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154 Marked by the Dragon!

 Title Translator Note: Hanzo from Overwatch's voice-line for his Sonic Arrow skill. Possible variation = "See through the dragon's eyes!"

In the C building, after hearing the gunshots and seeing Liu Zilang's health drop, GodV immediately realized what was going on.

GodV hurriedly asked, "Where are you getting attacked from? Do you have meds on you?"

"Yep, I just picked up a med kit." Liu Zilang hid behind cover as he attempted to peek out once more. He continued, "The guy's on high ground, most likely on top of the spiraling stairs toward the East. Seems like he's camping behind a wall, don't peek. That guy has a long range scope and decent aim."

Liu Zilang was not headshoted just now when he was standing motionlessly.

Instead, he was hit with a bullet straight to the head the exact instance he crouched down to pick up the med kit. If it was not for his Level-three helmet, he would have been knocked out.

That sniper managed to fully understand Liu Zilang's mentality, taking into account how much Liu Zilang's player model would move as it crouched. Moreover, the sniper calculated the travel time of the sniper bullet from such a long distance. Under such circumstances, being able to land a perfect headshot, this proved that he was a pro in action!

In reality, the person camping on top of the spiraling staircase eastward was none other than the one called Nighthawk Eyes, Asia's Top Sniper God himself, Squad Tyloo's captain Bai Shaobin!


At that point in time, in the Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends stream, the observer had switched over to Bai Shaobin's POV the moment Bai Shaobin noticed Liu Zilang's presence.

Aim and scope in!

The crosshair of the 8x scope, as if it was guided by God's hand itself, tracked Liu Zilang's moving head perfectly.

The next instance, the livestream viewers were treated with the sight of Liu Zilang getting headshoted.


"What an amazing shot! That was perfectly accurate!"

"666, Master Bai is still Master Bai, truly Asia's Top Sniper God!"

"Hahaha, the poor 4AM sniper. He's hugging his Crossbow while trembling on the floor."

"I feel like Vic is suffering. He'd still have a chance if he had an actual sniper rifle with him, but now he's being camped by Master Bai and he only has a Crossbow. There's no chance in hell that he'll even get a hit in."

"GG! I feel like this Vic will die from being camped by Master Bai. Are his teammates gonna pull a 'Calabash Brothers saving Grandpa' now?"


In the game, whilst peeking at his enemy behind cover, Liu Zilang quickly took the opportunity to use the med kit he just picked up.

He had to f*cking use it immediately after getting his hands on it...

What a waste!

With that thought blaring in his mind, Liu Zilang winced at the need to use the med kit at that instance!


After he finished healing up, he pulled out his Crossbow and equipped it with the 4x scope that was previously attached to his M16.

Following that, Liu Zilang who was proned switched to a crouching stance. He then ADS'd on his Crossbow, aiming at the direction of the spiraling staircase!

On the other hand, at the exact moment when Liu Zilang crouched, a head popped up instantly at the top of the staircase with an 8x Kar98K!



In an instant, a Crossbow Bolt and a sniper bullet pierced through the air, whizzing past each other!

As the gunshots faded away, the surprising resolution was that both players had not drop in health!

As it turned out, the moment after Liu Zilang crouched and fired his Crossbow, he immediately went back into a prone position without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Furthermore, the Crossbow bolt that he shot out did not create a miracle.

From the free view camera of the Observer, the livestream viewers saw Liu Zilang's Crossbow bolt drop to the ground before it was halfway to its intended target.

Even if Bai Shaobin stood there motionless, the arrow would not have come close to hitting his feet, much less score an actual headshot.

Seeing this, the casters at the commentary booth could not hold back their laughter. "Oh my lord! This Vic is trying to bring a Crossbow to a snipe-off with Bai Shaobin!"

At that point, the caster's eyes suddenly widened as if he had just realized something. He once again reiterated his point, "Do you guys know! He's really using a Crossbow!"

"Mmhmm... From what we saw just now, this Vic's skills are definitely not subpar. He even managed to dodge that bullet just now."

Sicca chuckled as he shook his head. He continued, "I'm sure everyone here saw it earlier, but at that range and with the height disadvantage, the Crossbow's arrow drop is really too severe. There's literally no chance it would hit any target in this situation."

