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153 Hanzo, At Your Service!

 In the game, once the players from 4AM were done looting a few spots, all of them were basically equipped with a rifle.

Liu Zilang found an AK, hence he exchanged it with GodV who had an M16.

However, the unfortunate part was that despite having searched the police station, the boiler room, and the observatory, none of them found a sniper gun. Not to mention, only one high magnification scope was found. The scope was a 4x scope and it was attached to Liu Zilang's gun.

On the other hand, they managed to acquire quite a number of gun attachments, medical items, and armor. Liu Zilang was equipped with a Level Three Military Vest and a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet which was the standard "express courier service" appearance.

After the few of them were done looting, they passed by the small warehouse between the boiler room and the observatory. Aluka went in to take a look.

Right after that, he asked jokingly in the voice chat, "Vic, there's a crossbow here, do you want it?"

In actual fact, Aluka was only cracking a joke.

Normally, even as a sniper in the game, rarely anyone would pick up the crossbow.

That was because the weapon had an extremely slow speed when it came to reloading and the arrow drop was very severe.

In a way, as soon as the distance was over 100 meters, it would really be up to luck whether one would hit his or her target.

When Liu Zilang heard Aluka's question, he suddenly recalled the time when he was at School and had picked up a crossbow as well. Although it was mostly close-ranged fights back then, the weapon felt quite good to be used.

Therefore, Liu Zilang replied, "Let me try it then, there's no sniper gun here anyway."

Upon hearing that, Aluka was startled. He asked strangely, "You really want to give it a go?"

Cpt quickly reminded, "You must not aim this at anyone who's too far away. Even if you can aim at them, it won't hit them. The arrow drop of the crossbow is too severe."

Liu Zilang chuckled and responded after hearing what they said, "Don't worry, I'm only taking it for fun. In any case, my weapon bar is still vacant."

As for GodV, he was observing the movements of their opponents who were at the K Building and Duga. When he saw Liu Zilang pick up the crossbow, he did not react to it.


In the studio of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

When the director's camera was focused on 4AM, it happened to be when Liu Zilang was picking up the crossbow in the small warehouse.

Upon seeing that, Xiao Xiao could not help but laugh. "Oh my, Vic has done something! He has picked up a crossbow, is he transforming into Hanzo?"

"Hehe, I'm guessing that Vic still has no idea who the sniper of the other squad is."

Sika shook his head as well and giggled as he said, "If he knows that the sniper of the opposite team is one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods, Nighthawk, he wouldn't have been able to pick up that crossbow so calmly.

"If he knew, I suppose that he'd most likely look for a shotgun. If he can't defeat his opponent, he can just aim his shotgun at his opponent's head. For all he knows, he might even have the chance to knock out his opponent with that."

Xiao Xiao could not help but nod in agreement. "That's true. When faced with a shotgun, everyone is equal."

After hearing their conversation, Rita covered her mouth too as she dissolved in laughter.

Right then, a quiz question appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen.

When Rita took a glance at the screen, she announced with a smile, "Oh! The first quiz question for this match is out. The question is, who among Tyloo and 4AM will eliminate the other?

"There are three answers to this quiz, A is Tyloo, B is 4AM, and C is both squads will be able to escape the place alive. Right now, all spectators in the live streaming channel can begin betting for the squad you support."

Once the spectators in the live streaming channel saw the quiz question, they placed their bets as they discussed among one another.

"I placed my bet on Tyloo. Vic must be out of his mind to think that he can use a crossbow against Master Ze."

"In the previous match, Vic rode a motorcycle and led 4AM to destruction. This time, he picked up a crossbow, he's really here to mess things up."

"I have a feeling that Vic's crossbow will somehow cause their team to be eliminated!"

"I feel sorry for 4AM for having such an unreliable sniper as their replacement. He's nothing compared to Ashe Jiayi."

"I wanted to answer C, but now that I've heard your explanations, I think it's better for me to go with A."


In the game, Liu Zilang had no idea that his unintentional move to pick up the crossbow had caused a "keyboard" effect in the first round of quiz questions that match.

"Right now, the opposite team probably hasn't managed to loot the C Building. Let's first clear Building No. 3."

After taking a look at the opposite direction of the C Building, GodV instructed clearly, "Later, I'll enter the building with Cpt whereas Aluka will gather information outside of the C Building. Don't go too far away and always be ready to provide back up. Vic, you go over to the rooftop of Building No. 3 to provide cover fire and vision. Always be alert, what do you guys think of this?"

"I have no problems with it."

"Me too."


The three of them replied to GodV in succession.

After all, they were in a match with players from offline professional recreational clubs and streamer teams. After a few rounds of matches during the group stage, even streamer teams who seldom trained on a daily basis began gelling together better in such a short period of time. Thus, whether it was attacking or defending a building, they were more organized and careful.

Given the circumstances, although GodV and his teammates were unaware of who the opposite squad was, they dared not take them lightly.

At that time, there were still 96 players alive. If they were to get a reversed chicken dinner again, it would be too unacceptable.


Soon enough, they arrived behind Building No. 3.

GodV and Cpt opened the side door to the building as they turned their screen that was of third-person perspective to take a look inside.

Once they saw that there was nobody at the aisle, they quickly dashed in. They then paused at the flight of stairs that led to the upper floor.

Over at Aluka's side, he stuck close to the foot of the wall of Building No. 3 and crept his way slowly from right to left.

For every window he passed by, he would look up to observe the situation through the window. He would then give a very quick report on his surroundings. "The doors over here are all closed and there are guns and ammo in the rooms. I don't think the opposite team has looted this place yet."

After hearing Aluka's report, GodV and Cpt who were at the staircase moved away from it and began searching up and down the rooms.


At that same time, on Liu Zilang's side. He was on the building's rooftop.

As soon as he reached the rooftop, his eyes glimmered as he saw a medkit.

He scanned his surroundings to make sure that there was nobody nearby before quickly walking over with the intention of picking up the medkit.

Without warning, as soon as he bent over, a "bam" sound was heard from afar!

In a trice, blood could be seen splattering out from Liu Zilang's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

On top of that, his health declined a whole lot as well and his health bar was only left with its red section.

With that being said, the instant Liu Zilang heard the gunshot, his ears moved a little as he picked up the medkit. He was able to identify the source of the gunshot!

It was Duga!

Somebody was hiding behind the wall on the right side of the spiral of stairs at Duga.

Right after Liu Zilang who had suffered a headshot identified the source of the gunshot, he took two extremely quick steps forward. He then proned and hid behind the square shelter on the C Building's rooftop.

Just as he had expected!

On the opposite team, the player who had shot with a sniper changed into a rifle and began shooting crazily at Liu Zilang's location!

"Xiu, xiu, xiu!"

A series of gunshots that sounded like rain pattering on a water surface was heard. Some of the shots hit his cover while some of them directly shot past his ears.

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang was proned right next to cover and was out of his opponent's line of sight. Hence, all those bullets did not hit him at all.

A brief moment later, the gunshots stopped.