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147 Hi Everyone, I’m Vic!

 Zhang Xiaotong's ankle was swollen by the time they arrived at the infirmary.

An old, spectacled aunty in her forties was on duty there.

She hastened her pace toward Zhang Xiaotong who was bed-ridden when she saw her leg. She then proceeded to treat the swollen ankle while scolding Liu Zilang for not being careful enough.

'How was this me being careless?'

Liu Zilang crooked his lips as he was speechless.

He noticed that this little girl was laughing discreetly at him. However, as the old aunty worked her way up her ankle, she started frowning and moaning softly. It looked rather painful.

Liu Zilang did not say a word as he observed her condition.

'Whatever. I'll take the blame for this incident.

'Isn't onii-chan's purpose to be blamed on?'


After Zhang Xiaotong's treatment was done, Liu Zilang took some medicine prescribed by the old aunty. He then thanked her before he carried Zhang Xiaotong out of the place.

They stumbled upon Jiang Yumeng by chance as they walked out of the door.

Zhang Xiaotong, who was on Liu Zilang's back, peaked her head out and inquired about the relay sprint's results.

Jiang Yumeng said that they had come in second. Zhang Xiaotong acknowledged her verbally and did not say a single word afterward.

Jiang Yumeng did not know what to do as she saw Zhang Xiaotong's regretful expression. She was at a loss for words.

Liu Zilang let out a soft cough as he felt the awkward vibe. "Thank you, please tell her classmates not to worry. I'll bring Xiaotong back home for now."

"Alright." Jiang Yumeng nodded and then breathed a sigh of relief before she ran away.

After Jiang Yumeng left, Liu Zilang shifted the topic as he smiled. He was still carrying the disheartened Zhang Xiaotong. "I didn't know you had so much desire to win. How are you a player who loves to loot crates when you always die in the game?"

Zhang Xiaotong harrumphed and refuted Liu Zilang's words. "It's not that I have a strong desire to win. I only wish to do my best."

"To do your best?" Liu Zilang was surprised as he pondered on her words.

He then nodded with a smile on his face. "Hehe, I guess that's true. In my opinion, I think you've done your best today. Rankings and results aren't everything."

Zhang Xiaotong who was behind his back was surprised upon hearing those words.

She did not say anything afterward. However, her lips started to curl up as she revealed a sweet smile.


Liu Zilang managed to hail a taxi at the entrance of the school.

Li Muqiu came rushing out from the school and shouted at Liu Zilang as he was about to enter the car.

Liu Zilang placed Zhang Xiaotong at the back of the car. He then shut the door after informing the taxi driver that he needed to greet his friend who was behind him for a brief moment.

Zhang Xiaotong peaked out of the window curiously.

She frowned as she saw Li Muqiu in his sunglasses and hat. She felt that he looked extremely familiar.

Outside of the car.

Li Muqiu had come to inquire about the situation. "How's the situation? Is your sister alright?"

"She's fine but the doctor said she has to rest for a few days. She mustn't jump around for the time being." Liu Zilang smiled.

"Your sister is amazing." Li Muqiu praised as he smiled. "She's a tough cookie."

"She's my sister." Liu Zilang affirmed.

"Hehe, that's true." Li Muqiu laughed without any constraint. "Why don't you become Li Mufan's elder brother. You were his idol back in the days after all."

"No way! I don't want such a mischievous boy as my younger brother." Liu Zilang shook Li Muqiu's hand. "Let's talk some other time. I need to send Xiaotong back home for now."

"Hey hey. Why don't I send the both of you back? It'd be a shame for us to part so soon since we haven't met in such a long time," Li Muqiu said as he realized Liu Zilang was about to leave.

Liu Zilang turned around and gave Li Muqiu a smile. "Don't worry. We'll meet again very soon."

He then waved as he turned his back against Li Muqiu and then hopped into the taxi.

'We'll meet again very soon?'

Li Muqiu who was behind Liu Zilang was stunned. He shook his head and was still unable to comprehend Liu Zilang's words.


Liu Zilang carried Zhang Xiaotong back into her room once they reached home.

He then applied the medicine that was meant for both external and internal usage given to him by the old aunty. Liu Zilang then left Zhang Xiaotong's room, shut her door and let her rest quietly.

He would take care of her at any given moment.

Hence for the next two days, Liu Zilang stayed at home instead of his dorm.

Although Zhang Xiaotong did not say anything about it at all, her tone toward Liu Zilang had become much more gentle. She would often smile upon seeing him.

It seemed that their relationship had improved drastically after the incident. They were starting to look more like siblings compared to the past where they seemed very distanced apart.

On Tuesday night.

Liu Zilang was sitting in front of his computer.

He had handed over his personal data to GodV on Sunday. This data included his name and his ID.

Liu Zilang had given GodV everything except his untold past.

The Douyu verification was completed. They allowed Liu Zilang to participate as Ashe Jiayi's stand-in. He would be replacing her as 4AM's sniper in the Golden Legends' top 24 grand final match.

It was Douyu's second year in hosting the Golden Legends.

The scale and regulations of the said term's championship were much better and more mature compared to the last term.

Not only was the celebrity streaming squad which performed marvelously in the first season participating in the competition. However, there were also well-known local teams such as Se7en, Tyloo, LGD, IG and so on participating in the tournament as well.

The Golden Legends tournament that term still used the usual single cycle, point accumulation model. 60 squads would be divided into 5 groups and each squad would face the rest of the squads in their respective groups throughout four matches.

The rankings of the teams would be based on the points accumulated by their squad. The top 24 squads would be enlisted into the grand final.

GodV's squad, 4AM, had successfully entered the top 24 grand final. However, the squad's performance was below expectations as they had not yet found a suitable sniper.

Hence with the addition of Liu Zilang into their ranks, not only did GodV and Long Shengjue from 4AM have high expectations for him. He had also attracted the attention of the other participants as well.

One had to know that it was a major taboo to change squad members at the very last second.

This was no different even if it was done during a professional tournament.

Under the circumstance that they did not have enough time to train with each other, many squads had their doubts against 4AM for swapping their members at the very last second. Especially since they were doing it during the top 24 grand final match.

What made it worse was that they had swapped out the most crucial and resource-consuming position, the sniper.

They felt that 4AM was trying to treat a dead horse at that point.

They knew that Liu Zilang was recruited into their squad two days ago.

This meant that he had yet to participate in a single training match.

Since no one else in the entire squad had met Liu Zilang except for GodV...

Many people believed that 4AM must have been out of their minds...


Seven o'clock in the evening.

There was an exhibition match right before the four official matches.

Liu Zilang noticed that GodV and the rest were already inside the YY channel as he logged in.

"Hello hello, is anybody there?" Liu Zilang spoke in YY.

"Oh, Vic is here."

GodV's voice could be heard as he said cheerfully, "Everyone, please welcome our new teammate."

"Hello, I'm Cpt."

"Hi, I'm Aluka."

The assaulters of 4AM, Aluka and Cpt greeted Liu Zilang.

They sounded curious toward this person who had joined their ranks on such short notice, right before the grand final. They were curious as to what he was capable of to be able to greatly impress GodV and Long Shengjue.

Then, Liu Zilang spoke,

"Hehe. Hi everyone, I'm Vic."