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148 The Exhibition Match’s Prologue

 In Douyou.

Liu Zilang started his stream after he was done greeting everyone inside YY.

Liu Zilang had seriously hit the jackpot ever since he played together with Sister Fa, GodV, and Zhang Xiaotong.

His viewer count went past twenty thousand in an instant. His viewers started swarming in the moment they received the notification that he had started streaming.

Liu Zilang's live stream soon reached 75,000 live viewers, placing him third in the Attractive Section. The two streamers in front of him were female streamers who were talking to their viewers.

Liu Zilang looked at the thumbnail of one of their live streams and clicked in without a second thought.

Hence, many of his viewers were greeted by a woman on their screens the moment they entered his live stream.

They were beyond shocked!

"What the f*ck! Vic is revealing his face! Is he really a f*cking woman?"

"How do you know if she's a woman? What if he's a catfish?"

"Hey retards, that's Yanbao's live stream. This pervert Vic is looking at women again."

"Woah! Didn't he say that he was going to stream only PUBG in the Attractive Section? Why was I greeted by a woman the moment I entered his live stream?"


Liu Zilang laughed softly as he watched the bullet screen on his live stream.

He planned to raid the other streamers together with his viewers before the match began.

However, his bullet screen was then spammed with messages that read, "Xiaotong-chan's legion has raided the room".


Liu Zilang's lips twitched.

It was his first time experiencing Zhang Xiaotong's abuse ever since she found out his room number.

It looked like he would not be able to bring his viewers along to enjoy those things anymore. His only option left was to watch the stream alone, discreetly.

As he pondered on...

It seemed like a decent idea.

One could only hear Liu Zilang give off a dry cough in the live stream before he opened his mouth. "Uhm, I'm participating in a tournament tonight. I'm going to adjust the time delay soon and there'll be a black screen for a short period of time."

The viewers who had not yet received the official news from Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends were confused when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

"Competition? What competition? Didn't the University of Jianghai tournament come to an end a while ago? Perhaps it's the grand final?"

"Hehehe, I've got a feeling that Vic is showing us a black screen now because he can no longer hold his lust in and he's gone to beat it out."

"Perverted streamer, I'm going to report you!"

"What can you achieve by reporting him? Let's report him to Xiaotong-chan!"

"Let's go let's go! Let's report him together!"


Liu Zilang had just finished setting up his stream delay.

He was beyond speechless when he went back to his live stream.

What was wrong with his viewers.

They had wild imaginations.

However, Liu Zilang thought of the possible aftermath.

He immediately cleared up the misunderstanding as he spoke bluntly, "Stop guessing around, I'm participating in the Golden Legends tonight."

'The Golden Legends?'

'Hasn't that tournament been ongoing for almost two weeks?'

'Why didn't I hear about him being in any of the squads?'

In an instant, the viewers from the live stream were thrown into confusion.

However, Liu Zilang sealed his mouth shut and refused to reveal any more information.

This caused an incredible amount of frustration to build up among the viewers. They started scolding him and tried to obtain more information from him.

A tournament, was it?

Zhang Xiaotong who had visited Liu Zilang's live stream blinked curiously upon hearing his words. She was starting to look forward for it.



Inside the official live stream for Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends.

The viewer count had skyrocketed to three million viewers before the tournament had even begun.

After all, there were many professional players and even a few popular live streamers that formed the squads participating in that season's Golden Legends. Hence, it was not surprising that it was able to gather such viewership under short notice.

There were three casters sitting by the commentary platform. Two out of the three casters were male.

Those two males were old faces to Douyu's viewers.

They were none other than the two golden flowers of Deyunshe, Xiao Xiao and Sicca. They were invited as guest casters at the very last second to garner more attention for Douyu's grand final match.

As for the exquisitely beautiful female caster that had shoulder-length hair and a bang that covered her forehead, it was her first time appearing in front of the camera.

She was a widely known beauty in the eSports scene. She was none other than Rita, a professional female commentator.


"Hi everyone, I'm Xiao Xiao."

On the commentary platform, Xiao Xiao, who wore a gray suit and tie smiled at the camera. "It's an honor to be able to cast Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends' top 24 grand final tonight!"

"The two sitting beside me are my partners for tonight. Come on don't be shy, introduce yourselves to the crowd."

"Hello everyone I'm Sicca." This person was dressed in the same gray suit and tie as Xiao Xiao. He waved at the camera.

Rita who wore a white shirt and short checkered skirt revealed her sweet smile as she sat on a high chair. "Hi everyone. I'm Rita."

The three of them greeted everyone.

After that, they smiled as they looked at the scripts in their hands and said, "Most of our contestants have entered their designated rooms. There'll be a total of five matches tonight. The first match will be an exhibition match where points won't be recorded and the remaining four matches will be the Golden Legends matches that'll lead us to our new champion."

"That's right." Sicca nodded at one side as he continued, "Before we jump into the tournament, there's breaking news that the majority of viewers are unaware of. 4AM has replaced their sniper at the very last second in this tournament with Vic, a random player who has attracted quite some attention lately."

Xiao Xiao continued, "Indeed. To be honest, it's really surprising that GodV has decided to change his roster out of the blue. After all, we've known Ashe Jiayi for a long time since his LOL days. It's a shame that he won't appear in this tournament tonight."

Rita who was sitting on the high chair nodded as she listened to their conversation. She put on a smile and said, "That's right, it's a taboo to switch up your team's roster abruptly. However, I'm sure that 4AM has thought about it thoroughly before making such a decision. I'm sure they're prepared to suffer any consequences."

"Sigh. Speaking of which, I've heard of Vic recently. Rumor has it that he's the fastest growing streamer in Douyu's Attractive Section." The three of them laughed as Sicca spoke.

He then continued, "He's the one featured in the two extremely popular videos where he had 35 kills in a one-man squad and 39 kills in a two-man squad. He's definitely better than your average player. However, there's a difference between a casual player and a player who's accustomed to tournaments. We're unsure what kind of surprising stunts Vic will be able to show us tonight."


As Xiao Xiao, Sicca, and Rita hyped up the match before it began, all twenty-four squads entered their rooms designated by the Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends officials.

The four observer slots had been fully filled as well so that the casters would be able to shift their views at any given moment. This was to avoid missing out on any exciting highlights.

Inside YY, a final notification was sent to everyone.

The view in front of Liu Zilang shifted three minutes later.

He was sent to the spawn area where the abandoned airplane was.


In the match.

Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan had just received the ID of 4AM's newly recruited replacement.

In an instant.

Li Muqiu's face was filled with excitement!

Shen Zeyan was indifferent as usual.

However, the edge of his lips curled up slightly...

Hence, the first match began.