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151 The Official Game Begins!

 In the game.

As soon as the game started, after noticing the system notifications that showed the destruction of 4AM, other than some players who were a little surprised, everyone else continued looting.

However, both Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan were stunned at the same time.

'They're dead?

'From falling down?'

After being dumbfounded from looking at the system notifications, Li Muqiu was so happy that he began slamming the table. The other members of Team Se7en were all giving him side looks as they wondered why their leader was having another spasm.

Concurrently, after Shen Zeyan from IG Base took a glance at the kill feed on the bottom left corner of his screen, there was not much change in his expression, whereby he remained quiet and cool.

The only thing was that his mouth that had slightly curled up earlier had gone back to normal. He also seemed to give off a sense of coldness.


Since the match had not ended, Liu Zilang and the others could only "spectate the match" as they waited.

The spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel did not really bring him down. Generally, his bullet screen was filled with words of encouragement, asking him to teach those haters a real lesson.

In actual fact, Liu Zilang was not be bothered by haters on the Internet.

Back then when he began playing as a professional player, since he wore a facemask to cover his face, there were many haters online who criticized him for trying to act cool.

Nonetheless, when he showed results, all of them immediately shut their mouths.

Many "fence-sitter" haters mentioned that they had seen through Liu Zilang's talent and potential long ago. They assumed he wore a facemask because "a real player doesn't reveal himself".

'Reveal your *ss!' He thought to himself.

Whatever it was, he only had a keyboard and a pair of hands. He did not care less about what people said about him.

Right then, a system notification suddenly popped up in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel.

"Xiaotong-chan gifted the streamer a super rocket - All the best!"

After being startled from seeing this system notification, the spectators in his live streaming channel instantly became lively.

"666! How generous of Xiaotong-chan!"

"Hahaha! Xiaotong-chan is also here to support onii-chan!"

"After receiving a love rocket from his sister, Strength Value +100!"

"Damn, it's a series about someone else's sister!"

"After taking a look at my sister who's playing King of Glory on the couch, I just feel like giving her a backhand slap!"

"2333, if you give her that backhand slap, I'm afraid you won't be able to live past tonight when your dad comes home."

"All the best, all the best! As a brother, how could you humiliate yourself in front of your sister? Vic, you must get chicken dinner next round!"


Looking at the super rocket given by Zhang Xiaotong, Liu Zilang was a little startled.

He suddenly had the urge to walk over and tell her, 'We're so near each other you know.

'If you really want to reward me, you can just give me real money,

'If that's not possible, you can just transfer money to me through the phone too!'

Nonetheless, when Liu Zilang considered the number of eye rolls he would receive, and the chances of his favorability being reduced, he still held it in.


In the game, as time flew by.

The exhibition match slowly came to an end.

The final circle refreshed to the mountain east of Pochinki. It was a mountain circle.

After the blue circle had shrunk again and after another round of extremely intense killing, the number of players alive instantly dropped from twenty-two to ten.

Among those were two players from Se7en, three from IG, two from Douyu17, two from Tyloo, and one from WNz. Each of those five teams occupied a spot in the small final circle. They were in a deadlock situation as they waited for the circle to refresh.

Before the circle refreshed and before any party exposed an opening, nobody made the move to show themselves.

This was the "Dark Forest" Law in PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

As the fans of each of those teams watched through the live streaming channel, they became anxious too.

Soon enough, the third last circle appeared.

A crossfire that was much more terrifying than the previous took place!

In less than ten seconds, there was another huge decrease in the number of players alive on the battlefield!

In the end, it was very coincidental that the only ones left were Shen Zeyan from IG, Li Muqiu from Se7en, and Bai Shaobin from Tyloo.

Once they had healed themselves back to full health, the three of them took their own respective standpoints as they waited for the final circle to appear.

Given the situation, Li Muqiu had a much higher chance of getting chicken dinner that match.

This was because both Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin were playing sniper roles. Thus, their close-range fighting abilitiy in such a small area was certainly more inferior compared to a top-notch assaulter like Li Muqiu.

Of course, the key point was because his location was within the final circle.

Nonetheless, right before the circle appeared, Li Muqiu who was of cheeky character and was hiding behind a slope turned on his All Chat as he wanted to disturb his opponents.

"Hey, hey, hey. How about we play rock, paper, scissors to decide who wins?"

As soon as he said that, Bai Shaobin who was behind a tree not far away from him happened to have heard him.

In fact, Bai Shaobin had seen a person's head moving behind the slope opposite of him previously.

In spite of that, considering the fact that there was another person in the fields, he did not want to act rashly before the next circle appeared.

At that instant, he could tell that it was Li Muqiu!

He threw a frag grenade behind the slope and quickly went in for a "death charge" toward the slope that Li Muqiu was hiding behind.

Unexpectedly, Li Muqiu managed to end Bao Shaobin with the help of some cover.

With that being said, he had revealed his location.

At last, Shen Zeyan went around from the side and while Li Muqiu was crouching to heal himself, Shen Zeyan fired a clean shot with his M24!

"IG-Wolves killed Se7en-Lech by headshot with M24!"

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Watching how the match ended, Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita who were commentating the game for the first time that night were struck dumb.

'What the hell was that?'

They were puzzled as to why the player from Tylo dashed crazily toward the only player left from Se7en.

Even so, some old spectators in the live streaming channel were very calm as if they were used to it.

That was because it was not the first time something like that had happened.

The "love and hate" between the two of them go way back and could even be dated back to the previous FPS game.

During the group stage of that season's Douyu PUBG Golden Legends, there was an incident where both their squads were trying to outrun the circle.

During that time, the circle was quite a distance away and both squads had no vehicles.

Halfway while running, Bai Shaobin found out from gunshots and the kill feed that the squad behind his was Li Muqiu's. Right away, he instructed his teammates to run while he stayed back to cover them.

In the end, he alone held back Li Muqiu and his two other teammates. Both parties kept healing themselves like crazy in the circle.

Finally, though Li Muqiu managed to break through, he ran out of bullets and supplies. After using up his last bandage in the process of outrunning the circle, he was knocked out outside the safe zone.

Therefore, seeing as how there were sparks of hatred between the two of them, other than a few new spectators who were equally confused, the old spectators were relatively calm.


In that exhibition match, it ended up with Shen Zeyan benefitting as a third party. The match was wrapped up with IG getting chicken dinner.

Once the exhibition match ended, after a short break and some simple rearrangements, the first official match of the tournament began.

In the YY channel of PUBG Golden Legends, a multichannel broadcast was heard.

"Attention to all players, please don't leave the competition room. For players who have left the room, please return to your squads as soon as possible. The next match will begin in five minutes, please be on standby."

At that point in time, Liu Zilang's squad was well-prepared.

To put it in a more accurate way, they had been preparing themselves for one whole match...

"For this match, if the flight route allows us to, we'll land at the Sosnovka Military Base," GodV said firmly in YY chat.

In the previous match where 4AM turned into crates as soon as they landed, they had gotten a reversed chicken dinner. In just a match's time, it became a hot topic in other forums like Hoop, NGA, PUBG's online user forum and so on.

There were some people who made fun of them by turning the scene of Cpt being knocked out by the UAZ's vibration, Aluka being sandwiched by two vehicles, and Liu Zilang overturning the car, into a Gif. The Gif from the exhibition match was then spread out to group chats and many major forums.

With that being said, GodV was certain about landing in the Sosnovka Military Base that match as he wanted to fight to reverse the situation.

To avenge those past insults!