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155 What Goes Around Comes Around!

 In the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends casting booth, Xiao Xiao was wide-eyed as he mumbled, "This... This must be... Luck, right..."

"This is utter savagery!" Sicca rubbed his eyes as he shook his head and said, "However, I feel like even though there might be some luck involved in Vic's shot, there's a lot more to it than just luck. As we saw earlier, he did pull his crosshair up a whole lot."

Hearing Sicca's words, Rita who seemingly realized something started to nod.

Then, as if she had remembered something, she suddenly exclaimed, "Oh yeah, do you guys remember the first bolt Vic shot? Could it be that he was using his first shot to..."

"Do you mean he did it to test the Crossbow's arrow drop?"

Xiao Xiao immediately reacted. He rubbed his face as he slowly analyzed the situation. "That might really be the case. If my memory serves me right, when Vic fired the first shot, his crosshair was basically aimed directly at Bai Shaobin's head. He didn't adjust his aim with the arrow dropoff in consideration."

"He's a sniper that GodV handpicked after all. I feel like there's no way this guy wouldn't know about bullet dropoff at long ranges. Not to mention, height disadvantage. Hence, the first shot was most likely a test. I'm going to say that his consistency and precision is really amazing!"

Hearing Xiao Xiao's analysis, Rita and Sicca who were by his side nodded in agreement. It made sense after all.

'However, did he really get such a precise grasp just by firing a single test round?

'Was that something Bai Shaobin and Shen Zeyan were able to pull off?

'However, if this Vic was able to use a Crossbow at such a frightening level, why hasn't anyone heard about him yet?'

At the same time, the three stared at Liu Zilang who was on the screen. They no longer had an accurate impression on his true skills anymore.


In the game, on top of the spiraling staircase. After Bai Shaobin had gotten oneshoted by Liu Zilang, seeing half of the Crossbow Bolt sticking out from his head, his entire being was utterly shaken!

As someone who stood alongside Shen Zeyan as one of the Top Sniper Gods, Bai Shaobin had his fair share of experience with the Crossbow that had higher damaging potential than the AWM.

However, he had only described the weapon with a single word, "useless".

Firstly, its actual rate of fire was extremely slow. It basically only gave the user a single chance to fire a shot.

Secondly, it had absolutely horrendous range. The bolt dropoff starts at 50m and increases exponentially after 100m. At the end of the day, the only advantage of using the Crossbow was its headshot damage. However, with that level of dropoff, it critically decreased the accuracy and precision of its user. Hence, it was natural that the level of threat it imposed was largely suppressed.

The third point was that the in-game play-model of the weapon was too huge. No matter if a player was prone on the ground or hidden behind a tree, they would be easily spotted when they equipped the gigantic weapon.

With that being said, Bai Shaobin gave up on the Crossbow right after using it once. The only time he used it was when he wanted to troll around to create entertaining content on stream

However, what he did not expect was for someone to be able to use the Crossbow to win a sniper duel against him. Moreover, in a professional tournament and no less.

That person managed to use it to gain the same effect of an AWM, busting through his Level-three Helmet with a single arrow!



Looking at the killfeed on the bottom-left of his screen, Bai Shaobin's brows arched up in confusion.

'This guy?

'Who in the world is he?'

Of course, if he knew that the person that had just sent an arrow through his cranium had previously played on an account under the name "Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit", all his queries would have instantly disappeared.

They would be replaced with pure unadulterated rage!


At the same time, in the third C building, Aluka stared silently at the killfeed. He was completely dumbfounded.

In a shocked tone, he asked, "Did you just headshot that person all the way over there on high ground with a Crossbow?"

"Hehe, my luck sure is good today." Liu Zilang casually chuckled before jumping down from the roof.

"Stop being modest, in this game, luck is also a huge part of a player's potential." GodV could not help but laugh out loud.

Seeing this arrow kill by Liu Zilang, he was completely satisfied.

It had proved that his judgment and decision for the roster swap was correct.

At that time, GodV could imagine the chat's reaction to everything that happened.

For him, his feelings could be described with three words.

'Feels good man!'

"You're really too damn OP dude!" Cpt excitedly said at his side.

However, his excitement turned into shock as he reacted to the killfeed. "Holy sh*t, the team over there is Tyloo!"

Earlier, the three were so bedazzled by Liu Zilang's shot that none of them paid any attention to the enemy's name in the killfeed.

Hearing Cpt's words, Aluka immediately checked the killfeed!

"Holy f*ck, it's really them!"

"F*cking hell! They tried to run me over last round! Looks like I won't have to find them to deliver some payback!"

"Let's stop talking and start killing! This military base is only big enough for one squad."


Hearing their conversation, Liu Zilang calmly broke down the situation. "If the guy I just sniped was their sniper. Then, their next plan of action would most likely be to rush back to revive him. I feel like we don't have to take the initiative, we just have to camp his body and wait. Even if they don't come to revive him, we won't lose anything."

