

"Vic, do you need more meds? I'll drop you some drinks, there's also a fresh Level-three Helmet over there."


As they looted the crates, the three stooges from 4AM started offering up all the goodies they found.

After joining the team recently, Liu Zilang had somehow fit into the group. He had become a key player in the team.

After looting all four of OMG players' crates, they had items from two loot hotspots which included the Military Base and Novorepnoye. All four players had enough energy drinks to start a shop.

Before they got back into the car, the four all drank enough drinks to cap out their boosts.

They did not have a choice!

Their backpacks were all full, they couldn't waste loot!


On Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends commentary platform, seeing 4AM's "nouveau riche" state, Xiao Xiao could not resist the urge to speak, "4AM has a huge advantage in this safe zone. I've got a feeling that they're the most stacked squad in the match right now."

Exactly at that moment, the Observer "Intuitively" cut over to squad EDG which had been fighting its way down the road since they first dropped.

On the screen, the EDG members had a Four-of-a-kind in Level-one helmets. In terms of armor, they only had two pieces of Level-two gear in total. Everything else they had was Level-one.

They were all wielding various SMGs and Shotguns, only a single rifle was shared amongst the four of them.

However, they had a scope.

It was equipped onto their sniper's rifle.

The only thing was...

It was a mere 2x.

From the looks of it, they were being attacked by a group of people from a distance away. They were desperately trying to find cover to hide behind.

One of the players who had half his health left crouched on the ground as he pitifully used bandages to heal himself.

After he had used up his bandages, he was a bit reluctant to use his Energy Drinks.

As they say, there is no way to tell if something is bad until there is something else to be compared with.

In comparison to what they had seen, EDG's situation in that match literally could not be any worse!

Realizing that, Sicca rubbed his chin and could not resist the urge to laugh. "Why do I feel like 4AM are P2W players with maxed out GS, and they're about to go pubstomp in a newbie village?"

Hearing Sicca's words, Rita also laughed whilst she covered her mouth. "This round, 4AM is really stacked! In my opinion, you wouldn't be able to get stacked that quickly in random matches. Every single one of them is armed with fully modded-out guns and Level-three sets. With that kind of gear, even if they encounter an ambush later on, I don't think any squad would be a match for them!"

"Don't jinx it."

Sicca smiled as he shook his head. "In PUBG, equipment is only the foundation. How well a player plays is still up to his or her individual skill, reaction speed, intuition, and adaptability."

"That's definitely true. But at the same time, that equipment is also something 4AM fought tooth and nail for. In this match, hotdropping in the Sosnovka Military Base was a high-risk high-reward move. There's nothing much you can criticise about them."

Xiao Xiao nodded. Looking at the screen once more, he continued, "4AM has entered the first circle. When they were running from the shrinking circle, SnakeTC, LGD, and LLG were also trying to get into the circle as well. However, due to their different route choices, these squads haven't had the chance to bump into each other yet."


In the game, the safe zone's border was all the way to the west of School.

Since it was the first circle, it closed in extremely slowly. By the time Liu Zilang and company entered the safe zone, the circle was still a huge distance away.

Thus, the group decided to stay at the edge of the circle to see if anyone else was still trying to get into the circle.

At that time, they had snagged eight total kills and should have been the kill leaders. If they managed to block more people, then they would be able to get more points from kills.

Soon, they decided to set up shop at the "Dragon Inn" next to School.

GodV and Aluka stepped on the gas as the two Jeeps zoomed toward the Dragon Inn.


However, what Liu Zilang's squad did not know at that time was that the Dragon Inn next to School... was the camping grounds of another squad.

It was squad QG. After they had landed, they got a vehicle and started driving all the way up North, scouring through the entire School area for gear.

Once they saw the location of the first safe zone, they had the same idea as 4AM.

They would set up base at the Dragon Inn.

However, the only difference they had compared to 4AM was that their intention was not to pick off players coming into the circle.

Being there very early on in the round, QG's true intentions were not to stop people from getting into the circle...

But to f*ck people over!


On the small green hill Southeast of the Dragon Inn, the two vehicles of Liu Zilang's squad started to drive uphill.

"Don't go too close, we'll patrol the area a little bit. Check if there are any open doors just in case there's someone there."

As they started to drive down the other side of the hill, GodV said those words in a serious manner.

Aluka nodded when he heard GodV's concerns. "Then Cpt and I will check out the houses on the south side of the road, you guys head over to the north side."

"Alright, let's do this."

GodV started turning the steering wheel, causing the jeep to start drifting down the hill before it began heading directly over to the three buildings toward the north to scout out the situation.

Immediately after, both sides started to report to their respective teammates in their team voice chat.

"The buildings toward the north do not have any open doors and their glass windows are intact," GodV said.

