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152 The Wind Rises In Sosnovka Military Base!

 Five minutes flew past in a trice.

Soon enough, the 24 teams in the competition room were complete and ready.

The screen then went dark.

Liu Zilang and the others entered the spawn area again.

Owing to the reversed chicken dinner by 4AM in the previous match, the spawn area was filled with a "lively" atmosphere such that everyone seemed to have found a common topic.

"Is Wei-chan here? Is Wei-chan here? Next time, sit in my car, I solemnly promise that I'll never overturn the car. You can pay me by giving me a medkit!"

"Haha. Wei-chan, that player in your team is here as a joke, isn't he? I've seen someone drive a three-wheeled motorcycle that fast too, but the grass on his grave is a meter long now."

"Wei-chan, Wei-chan, does your squad lack a professional driver? My cousin's rank is past one thousand, but his driving skills are mad steady and he has never overturned a car. Can he apply for a position on your squad?"

"I heard that the new sniper in GodV's squad is a streamer in Douyou's Attraction Section, I'm guessing he made a loathsome deal for that?"


As soon as Liu Zilang entered the spawn area, he heard the mockery going on around him and his eye began to twitch.

'F*ck this, didn't I just overturn a motorcycle?

'Do they have to go that far?'

Fortunately, the waiting time in the spawn area was not that long.

A brief moment later, the screen changed and everyone appeared on an airplane.


In the studio of Douyu's Golden PUBG Legends.

"Alright, the official match has begun."

On the commentary platform, Xiao Xiao placed his hands together as he said, "For this match, hopefully, 4AM will be more careful when choosing their landing point. That would showcase the standard and style of their squad."

"That's right." Sika nodded and explained as he looked at the screen, "The flight route for this match starts from the right side of the map and ends at its left. Its an almost horizontal flight route situated near the bottom of the map as it passes through the bridgeheads of both the East Bridge and West Bridge."

"Oh! We can see that Squad OMG has jumped! They have chosen to fly high southward. Are they heading for Sosnovka Military Base?" Right after Rita finished her sentence, she quickly corrected herself. "No! They've chosen Novorepnoye.

"The thing is, I think that with the given flight route, though Sosnovka Military Base may be very tempting, it's a very high-risk area. Now that the match is an official one, it'd be very normal for them to be wary."

"Wait a minute, a squad still chose Sosnovka Military's Squad Tyloo that finished third in the previous match!"

"Hehe, it's Tyloo again. Earlier on, I took a look at the statistics. Whenever the flight route passed by Sosnovka Military Base, around 79.5% of the time, they chose it as their landing point. They're considered to be the 'tyrants of the Sosnovka Military Base' in our Golden PUBG Legends this time."

"That's right, in fact, I personally think that if a squad were to land at Sosnovka Military Base under these circumstances, perhaps it would be somewhat reverse psychology. If no one dares to jump, we'll jump. That way, their starting line up in the match would be a whole lot better compared to the other squads."

On the platform, Xiao Xiao and Sika were having a lively conversation as they analyzed the situation.

Without warning, Rita covered her mouth as she exclaimed!

Puzzled, the other two turned to look at the screen and their eyes instantly widened.

On the huge screen that showcased the match, not long after Tyloo jumped off the airplane, another squad jumped out from the cabin too.

Afterward, the latter squad quickly adjusted their parachutes and began to head toward Sosnovka Military Base.

Moreover, spectacularly, that squad turned out to be Squad 4AM that had turned into crates soon after they landed in the previous match.

When all the spectators in the live streaming channel saw this, after being startled for some time, they began clamoring.

To place emphasis on this, the two teams that had landed together and fought for the UAZ in the previous match were Tyloo and 4AM.

In this match as well, coincidentally, both squads jumped off to Sosnovka Military Base too...

This showed how destiny made enemies meet!


In the game, in the sky above the sea.

Two four-man squads were flying high toward Sosnovka Military Base.

Cpt was alert. "There's a squad in front of us that's flying to Sosnovka Military Base too. It looks like they'll reach before us."

"Mmm..." GodV pondered for a while, then quickly instructed after he gathered his thoughts, "Let's try to stick together when we jump later. Since our opponents will land first, they'll definitely be faster at picking up guns. We'll try to distance ourselves away from them and avoid fighting them first.

"Aluka, after you find a gun, look for a high spot to stand sentry. Prevent anyone from the opposite team from sneaking over, we'll loot items for you.

"Cpt, keep an eye on the next circle. If Sosnovka Military Base isn't in it, we'll have to pay early attention to the spawned vehicles outside Sosnovka Military Base.

"Oh right, later on, if anyone finds a sniper gun, a high magnification scope, or a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, give Vic the priority. Vic, if you get a high magnification scope and a sniper gun, exchange positions with Aluka for a while to keep watch. We'll loot the remaining items for you."

In one shot, GodV gave them systematic instructions, whereby he had calculated everything thoroughly.

However, after hearing GodV's last instruction, Aluka and Cpt could not help but steal a glance at him.

Needless to say, the two of them were quite skeptical about the person who had overturned the motorcycle with GodV on it in the first match.

'Why does he still value him so much after what happened?

'Could it be that there's really an unspeakable dirty deal that's going on?'

Nonetheless, the two of them were professional players who had been playing two to three kinds of games. Thus, they knew that they needed to listen to instructions during a competition.

Regardless of how dubious they felt, they needed to keep those questions to themselves and notify that they understood the instructions.


In Sosnovka Military Base, the four players from Tyloo noticed that there were players behind them.

Even though they had landed a step ahead of them, they did not dare split up. Instead, they took control of spots like Duga, the five warehouses, and the K Building. This was so that they could support one another when they needed too.

Upon seeing this, GodV's squad decided on the police station, the boiler room, and the observatory.

At that point in time, both squads had no intentions of getting to the C Building.

Evidently, there was a tacit understanding between the two squads; that spot was a "line" that divided their territories.

Nonetheless, at that moment, both teams in Sosnovka Military Base were unaware that they were facing the same squad they had faced in the previous match.


Not long after, the airplane disappeared from the map.

Due to the flight route of the match, Stabler and Severny that were on the upper half section of the map were somewhat empty. That was because they were located on the northernmost side of the map.

At that point in time, the ones who were closest to the north were players from IFTY's Team A+.

The second they landed on the road, they looked for a UAZ and headed straight toward Yasnaya Polyana.

As for the other squads, they either looted slowly along the roads to better equip themselves. Some of them also glided further to where Pochinki, School, and Shelter were.

For locations on land, other than Pochinki, there was not more than one squad in each resource point. During the early phase of the game, the squads were rather scattered on the map.

Subsequently, even after the first safe zone had appeared, the number of players in the match which was 96 still remained the same. There was no decrease in the number of players alive at all.

Obviously, in an official match whereby the scores would amount to the final accumulated points, every squad was extra cautious with every step they took. That was because they did not want to make any mistakes from being too reckless.

Since most of the squads were developing slowly and quietly, the director naturally paid more attention to the military base.

That was because the two teams that had landed at the military base had looted everything they needed from the spots they decided on, whereby the C Building that was in between the two of them was the only building that had not been looted.

One thing that was crystal clear was that whether it was 4AM or Tyloo, neither of them was a squad that would just leave after looting the area.

If there was one thing in common about their concepts, it was that they both knew that there could only be one tyrant in the military base!

With that being said, they looked at the C Building as it appeared to be like a big piece of cake.

The feeling of an incoming raging wind storm slowly cast a shadow over the hearts of the spectators in the live streaming channel.