Hearing her fellow caster's analysis, Rita nodded her head as she said with a grin, "That's right, under such circumstances, the best follow up would be to have Vic's squadmates provide some covering fire whilst Vic uses some Smoke Grenades to re-group. There's no need for him to stay in that disadvantageous position."

At that time, the Observer's camera cut to another scene.

On the screen, whilst Bai Shaobin was holding down the fort at the staircase, the remaining members of Tyloo had all moved to the area between the first and second C building.

Obviously, their goal was not as simple as trying to camp Liu Zilang to death.

Tyloo's tactic in this engagement was to use Liu Zilang as bait while the camping Bai Shaobin attracted the target's attention.

Then, if 4AM showed any vulnerability when they tried to save Liu Zilang, the Tyloo members on the ground would exploit that opportunity and break through!

However, what no one expected was that Liu Zilang, who was still proned on top of the third building would not show any signs of wanting to retreat the entire time, much less request for his teammates to provide covering fire.

Once the Observer switched back to Liu Zilang's perspective once more, everyone was stunned.

On the screen, without any warning, Liu Zilang who was proned behind cover switched into a crouch as he instantly scoped-in!

Marked by the dragon!

Then, as soon as the player on high ground popped his head out, Liu Zilang instantly flicked his crosshair up and pulled the trigger!


The sound of an arrow piercing through the air suddenly rang out!

At the same time, a loud "Bang!" was heard from high ground!


The moment they heard the gunshot, the livestream viewers started to pay their respects to Vic. However, most of them were laughing out loud!

Wanting to have a sniper duel against someone holding a Kar98K with only a Crossbow? Such a motherf*cking big brain play!

However, the next moment, everyone who was laughing earlier had their grins wiped off completely...

Actually, it was not only them, every single person that was watching the match at that time was completely stunned!

On the screen, the instant Liu Zilang heard the Kar98K fire, blood spurted out of his head as his health dropped critically once more!

However, the Crossbow bolt that he had shot out spiraled down and pierced the sky. It created a beautiful arc as it landed directly on top of Bai Shaobin's black Level-three helmet. At that time, he was reloading his gun!

For the uninitiated, the Kar98k could not bust open a Level-three helmet, but a Crossbow could!

As expected, a notification appeared in the bottom-left killfeed.

"4AM-Vic knocked out Tyloo-Nighthawk by headshot with Crossbow!"

This f*cker...

How is that possible?

An illusion!

This must be an illusion!

Witnessing the scene, all the viewers in the livestream became wide-eyed. They felt like their eyeballs were starting to pop out!

"Are my eyes working right? Did Vic just use a Crossbow... to kill Master Bai?"

"Did that f*cking guy get possessed by Hanzo?"

"Sniping with a Crossbow from that distance and still landing a perfect hit? I must be dreaming!"

"This is GG! That's just pure savagery at this point!"

"I'm curious about whether the arrow was actually shot by Vic? Could it be that thing that GodV used to..."

"F*ck you! You're starting this again? Go kys you f*cking son of a b*tch! We shall protect the world's best Wei-chan!"

"I still don't believe it, this is just too f*cking fake! My bloody fishbaaaaaaaaalls!"

"I don't give a sh*t if you guys don't wanna believe it, I'm buying it completely! This Vic guy definitely has some skills."

"Holy f*ck, have none of you guys thought about how Vic's arrow might have just been luck..."

At that point in time, a lot of the livestream viewers started to replay the scene where Liu Zilang raised his crosshair into the sky in their brain...

If all this was not a pure miraculous coincidence, this f*cker is too damned OP!

...Calabash Brothers is a Chinese Art Film about seven brothers, all with their own unique powers, who came out from a calabash to save an old man. They proceeded to use their skills one at a time which lead to their downfall. In popular culture, more specifically the eSports scene, it was first used to describe a play in a game of Dota 2 between LGD and EG where LGD traded 7 for 0 due to excessive trickling.Variant of the Expanding Brain meme, used to mock someone for doing something so utterly stupid or idiotic.Hero from Overwatch.Possibly referring to the aimbot accusations on GodV in the past. Also note that a lot of Douyu haters often accuse Douyu streamers as hackers.