"Same for the south side," said Cpt who was in Aluka's car. "All the doors are closed as well. Seems like this place hasn't been looted yet."

It was logical too, the flight path that match was all the way down the south side of Erangel. It was a difficult place to land at even with an early parachute.

Furthermore, the Dragon Inn was not some key strategical point on the map. It was unsurprising for anyone not to be there.

After the two vehicles circled the premise a couple of times, Aluka and Cpt parked in the Dragon Inn's garage all the way at the right.

Once they killed the engines, they prepared to check out the roof.

However, as soon as they came out of their vehicles, pulled out their guns and started to take the stairs up, a flurry of rapid footsteps were suddenly heard!


"Someone's here!"

Aluka and Cpt reacted as they shouted in YY.

As the two made their way back down the stairs, they were unexpectedly greeted by a guy holding an AK. The guy was charging toward them in the small room downstairs!

Aluka and Cpt had the fright of their lives!

'This is too f*cking evil!'

Almost at the same time, the QG players who were camping on the second floor rushed down from the staircase.



The next moment, under the symphony of dull-auto rifle fire, the room transformed into a warzone as bullets flew from one end of the room to the other!

Being sprayed down in a pincer formation, before Aluka and Cpt could blink, they both had been knocked out on the staircase.


Immediately after, their opponents showed no mercy as they finished them off.

The player on the bottom floor then proceeded to charge back up to the second floor through the staircase.

Due to the fact that Aluka and Cpt were decimated so quickly, they were unable to knock out a single person from that engagement. However, they did manage to get the player who was downstairs to critically low health.

As soon as he made it up and closed the door, that QG player breathed a long sigh of relief. He said, "So they were 4AM. That King Ka's reaction speed is actually quite good, just a moment more and I would've been downed."

"Then you should thank us, if it wasn't for us ambushing him, you'd probably be knocked out by now. Possibly even finished off."

Hearing that, that player, who was busy taking meds suddenly became angry. He shouted out in dissatisfaction, "Motherf*cker, our plan was for you guys to attract their attention allowing me to ambush them from behind. How the hell did it turn the other way around? You guys are the problem here!"


In Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, Xiao Xiao and Sicca who had been praising 4AM's equipment to the moon were utterly shocked by the sudden ambush. They had previously claimed that 4AM had become an unstoppable force

Especially since they were looking on from the Observer's free-view camera, they had front row tickets of QG devilishly camping in the building. They had also seen Aluka and Cpt slowly walk their way to death's door.

"Cough cough..." Xiao Xiao clenched his fist as he coughed dryly. "So, what's the moral of the story? No matter how good or smart you are, you can never escape luck and fate/ When up against the ultimate camper, it doesn't matter what kind of equipment you have."

Hearing Xiao Xiao's words, Sicca exclaimed helplessly, "To be honest, I've always found f*cking campers in PuGs bloody terrifying.

"But now I understand. When an actual pro player turns into a camper, especially if it's with coordinated effort, that's true terror right there!"

As Rita looked at the screen, she started to worry as she stated, "Now that 4AM has lost two members in an instant, I feel like the only choice GodV and Vic have is to run. After all, the priority of the game is to survive the longest."

Precisely at that time, the Observer's camera cut over to the two remaining 4AM members, GodV and Liu Zilang.

The instant they noticed Aluka and Cpt's demise, Liu Zilang and GodV who were over at the buildings in the north hopped into their jeep. Stepping on the gas pedal, they charged toward the garage.

However, as soon as they tried to cross the road, someone started taking aim at them from the window of the second floor of the garage!

The next moment, the gun started firing!

Countless bullets rained down on them, leaving holes in the jeep the two were riding in.

The moment the livestream viewers saw that, a lot of 4AM fans had their hearts beating out of their chests.

They were extremely worried that the assailant would hit a potshot off on one of them, or worse, cause the entire jeep to explode, killing both 4AM members in the process.

However, in the game, seeing that they were being attacked, GodV who held the steering wheel instantly swerved the jeep. He then headed over to the right side of the garage.

Swiftly, the jeep managed to escape the line of fire from the garage's second-floor window.

However, the two had no intention of escaping.

Once they drove past the back of the garage, they took a U-turn at the hill before speeding toward the back entrance of the garage!

In the commentary booth, the three casters were utterly shocked.

Xiao Xiao exclaimed out loud, "Oh my lord! What's this? The remaining two 4AM players, GodV and Vic aren't choosing to escape, they're going to risk their ranking!"

However, Sicca said excitedly, "4AM! FOUR ANGRY MEN!!These four angry men are now down to two, they must avenge their brothers!"

After all, as a man, he loved such kinds of blood-pumping action-packed revenge storylines.

