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149 Chicken Dinner!

 "Wei-chan, Wei-chan! Are you selling any pig head meat?!"

"Get lost! I'm not!"

In the spawn area, once all the professional players had entered, they began teasing their acquaintances.

At that point in time, Liu Zilang was standing beside a person who was wearing a brown coat and a face mask.

That player even wore a white miniskirt that was matched with a pair of red shoes. This was considered to be a standard "luxurious outfit".

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang was not quite familiar with the market price of such types of equipment. At that time, he was checking out the professional players around him and the spawn area that was being streamed live. As he listened to the clamor go on, he somewhat began looking forward to the match.

Right then, a black player with afro hair ran over to him. He was almost fully naked as he only wore a pair of shorts.

Initially, that player was swinging his fists at the air while he hopped around. However, he suddenly stopped after passing by Liu Zilang.

Afterward, he was seen crouching in front of the player with a coat who was standing beside Liu Zilang. He kept leaning left and right.

"Hey! Brother, lend me your clothes for a while." That player said to the player in the coat.

Unsure of whether that player in the coat had turned on All Chat or not, the black player continued acting cute and "begging" him as he leaned left and right while crouching.

Despite all that, the player in the coat did not utter a single word.

"Brother, I said, lend me your clothes for a while!

"Don't be so stingy.

"Brother, brother, say something, lend me your clothes for a while..."


Upon hearing that player's voice that began to sound more and more miserable, Liu Zilang could not bear it anymore.

'There's actually such a pitiful professional player.'

Subsequently, Liu Zilang removed his dirty short-sleeved t-shirt that he had acquired from a free crate and dropped it on the floor.

Just as that person who was crouching started to feel embarrassed, he suddenly saw a shirt appear on the ground. He was elated and quickly pressed the F key to pick up the shirt.


'You've finally been moved by my sincerity!'

The moment he was about to laugh out loud...

He noticed the dirty short-sleeved t-shirt on him. His eye began to twitch!

When he turned to look, he saw Liu Zilang without a shirt on. Liu Zilang was looking at him fervently.

'Damn it...'

In an instant, he became so outraged that he jumped up to throw a punch at Liu Zilang's head!

Right away, Liu Zilang was struck dumb.

He wondered to himself, 'I just gave him my shirt,

'Why did he make such an unfriendly move?


'People nowadays worry so much about quality.'

After Liu Zilang thought as said, he decided not to lower himself down to that player's level. Thus, he left the area.

However, that player seemed to have gone crazy as he kept chasing after Liu Zilang to punch his butt...

In the live streaming channel, when countless spectators witnessed that, they were stunned as well but they quickly burst into laughter.

"F*ck, Vic, this player is really something!"

"Hahaha, this is cracking me up! Do you have any idea that no one would actually want your dirty shirt?"

"666, I'm curious how big of a shadow that player has in his heart."

"Society, society, why do I have a feeling that Vic did it on purpose?"

"Peppa pig on bodies, a big hand to rowdies, it was definitely on purpose!"


In the spawn area, over at GodV's side.

After some people heard GodV's voice through All Chat, they went over to him one after another.

It was at that time someone near him asked sarcastically, "Wei-chan, I heard that your squad has a new sniper now, could he be the secret weapon that you've been hiding just for this competition?"

Another person laughed and added on, "Of course he's a secret weapon, or else, why would they have waited for this moment to use him? I've heard that he's the God of Pubstomps who went full-on killing mode in a newbies match!"

"F*ck, now that you guys are talking about him, I suddenly feel scared. What should I do?" Another player expressed.

As the other players around them heard their mockery, they laughed along too.

The few of them who spoke were from Squad MMD. They were professional players from an offline recreational club.

In one of the group stage matches that happened last week, GodV sneaked behind them and eliminated their whole team himself.

After that match, there had been people on the Internet who poked fun at them for failing to defeat just one person even though they had four in their squad.

'Why are you guys playing professionally? Go home and raise pigs instead.' Such comments were seen.

Owing to the incident, they had been feeling quite vexed. Nonetheless, since they were not on par with GodV be it either popularity or reputation, they rarely interacted with him other than in competitions.

It was not frequent that they had the opportunity to poke fun at GodV. Thus, they naturally left him some comments.

In fact, after they gave him those comments, many people laughed together with them as well.

At that time, most people who knew about the news that 4AM had decided to substitute a player right before finals felt that it was not right.

As for GodV, he was going to give his reply after hearing them out.

However, at that moment, their screens changed. Everyone was transferred into the airplane that gave out a "buzzing" noise.


In Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' studio.

On the commentary platform, Xiao Xiao spoke as he looked at the screen "Alright! Let's take a look, all the players are now on the airplane. For this match, the flight route slants from north to south."

Sika who was beside him took over. "Mmm, the flight route begins from Stabler that's northeast and goes through Yasnaya Polyana, School, and Pochinki. Its final destination is probably near the Ferry Pier beside the West Bridge."

"That's right." Rita nodded.

Evidently, before commentating for the competition, Rita had done her homework to have a thorough understanding of PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

On the commentary platform, she continued the analysis, "The flight route this match almost splits the whole battleground into half and is centred on the map.

"If that's the case, there'll be a balanced distribution of players on both sides of the flight route and there'll be more loot. Hence, I think that the early phase of this match will have a rather slow pace."

After hearing Rita's analysis, Xiao Xiao nodded in agreement with her. "Miss Rita has analyzed it very well. Besides, in PUBG, the pace of a professional match is considered to be quite slow. Not to mention how the map is divided by the flight route, I think that there's a high chance that not a single player will be taken out before the first circle is done shrinking."

"Mmm, I have the same thought."

Sika nodded and then suddenly let out a laugh. "Oh! Our backstage workers are very alert.

"Hehe, spectators in the live streaming channel, you can now take a look at the bottom of your screen. The quiz game of PUBG Golden Legends has begun. The first question is, 'Will any players be eliminated before the first blue circle of this match is done shrinking?", you may place your bets."

When Xiao Xiao took a look at the quiz, he could not help but chuckle. "Most of you have chosen 'No', looks like everyone agrees with Miss Rita's analysis."

Followed by that, it was not long after their commentary before the last player who had jumped off the plane landed. A wave of notifications appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen.

All four players of 4AM were dead!

Looking at the notifications, the commentators and spectators were absolutely dumbfounded!

'The match had just started...

'4AM got a chicken dinner in reverse?'