Hearing that, GodV nodded as he said, "Vic is right. Then let's do this, Aluka you head over from the other side to scout out the movements of the remaining three. Cpt and I will camp at the second C building and guard the body. Vic, you head back to the roof and hold your position, give us intel from high ground."

As soon as GodV gave out his orders, the four made their move.


"As we can see, one of the three Tyloo members who was in between the first and second C building has started to make his way back, leaving the remaining two to hold their positions. This proves to be a smart play as we can see 4AM starting to take the offense."

"That's right, the tides have turned. Tyloo had 4AM pinned down earlier and were waiting on the ground to pick them off, but now it's 4AM's time to hunt."

"That definitely seems to be the case right now. And this is all thanks to the miraculous arrow shot by the player called Vic. I still can't believe it, we witnessed a Crossbow create a miracle in an official match!"

With the accompaniment of the caster's commentary, the countless livestream viewers had their eyes locked on their screens.

In reality, among 4AM and Tyloo, the only ones who were considered to have celebrity status were "Nighthawk's Eye" Bai Shaobin, and GodV.

Originally, the two were standing on equal ground, with Tyloo having the slight advantage given the circumstances.

However, Liu Zilang's single arrow managed to completely break that stalemate, causing the foreseeable conclusion of the entire battle to turn into something unknown.

Especially since Bai Shaobin had been knocked out, all the viewers who had bet on Tyloo to walk out of the military base victorious started to panic in their heads.

'This f*cker...

'This Vic can't be that evil right?'


In the game, Liu Zilang once again headed up toward the rooftop of the third C building. With his scope, he took a look toward the high ground where Bai Shaobin was. At that time, Bai Shaobin had found cover behind a metal wall and there was no way Liu Zilang could finish off his prey from his position.

However, at that point in time, GodV and Cpt went along with their plan as they started to move toward the second C building.

Surprisingly, as soon as they showed up at the side of the second building, a Smoke Grenade was tossed down from high ground. It connected the first and second C building toward the direction of the grass plains.

After the Smoke Grenade hit the ground, it started to release huge amounts of white smoke as it rolled.

Instantly, a player popped out from around the corner and ran straight through the smoke.



GodV and Cpt instantly ADS'd their guns as they started spraying wildly at the direction the player entered the smoke from.


Mmuzzle flashes could be seen from the corner as countless bullets pierced through the air!

"Tzz tzz!"

GodV and Cpt had not expected players to be behind them. Not being able to dodge in time, blood splatters flew everywhere as their health bars dropped by a bit.

Realizing the situation, they instinctively retreated and moved away.

At that time, Aluka who had reached the other side of the place immediately started to report the enemy's coordinates.

"Two around the corner connecting the first and second building, no clear line of fire from my side. I'll need to move further West to get a good shot."

As GodV and Cpt both used a First-Aid Kit, the two looked around the corner of the wall they were hiding behind through their third-person perspective.

At that point in time, if they were to reveal themselves and attack the player escaping through the smoke, they would still get hit without a doubt.

The situation had once again turned into a stalemate for both sides.

GodV then remembered that they had Liu Zilang who was on the rooftop. He asked, "Vic, can you hit them from there?"

Hearing GodV's words, Liu Zilang instantly jumped off the rooftop as he stowed away the Crossbow that was in his hands.

The moment he hit the ground, his hands slammed down as well!

Almost as if he was a leopard on the hunt, he started running through the garden at the center of the C buildings!


In the Commentary Booth of the DouYu PUBG Golden Legends, the three casters were watching the entire stalemate unfold at the second C building. They did this with the Observer's free-view camera and started analyzing the situation.

"Tyloo seems to have decided to smoke the area and save their squadmate. The player who charged through just now was the squad's lurker, DeadRunner. This player made a name for himself after joining the professional PUBG scene recently. He's known for his agile movement style. Just now, when GodV and Cpt were spraying bullets at him through the smoke, basically none of the bullets grazed that guy."

"Yeah, but now that GodV and Cpt are both being pinned down by the two remaining Tyloo members, we can see DeadRunner reaching the spiraling staircase. At the same time, Aluka is also coming up from the side. Looks like it's all up to Aluka now."

"Wait! Vic is also coming over by cutting through the C building's gardens!"

"Holy cow! After downing a player with a sniping Crossbow shot, he's now charging into the frontlines with an M16! This sudden engagement is too sudden! There's no way that the players from Tyloo would expect Vic to come up and follow through!"

It was a PUBG match, naturally, there was no way for the Observer to catch every single play in the game.

Due to GodV and Cpt being in an intense deadlock position, the Observer could not help but be tempted to jump over to get a better view of the action.

When they finally got back to Aluka who was moving Westward, there was no chance for the Observer to pay attention to Liu Zilang who was trailing behind.

