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157 PUBG Physics!

 Title Translator Note: Note that this is not game physics, but rather the scientific discipline.

At the East bridge, as soon as the three cars encountered each other, the area transformed into a warzone. Raining bullets fully encapsulated the speed and thrill only PUBG could provide!

"Go go go!"

"Chase them! Chase them!"

"No problem! Check out my maneuver!"


In 4AM's team chat, that other car had become a free meal in their eyes.

At that point in time, the four of them were split amongst two cars, with a DPS on each side. Theoretically, it would mean that they were one DPS short compared to the three in the other car.

However, that was not the case.

Although there was one less player to DPS, they managed to increase the spread of their firepower.

In an intense car chase, the opposing three DPSes could not spray continuously at once for too long.

For example, if the second and fourth passenger seat players both peeked out at the same time and got too into it, a stray bullet might easily knock out their own teammate...

Under such circumstances, 4AM had the advantage.

Hence, the situation slowly turned into a hunt where two 4AM cars were chasing down one OMG car.


Amidst all the sound of the zooming cars, the three cars finally crossed the bridge.

Seeing that there was no one blocking the bridge, GodV immediately ordered, "Stop the car! Let's spray them down!"

After all, the accuracy when firing in a speeding car was too low. Despite shooting at each other this entire time, the car the OMG squad was in had not started to smoke yet.

Hence, GodV decided to stop the cars to get a concentrated fire going!


In the commentary booth of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

"Hehe, looks like the drivers in this car chase sequence had decent driving skills. There have been no casualties so far."

Xiao Xiao looked at the screen and chuckled. "If there were any casualties, the two sides would have stopped the cars and started fighting. In this sort of competition, I doubt there'd be anyone willing to abandon a squadmate."

"Hmmm... That's not for certain." Sika smiled as she shook her head. Looking at the screen once more, she said, "Oh! We can see that 4AM has stopped their cars. They must be trying to concentrate their firepower to make the enemy's car explode!"

As Sika finished her sentence, the game's audio was bombarded with a flurry of rapid gunshots!

Countless bullets rained down on the car OMG's squad was traveling in!

"Clank clank clank clank clank!"

OMG's car was covered with countless sparks!

"Wow! 4AM's firepower is quite something!"

As Rita looked on through the screen, she excitedly shouted, "Can they make the car explode?"

"OMG's driving skills are amazing! They've still not exploded! But it seems like their car is starting to smoke!"

"However, there's a downward slope right in front of them. If OMG can get past it alive, they'll be able to escape 4AM's gunfire! Then, it'll be their turn to stop and shoot."

"That's right, but under these circumstances, there's no way OMG can stop their car. Look! They gave up trying to serpentine and they're driving straight downhill now. Seems like they realized that safety is only a short distance away!"

"Can they make it? It seems like OMG's car finally caught on fire!"

With Xiao Xiao and Sika giving the play-by-play commentary, the countless viewers of the livestream started to get excited themselves. Their eyes were locked on the screen, waiting to see how the situation would pan out.

"Oh! Oh oh! OMG managed to get downhill! They managed to escape 4AM's line of fire. They're no longer under fire!"

"Sigh! This was such a waste for 4AM, OMG's car was at the brink of becoming a useless heap of metal!"

"That's right, but I must admit, the OMG driver really had some big balls!"

"But it's such a shame. If OMG decides to stop now, we'll get to see another 4v4 duel."

As the caster finished his sentence, the moment OMG's flaming jeep started to go downhill, Liu Zilang switched out his M16 for his Kar98k!

Without pre-aiming, he instantly scoped in!

The next moment, the Observer coincidentally cut to his perspective.

What everyone saw was Liu Zilang firing a single shot into the distance!

In an instant, a 7.62mm bullet was shot out of the gun's barrel. It pierced through the air toward the direction the Jeep had disappeared downhill!

After Liu Zilang had fired the shot, he did not close the scope.

He held down his LMB as he silently looked at the bullet that traveled through the air.

When the bullet reached the downhill slope that the Jeep had disappeared into, it started to have very obvious dropoff...

The next moment, a burst of flames were vaguely seen from Liu Zilang's 8x scope!


The sound of a huge explosion rang out from below the slope!

Instantly, the killfeed on the bottom-left of the screen was updated.

"4AM-Vic killed OMG-WangLaohu with Vehicle Explosion!"

"4AM-Vic killed OMG-m4golo1x with Vehicle Explosion!"

"4AM-Vic killed OMG-Se with Vehicle Explosion!"

"4AM-Vic killed OMG-Hm with Vehicle Explosion!"

Seeing this influx of obituaries, all three casters and countless viewers had their jaws dropped!

This f*cker...

Was that a homing bullet?

At that time, even the other 4AM members in the game had given up on pursuing the jeep. They gulped hard at the sight of Liu Zilang's last Kar98k shot. They were so awestruck that they did not know what to say!

As for the four OMG players who did not even have the time to stop their car, they were even more dumbfounded!


'Weren't we supposed to be in the clear once we got down the slope?

'How did they still manage to get us?

'This must be a f*cking bug, right?'


In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends commentary booth, Xiao Xiao, as a veteran, quickly recovered from his shock. He coughed dryly and then said, "That Vic... His shot is a bit fishy..."

"Sicca, what do you think?"

'How the f*ck would I know?'

Sicca helplessly accepted the baton pass as she frowned. "I think that his shot wasn't a bug. From the looks of it, it might possibly be that the Kar98K's bullet dropoff started just as it reached the slope, causing this whole situation. Of course, we'll need to ask the Observer to play a replay of the shot just now to reconfirm it."

"Bullet dropoff?"

Rita, who was listening from the side, shouted out in amazement, "Is this PUBG Physics? This Vic is truly amazing!"

At that moment, the Observer cut to a replay of that last kill!

This time, the camera was not from Liu Zilang's perspective but rather a free-view camera that was looking on from the side.

On the screen, as soon as the Jeep went downhill, Liu Zilang switched to his Kar98K and almost instantly fired a single shot!

From the Observer's free-view camera, the countless viewers of the livestream could see that the shot zipped through the sky like lightning, drawing a small arc in the sky before finally hitting the back of the downhill jeep.

The next moment, an explosion flashed on the screen!

The Jeep that was on the brink of getting destroyed instantly exploded!


Seeing this scene, the livestream audience was utterly shaken!

"666, this is too f*cking scary!"

"That isn't a motherf*cking Kar98k, that's a bloody Infrared heat-seeking homing missile!"

"To think he even took into account the bullet drop off. This Vic must have a Masters in Physics!"

"Emmm... What Physics? PUBG Physics?"

"TenThousandMensRegrets gifted a firework to the streamer - PUBG Physics? Sounds like something bad*ss!"

"DanceWildly gifted a firework to the streamer - OP, I'm wondering if Professor V is still accepting students? I want to sign up!"

"ZeJW gifted a firework to the streamer - Professor V is amazing! His PUBG Physics class starts tomorrow!"


Needless to say, Liu Zilang's last shot had completely shocked everyone.

It was normal for people to take into account bullet dropoff when sniping.

However, no one has ever seen someone take bullet dropoff into account when shooting a car!

As for the angry trash-talkers and Liu ZIlang haters who were all waiting for him to make a mistake, they tasted the true meaning of despair!

This bastard...

Why the f*ck does he get even more OP every time?

..."Emmm" written in English.