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150 Reversed Jinx!

 At that very moment, the total destruction of 4AM at the beginning of the match had undoubtedly stunned all the spectators!

As soon as they started, they got a "chicken dinner".

That was too damn impressive!

In the studio of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends, in order to respond to the eager spectators, the director switched the screen to the replay of their deaths.

In the match, both 4AM and Tylo were seen landing near the roads west of Yasnaya Polyana.

However, that was obviously not their destination.

Instead, 4AM intended to drive over to Georgopol and Downtown.

As soon as they landed, Cpt and one player from Tylo dashed toward a UAZ near to them.

Unexpectedly, the player from Tyloo was a step ahead of Cpt.

Soon, the player in the UAZ started its engine and the UAZ began vibrating!

At that time, Cpt had just arrived at the side of the car and did not have the chance to enter the car or avoid it. Just like that, he was easily knocked out by the vehicle's sudden vibration. He then collapsed to the ground with his hand pressed on his abdomen...

Right after that, the player drove toward Aluka who was not far away from Cpt to crash into him.

However, Aluka managed to dodge the vehicle by jumping sideways. As soon as the UAZ drove past him, he quickly ran over to Cpt in an attempt to save him.

Who knew that Bai Shaobin from Tyloo would have driven a sedan over.

Before Aluka could even get near Cpt, the sound of the sedan was heard.

The instant he turned to look, he was so appalled that he fled right away!

However, other than the roads around him, it was just wilderness. There was nothing he could take shelter with.

Once again, this proved that it was impossible for two legs to outrun four wheels.

Very quickly, Aluka was sandwiched by both the UAZ and sedan car. He was knocked out.

In the blink of an eye, two players from 4AM were knocked out.

Nonetheless, soon enough, something else happened which left everyone stupefied!

Liu Zilang was seen driving a three-wheeled motorcycle with GodV as a passenger. They had the intention to pick up Aluke who was sandwiched by both vehicles.

Perhaps Liu Zilang was too eager to save him as he drove too fast.

A second later, the three-wheeled motorcycle that symbolized freedom charged out from the wilderness and onto the road. It was about to cross sideways to get to Aluka.

However, all of a sudden, due to the forward motion caused by the steep slope that was from high to low, the motorcycle overturned.

Followed by a crashing sound, the motorcycled rolled out onto the road!

Beside the road, two crates were left behind.

At that same time, after the crash, Cpt who was the first to be knocked out and Aluka who was knocked out by being sandwiched turned into crates as well.

This indicated that in less than one minute into the exhibition match, 4AM had gotten a reversed chicken dinner...

Witnessing all of this, the spectators in the live streaming channel were in an absolute state of confusion!

"F*ck me! 4AM started?"

"F*ck! My hundred thousand fishballs!"

"Crashed by a car? Overturned a motorcycle? Is this a freaking professional squad? They're here to joke around, aren't they?"

"No! I think 4AM is the professional joker team this match!"

"Gone, gone! They're performing like this in the first match, I've got a feeling that 4AM is done for today!"

"That newbie called Vic, isn't he supposed to be very awesome? He overturned the three-wheeled motorcycle that GodV was on, he's a freaking orphan!"

"Go f*ck yourself! You're an orphan! Haven't you overturned a car before?"

"A fan of Vic? Why would anyone support trash like him? How wise of you."


Not long after, the screen of Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' official live streaming channel was flooded with comments.

In the beginning, some of Liu Zilang's fans were there to defend him.

With that being said, since Liu Zilang was quite new to live streaming, although his popularity in the Attractive Section was not bad, it was incomparable to the five million followers the Douyu's Golden PUBD Legends' official live streaming channel had.

A while later, the bullet screen was filled with comments from angry netizens who criticized Liu Zilang for causing 4AM's elimination.

Occasionally, a few of Liu Zilang's fans were there to defend him. However, they were quickly drowned by the vast and mighty tide.

On the commentary platform in the studio.

After Xiao Xiao, Sika, and Rita watched the replay, they were also stunned for quite some time before they realized what was going on.

Upon seeing the situation in the live streaming channel, Xiao Xiao could not help but scratch her head. She then laughed as she tried to lighten things up. "That... Unbelievably, 4AM and Tyloo went head-on with each other as soon as they landed. For this round, there was indeed a problem with how 4AM handled everything. As for that overturned motorcycle...ahem, it's an exhibition match after all. It's meant to entertain the audience, there's no need for everyone to make a fuss about it."

"Mmm, that's right." Sika laughed as well. "I'm not trying to pass the buck, I'm just calling a spade, a spade.

"In this game, the three-wheeled motorcycle is indeed the easiest vehicle to overturn. At times, it strangely overturns on flat ground. Hence, I think that although there's a problem that Vic overturned the vehicle, he shouldn't be entirely blamed."

Rita who sat on the high chair smiled as she said, "Sika is right, I often overturn that motorcycle too. Nevertheless, I feel that although it's quite a pity that GodV's squad has gotten a reversed chicken dinner in this match, there's no need to feel sorry for them.

"Fans of 4AM can actually look at it as a reversed jinx. For all you know, 4AM might get chicken dinner in the next match."

In the live streaming channel, at first, the situation of the bullet screen slowly toned down after the spectators heard how Xiao Xiao and Sika mediated the dispute.

However, when Rita gave her opinion, the live streaming channel became chaotic once again!

"Forget about it! With 4AM's performance in the exhibition match, can they even get chicken dinner tonight?"

"Stop right there. If 4AM gets chicken dinner tonight, I'll eat shit on a live stream right away! If they can get another chicken dinner after that, I'll eat shit every day!"

"Brother, you sound very cold-hearted! But honestly, I'm a fan of 4AM, yet I have no idea what our leader is doing. No matter how terrible Ashe Jiayi is, there was no need to switch him out for someone else at this time."

"That player Vic is truly garbage! Does he think that he's invincible just because he smashed random players in a newbie match? I'm afraid he hasn't heard of professional competition."

"Both Master Ze and Guru Qiu are here for this competition, as well as many professional squads from offline recreational clubs. I'm guessing that after this competition, that player's head will get hammered so hard that he'll turn dumb."


At that time, in 4AM's YY voice chat.

Liu Zilang and the others who never expected the match to end so soon for them were all at a loss for words.

The atmosphere in their voice chat was rather awkward.

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang coughed a little. "That... I'm to be blamed for it, I'm sorry..."

Before he could finish, Cpt cut him off. "It's my fault. If I hadn't been knocked out from trying to get to the car first, all of that wouldn't have happened after."

Aluka could not stand it too. "I'm responsible for it too, I should've checked my surroundings before trying to save you."

As GodV listened to the three of them reflect on themselves, he opened his mouth. However, he suddenly felt that he had nothing much to say.

That was because back in the match, while he was running in the wilderness, somebody suddenly yelled in his ear, "Let's go! Get in the car!"

After that...

There was nothing after that.

When GodV recalled that incident, he blurted out, "My mistake was that I went on Vic's black motorcycle. If I hadn't done that, maybe even after you guys were killed, I could've still made some changes to our ranking."


Liu Zilang's mouth twitched after he had heard GodV's comment.

Though it sounded very reasonable, it was damn hurtful of him to say that.

As Liu Zilang pictured the scene where Bai Shaobin and his team appeared previously, he became so mad that he gritted his teeth!