It had all happened in the blink of an eye after all!

When they finally realized it, Liu Zilang the lone soldier had completely infiltrated the enemy's backlines. He had reaped a victim with his Crossbow and had switched to his M16 as he continued on his massacre...

In an instant, Xiao Xiao, Sicca, and Rita, along with the countless live viewers became completely stunned!

This is just too f*cking brutal!

In the game, Liu Zilang was sprinting up toward his prey.

Before the player around the corner could react, his squadmate had been knocked out.

However, at that point in time, he heard the footsteps coming from behind him. As he instantly crouched down and turned around the corner, he was greeted by a charging Liu Zilang that came from the other side of the short wall. This entire scene struck fear and panic in his heart!

The next moment, the two sides started the battle!



Since the game was played in third-person perspective, although the two were separated by a short wall, they could still see each other clearly.

Within an instant.

Lean, jump, hip-fire...

At such a close distance, the two started spraying down at each other with everything they had as they used the short wall between them as cover.

The air surrounding them was instantly filled with the smell of gunpowder. This caused anyone in proximity to have a huge surge of adrenaline!

The two tried various different tricks, but they both had a single goal in mind - to knock out their opponent!

After exchanging a few rounds of bullets, Liu Zilang sprinted over to the side of the wall and vaulted over it. He hip fired as he leaned over!


The rapid gunshots of the M16 rang out once more!

The moment he leaped over the short wall, there was no longer any cover between the two.

In an instant, the two gun muzzles started spitting out hot lead as bullets whizzed through the tight space. Multiple spurts of blood shot out from both their bodies!

In an instant, the winner of the bout was decided!

In the Commentary Booth, Xiao Xiao was initially stunned. He then loudly declared, "Oh my God! It's Vic's Victory! He took the initiative in the battle and jumped out of cover, knocking out his opponent!"

Sicca was also stunned as she exclaimed, "Vic's ambush managed to kill off two of Tyloo's players, this is unbelievable!"

"Now Tyloo has only two members left and one of them is knocked out..." Before Rita could finish her sentence, the loud sound of a SCAR-L's single fire rang out in everybody's ears!

"Tak! Tak! Tak! Tak!"

In the game, the Observer instantly switched the camera's focus over to Aluka.

At that point in time, Aluka had positioned himself all the way in the grassy plains North of the K buildings(TN: The Chinese call-out for the buildings directly under the letter "k" of Sosnovka Military Base on the map.).

The reason he had gone all the way over there was obvious at that moment.

By attacking from that angle, he managed to create a pincer with GodV and company who were at the C buildings. This essentially destroyed all possible cover the two at the top of the staircase had!

Under such circumstances, the last Tyloo member standing frantically dodged left and right as there was no place he could escape to.

Within a few moments, he was finally defeated by a rain of bullets after getting pincered by 4AM.

The next moment, the killfeed was updated!

"4AM-Aluka killed Tyloo-DeadRunner with SCAR-L!"

"4AM-Vic Killed Tyloo-Nighthawk with Crossbow!"

"4AM-Vic killed Tyloo-Coco with Crossbow!"

"4AM-Vic killed Tyloo-Fan with M16A4!"

Team wipe!

Seeing this scene in the tournament, the livestream viewers were all completely dumbstruck. They had no idea what to think of it!

"Am I seeing this right? 4AM team wiped Tyloo? And that Vic kid wiped the floor with 3 Tyloo players?"

"Is someone else playing on his account? A roster swap maybe? Is this really the same person who killed himself and GodV on the motorcycle earlier? Does this mean that all bad drivers have mad shooting skills?"

"Bullsh*t! Then why am I still feeding so much when I suck at driving too?"

"Newbie here, what the hell was with that Crossbow? Did they buff it?"

"It's not the Crossbow that's OP! It's this f*cking Vic that's OP!"

"This new 4AM team sure knows how to make a name for themselves! Tyloo seems to be the first squad to have been team wiped by them."

"2333, the tides of PUBG can turn swiftly, think back to 4AM last round. I'll stop talking, it's all fate."

"I told you guys that Vic was that good! Where are all the trash-talkers now? Have y'all eaten your own words yet?"


In the end, Liu Zilang's fans who lurked in the chatroom of the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends stream started to flood the chat once more.

However, this time. They were puffing their chests up high!

Other than a few hard headed brats who still insisted that someone sucked no matter how well they played, the remaining trash-talkers all disappeared. Most of the remaining livestream viewers were still utterly shaken from seeing Liu Zilang's last play!

At that point in time, even the other squads in-game had their jaws dropped as they saw the killfeed.

4AM team-wiped Tyloo's full squad without a single casualty?

Instantly, they stopped looking down on 4AM. They started to get a clear picture of 4AM's true potential and their new player, Vic's real potential.