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156 When Can I Become As Good As You!

 No guns, no cannons?

The enemy will forge them for us.

After taking care of Tyloo at the military base, 4AM was rewarded with an abundant amount of loot.

Originally the squad was very short on scopes and other attachments, but that was no longer a problem.

Thinking back to the Kar98k Bai Shaobin used while on high ground, Liu Zilang tossed a smoke and ran over to get it.

Nothing much had to be said except 'First come first serve!'

After opening Bai Shaobin's crate, everything he had before he met his demise was listed out nicely.

Level-three Armor, a Level-three Backpack, an 8x Kar98k, First-Aid Kits, Energy Drinks, Ammo...

In essence, whatever Liu Zilang had in his backpack, Bai Shaobin once had; whatever Liu Zilang did not have in his backpack, Bai Shaobin's crate still had.

Seeing this, the slightly mentally unstable Liu Zilang angrily called Bai Shaobin a "loot-hogger" as he started to pity his squad members who got the "shorter ends of the sticks".

However, as Liu Zilang entertained the thought that all of the items belonged to him now, Liu Zilang was immersed in a world of ecstasy.


'Bloody beautiful!'


Back in Jianghai, inside Club TyLoo's training base. After getting completely wiped by 4AM in the first round, the atmosphere in the training base was extremely tense as silence loomed throughout the room.

After a long moment of silence, Bai Shaobin took a deep breath as he started to recap the mistakes and problems they faced in the match earlier. He did this hoping that they would learn and grow from their experiences.

However, as he was about to start, he heard the sound of gunfire come from his game interface that had still not been closed.

"Thank thank thank thank!'

Bai Shaobin was stunned as he looked back suspiciously.

'Was there another team in the military base?'

However, the next moment, Bai Shaobin became dumbfounded!

On the black and white game over screen, from the fixed camera angle, Bai Shaobin could clearly see someone looting his box whilst firing a gun at the wall next to it!

Seeing that, Bai Shaobin's face slowly revealed an expression that suggested he was curious.

That was because, from the death cam, Bai Shaobin could clearly see the bullet marks from that player's repeated gunshots. It had spelled out two very clear letters.

The letter on the left was an "S".

The letter on the right...

It was a "B".

Bai Shaobin's eye started to twitch uncontrollably!

At that moment, the first thing he thought of was Vic's ID.

There was no way he would not have guessed who was behind such a disgusting way of looting a crate!

Bai Shaobin gritted his teeth as he slammed down on the table. He was so pissed that smoke nearly came out of his nostrils.

Seeing their leader in rage, the other three Tyloo members became like frightened rabbits. However, they could not help but be curious about what made their captain so mad.


In the game, GodV heard the gunfire coming from the high ground.

He took a cautious survey of his surroundings, as he asked suspiciously, "Vic, did you see someone up there?"

"Ah? Oh, there's no one." Liu Zilang coughed lightly as he explained, "Sorry about that, I was practicing my spray control on the wall just now."

Hearing that, Aluka and Cpt felt as if they had come to a sudden realization.

This f*cker did not forget to practice his aim even whilst looting...

It seemed like there was a reason this guy was so OP!

Aluka could not help but ask curiously, "Vic, do you have any shooting minigames you play to train your aim? That Crossbow shot was absolutely sick!"

The average professional FPS player would often play minigames like AimHero to practice their spray control and get used to the spray patterns of each gun.

Aluka felt like Liu Zilang was not a newbie, hence he asked that question.

At that time, GodV and Cpt were also all ears, they wanted to find out if Liu Zilang had any secret training routines they could use.

"Shooting minigames?"

Surprised by Aluka's question, Liu Zilang just scratched his head. "I don't think I play any... Oh right! Does Metal Slug count?"


Aluka's mouth twitched. GodV and Cpt who were beside him also revealed a dumbfounded look.

'Metal Slug?

'An FPS Game?

'You can practice your aim on that thing?'

As the viewers in Liu Zilang's stream heard his words, the chat erupted in laughter!

"666, I'm laughing my *ss off right now! This Vic is truly a f*cking piece of work!"

"Is Metal Slug considered a Shooting Game? GG! You're starting sh*t again?"

"Err... I finally understand why I keep getting rekt in this game. It must be because I only play Contra in my spare time! Mr streamer, when can I become as good as you!"

"You want to be as good as Vic? And you don't want to use money? Then hurry up and start playing Metal Slug!"

"Stop bullsh*tting, what would you do if some newbie actually started to grind Metal Slug?"



In the game, by the time Liu Zilang and company had finished looting, the first circle had started to shrink.

In that match, the first safe zone was located at the top-left corner of the map. The two bridges were very far away from the safe zone.

For Liu Zilang and company who were all the way down at Sosnovka, it was the token definition of a "Hellish Circle".

The four split up into two groups.

One person looked for a vehicle whilst the other three checked for more loot in the first and second C buildings. They were adamant about not leaving anything valuable behind.

At that point in time, although the West bridge was much nearer to the safe zone and the bridges were not in the safe zone, there would still be a few crazy squads who would take the circle damage to try and roadblock the bridge.

On the other hand, if the safe zone was nearer, they could have easily abandoned their vehicles by the seaside and find a boat, or even swim over.

However, the safe zone in that match was too far up north. Even if Liu Zilang and company managed to cross to the other side of the bridge, they still had to use a car. It would take too long for them to travel by foot.

Hence, for the sake of insurance, they decided to use a car and take the long route through the East bridge.


In the commentary booth of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends, the casters were analyzing the match.

"Looks like this match's safe zone is going to be extremely unforgiving for the three squads that jumped toward the Southern island..."

As he said that Xiao Xiao immediately corrected himself, "Oh wait, there's only 4AM and OMG left. So I meant to say that this circle seems to be quite bad for these two squads."

"Hehe, your words might trigger some people." Sicca chuckled as he shook his head. Looking back at the screen, he said, "As we can see, 4AM is being a bit more cautious as they seem to be opting to take the East bridge."

"This must be said, this option is an extremely intelligent one. We can see that WNV's squad is setting up a roadblock down at the West bridge as we speak. It looks like they plan on blocking any incoming squads despite the closing circle."

Rita nodded and added, "Yep, but at this point, there aren't any squads blocking off the East bridge yet. All the squads that had jumped nearby the bridge have all taken the less risky option and entered the safe zone. They were quite far away from the safe zone after all. This way, 4AM should have no problems crossing this bridge safely."

Out of the blue, Sika suddenly let out an exclamation of shock!

"Ehh! Wait a minute, OMG has got a vehicle and is now driving out from Novorepnoye. They're coming in with all four squadmates in a single vehicle! This... The two squads will encounter each other at the bridge."


In the game, just as Liu Zilang's squad reached the bridge, they started to hear the sound of a car zooming in from Novorenoye.

The next moment, the two parties entered each other's line of sight.



Instantly, the players in both cars started to pop their heads out, spraying their guns at each other's moving vehicles!

...These two lines are the lyrics of the Guerilla's Song. The Guerilla's Song, or , is a patriotic song written to raise the morale of the Chinese Communist Party in the Second Sino-Japanese War. Listen to it here:"SB" in Chinese is short for 'sha bi', which means "idiot".