If Vic and GodV had decided to escape, though it would have been quite a rational plan of action, it would have made people feel a little disappointed over what could have happened.

In contrast to the other two, Rita was a lot more calm and tact.

Seeing the situation, she shook her head. "4AM's decision is absolutely irrational! The current situation has QG with a full squad along with 'home-field advantage'.

"4AM who only has two members left... Wants to storm in.

"This... This is gonna be impossible for them!"

At that point in time, the 4AM fans who were watching the stream had finally calmed down from the rollercoaster of emotions they just had. Hearing Rita's words, they started to feel more and more disheartened.

However, the next moment, another jaw-dropping scene presented itself to all the viewers.


In the game, as soon as the jeep rammed into the back entrance of the garage, the two players got out the car.

Then, GodV slammed open the door with an AKM in his hands. After making sure that there was no one on the first floor, he pulled out a grenade on the stairway.

He aimed and cooked it!

Then with a flick of his arm, he tossed the grenade upstairs.


With the Frag Grenade clearing the path, GodV held his AKM up as he charged upstairs. Staying by the door, he started spraying down half a clip of bullets into the room.

Of course, GodV's breaching method was as normal as it could get. It was nothing the viewers should have been surprised about.

The real thing that caught the viewers' attention was Liu Zilang.

He had been originally running alongside GodV when they charged upstairs toward the door. However, once they entered the room, he suddenly turned back.

Wielding his M16, he proceeded to jump around next to the jeep before finally managing to get on top of the hood of the vehicle.

? ? ?

What was Vic doing?

Seeing that, queries rose inside the viewers' heads.

Then, Liu Zilang jumped up once more. However, this time, he landed right on the outer edge of the garage's second-floor balcony.

With another jump, he managed to vault over the railings of the balcony.

The next moment, Liu Zilang had successfully reached the balcony of the second floor.

Seeing Liu Zilang's series of maneuvers, countless viewers instantly remembered a saying they had heard in PUBG.

"In this game, nothing is impossible, only unimaginable!"

In Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, Xiao Xiao, Sicca and Rita's jaws were wide open.

'What the f*ck...'

'This type of maneuvering is possible?'

"TIL! After I finish my casting duties I'll immediately go try this." With that, Xiao Xiao could not help but exclaim, "This Vic is on a whole new level!"

"Yep, Vic's method of getting upstairs is definitely unorthodox!" Sicca looked at the screen as he said, "But this is only the first challenge, even if he did manage to get up there, if he fails it'll still be considered feeding."

Before he could finish talking, taking advantage of the fact that the people in the room were still having a standoff with GodV who was at the stairway, Liu Zilang immediately charged in with his M16!

The moment he pushed open the door, Liu Zilang quickly surveyed the room, instantly plotting the approximate location of his enemies in his head!


The M16's rapid gunfire rang out loud!

In an instant, Liu Zilang knocked out one player!

At that time, there were three QG players in the room on the second floor. The last guy was on the third floor.

When Liu Zilang barged in from the balcony, the three people on the second floor were shell-shocked!

They were sure that they had been guarding the stairway!

That place... How the hell did a person appear from that side of the room?

By the time they could react and started to counter-attack, Liu Zilang had knocked out one of their squad mates.

As they started firing at him, they saw Liu Zilang's crouched body start to spin like a screw as he continued to hip-fire!


Flaming hot lead flew all throughout the room!

With the insane rapid fire rate of the M16, Liu Zilang's hip-fire easily knocked out another player in the blink of an eye!

However, by that point, he had gotten hit by three bodyshots. If it was not for his Level-three armor, he would have long been dead.

At that time, GodV who was outside the room also charged in. ADS-ing on his AK, he instantly knocked out the last guy on the second floor!

Hearing the commotion downstairs, the last QG player who was originally camping on the balcony of the third floor rapidly rotated his position.

However, as soon as he entered the room, he was greeted by his three knocked out comrades...

As well as two shiny black muzzles to the face!

? ? ?

'What kind of f*cking situation is this?'

That person was absolutely wide-eyed as he looked at the predicament he was in. When it finally clicked in his brain, he tried to pull up his gun!

However, two loud gunshots were heard before he could ready his weapon!



Within an instance, QG's last man was knocked out, and his lifeless corpse slowly rolled down the stairs.

Watching the whole scene unfold, the countless livestream viewers were all awestruck!

Especially after seeing Liu Zilang's unorthodox entrance into the building, they felt like they were watching a special agent from an action movie!

This Vic...

He's both OP and a f*cking showoff!

...Written in English.)Written in Chinese.Reference to the same line in an advert saying "Nothing is impossible, only unimaginable.", which is, in turn, an adapted form of Mao Zedong's quote "Man can conquer nature, nothing is impossible, only unimaginable.